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chainlink trading view VET to ETH Exchange - Swap... ChainLink Technical Analysis/ Buy Opportunity
hello everybody happy to be back with all of you to decoding the market you subscribe to my channel to invest in yourself and your education and get informed on everything thats going on in the crypto market and get technical analysis of your favorite asset im here today sharing important information im going to talk about chain link and phantom network chain network offers a solution to the age all problems garbage in garbage out which means that an application can only produce high quality results with high quality data chain link is a decentralized oracle network built on ethereum that provides smart contracts a temper proof and highly available connections to all of the worlds highest quality data fees with a chain link a smart contract can access data pertaining to financial markets cryptocurrency prices weather sport results iot sensors readings and any other real world validated data needs to enable more robust and useful blockchains based application chain links provide the definitive truth about the real world for high value smart contract application for any blockchain network securely connecting the word existing infrastructure to the emerging blockchain infrastructure that aims to redefine it i highly recommend it to get more informed about this network to fully understand how it works before you invest jlink is now in the number 23 with 3 billion market cap circulating supply 467 millions in a maximum supply 1 billion but before to jump into the technical analysis please smash the like button and subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell to dont miss any of my new videos doing so you will help the channel to grow and reach other people to get educated and stayed updated in the crypto market without further ado lets jump into it lets take a look at the whole picture first to identify key levels have you noticed since the conception of chain link start to forming a parallel ascendant channel from here with support and resistance levels such as the first one right up here that happened in july 1st 2019 the following was in august the following was in february and then last two was right here one in april and the last one and made the 20 when hit 53 dollars and the support levels one over here the next one was right up here in march and the last one was right up here when i have too much confluence and price touching the lower ascendant parallel channel and finally breaking below and failing to test now the resistant lower parallel line now lets take a look at the potential continuation to the downtrend starting from the all-time highs when price hit 53 dollars in may 10 to the current price so far chain link is 88 percent down as as we speak from the all-time highs with a potential drop of 90 percent testing the all-time highs happen in 2019 when reach the price four dollars point 58 cents lets take a look now the four hours charge which is showing us two potential support key levels the first one its already happened in this area when its testing the lows from may so right here if the price drops below my green box level is increasing the possibilities to drop to this area which is around five dollars 46 cents to five dollars 30 cents like i said before guys if the price break below this green box the potential to reach this area will increase the possibilities to in the near future price will test this level 4.58 if you remember before what i said well finally test the all-time highs happen in 2019 and dropping the total of 90 percent if that happens 90 to 91 which is about only 3 which this could happen very quickly since the price is dropping very fast in four hours time frame this will confirm and expecting the cpi report tomorrow with a potential 8.8 percent if at 12 30 p.m if this happened will affect the market to continue the down training price and the possible move could looks like just like this using my board patterns starting from here doing exact the same move from here and just move it over here just something like this can happen i im gonna put it in red just to make it clear that it is the downtrend and touch or second support level that we are looking at before so now you have a better idea what to expect in the near future but not before i would like to share some information from chain link the the latest news chain link smart contracts product called live on phantom two protocols keepers and brf will allow developers to deploy more sophisticated application on the phantom network the video in the next video will be about phantom network remember guys chain link is currently 88 from the all-time highs when he hit 53 dollars with a potential change of further decline due to the current market condition reaching like i said before up to 90 percent one percent or even further testing the all-time highs from 2019 will reach four dollars 58 cents so if you are an investor a better price for you will come soon to enter the market if youre still here please dont forget this to smash the like button subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell to dont miss any of my new videos with this thank you so much for joining me in this video see you in the next one thank you have a wonderful evening bye bye ChainLink in Risk to Test the ATH from 2019 Only 3% is Needed to HappenFollow my Ideas in Tradingview Click the link Below Follow my Twitter account DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. 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