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the the other dynamic that ive seen thats quite worrying is ive seen people ignore data pricing method pricing data methodology ive seen people suggest that a methodology that can be wrong in times of volatility is somehow safe it is fundamentally not safe you you cannot say that i have a pricing methodology that on black thursday would have given back a price that had 20 or 30 deviation and your pricing methodology gives back a price that is accurate to you know the minute or or something like that with market coverage across all the places where price discovery happens and and tell people to rely on the on on a price that in a time of volatility which often happens rapidly is off by 20 or 30 percent a 20 or 30 difference because somebody chose the wrong data methodology for price can can create a situation where people can simply steal money from that platform to a massive degree and and its a very very worrying dynamic and i think people should seriously consider the the data methodology that theyre using to provide data to their application because once again garbage and garbage out and its its once again a serious issue because if you have garbage in and you have money other peoples money at state you you have a serious problem where that system can fail and people could lose money and this can fail on the data source quality level the data methodology level and also on the oracle data transport level but once again its not an engineering problem its a data quality problem and and if this is a problem you guys want to work through properly i i suggest contact somebody who has experience with that we in our case have experience with both of those dynamics and were glad to help everybody build a good defy application When prices or volatility rapidly move in one direction, the need for an accurate on-chain price becomes critical to retain solvency. However, using time-weighted average price TWAP methodologies is high-risk, as volatility isnt predictable, and this allows gaps to be exploited—potentially leading to a complete collapse. Watch Sergey Nazarovs full presentation detailing the benefits of volume-weighted average pricing VWAP methodologies and how to securely connect smart contracts to off-chain price data: UAP6--JTAlU&t=1571s Read more about the importance of data quality for DeFi applications: Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Discord: Newsletter: Telegram: Talk to an expert: