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How to buy Ethereum ETH in Hong Kong - Buying Ethereum ETH is a relatively simple process to follow. You just need some photo ID to create an account on a platform that sells it, What Will Dogecoin Be Worth in 2030 Amid Musk s Twitter Takeover? Apr 26, · According to Changelly, DOGE might climb to $1 by 2030. However, it said, “The prediction depends on the whole market situation and mostly on Elon Musk’s opinion. expects chainlink rocket ¿CHAINLINK será una de las MEJORES INVERSIONES en 2023? / Análisis LINK Precio y Noticias
chainlink rocket Dogecoin NewsShare Price Stock Latest... ¿CHAINLINK será una de las MEJORES INVERSIONES en 2023? / Análisis LINK Precio y Noticias
In this video, with everything that has happened with ftx, I am going to explain why chailín can be one of the most promising projects for the next Bull, before you have to know that chainlink is the largest decentralized oracle that provides information to the world of blockchain and Why is it so important that it provide information to the world of the blockchain Well, with what has happened with ftx You will understand it perfectly, we are going to see the following tweet from the official profile of chelink explaining all this, but you already know that before, if not You have subscribed to the Channel This is the moment to subscribe activate the bell leave me a like that all this supports a lot the community continues to grow and in this way we can continue bringing videos like todays Besides, you already know that you have the Telegram group in the description very It is important that you are there for any type of news. Also, you already know that if you want us to analyze any type of rainbow, you can leave it here for comments or through the Telegram group. is that it is telling us that in the collapse of a change that was once reliable in this case ftx thousands of users due to this are moving all their funds to their own wallets where they will have full custody of their assets but although Today it seems to us that this is the safest due to what has happened with ftx, we must not forget that the dangers in defy also exist, such as the exchanges that mint tokens involved in this case and chainlink, the proof must be reserved, it is essential for reduce all this as you see driven by oracles the air test will allow reliable and timely monitoring of the reserve assets that support touches wrapped within the space Defines in the case of stable currencies the tokens in bridges and physical assets although native hints are common in defy there are a wide range of wrapped hints issued by a diverse collection of entities including cryptocurrency exchanges traditional institutions cross-hip bridges and assets and Why is this all so important basically because users this way they will be able to verify if this asset is backed by the reserves that it claims to be; on the other hand, the proof must be the basis, it can be integrated into the token contract involved, which means that tokens will only be minted when there are enough reserves, in addition to the daps can take advantage of all this to implement automatic protections and in this way the guarantee of the assets involved is verified the chain before carrying out any important action such as either a loan or exchanging two assets one of the first hits that was carried out cabo was launched in 2020 as you can see the stablecoin pays t usd this collaboration is expanding with work to integrate the proof of reserve into the minting function to carry out further trust minimization and you are already seeing that since its launch Initially, numerous Sources have been implemented with collaborations with the main assets in this case Avalanche bitcow Gemini and global paxos and many more but it is that all this continues to evolve and just a few weeks ago Put a full token the shilling reserve test to help guarantee the supply of gbpt the stablecoin of gbp so that in this way and this is very important you have it in this last point here it says that it does not increase the amount of the fiduciary reserve off-chain that it also owns as you see all this it is very important to get that information from the overall creditworthiness of the exchanges and off-chain exchange liabilities introduce a unique set of requirements and challenges there are numerous actions that make it difficult to get a clear picture of off-chain liabilities and creditworthiness on-chain and these quick approaches to checking centralized exchange liabilities can in this case create a false sense of security for me Since exchanges are one of the most common issuers of defy-wrapped assets where liabilities exist as taps on chain shilling proof of reservation is going to continue to play a key role in providing that transparency and increasing user trust that is why cheiling for the next bus is so important because as the smart contract ecosystem grows it is going to grow it is critical guarantee market failures caused by opaque operational processes and toxic guarantees and that all this is a thing of the past if you want to go more in depth about the test it must be banche Nick I will leave you in the description of this article that the truth is that it is quite interesting and You are going to see the importance of all this once you have seen the importance of the reserve test in Chen link and I know that it may seem a bit thick but the truth is that it is important to know this given everything that has happened in recent weeks for see and check the importance that this oracle can take for the next Bull So right now we are going to see how the Graph is and how its price can evolve the first thing we are going to do that yes before seeing the price I know that I am a Its a bit heavy to give it a Like if you havent given it yet because its a very small gesture but the truth is that it supports a lot and these videos in this way will continue to be shown, more and more people will see them and I know that you will Interested and we bring back an analysis in Chen link to the Channel, well Now look at the fact that the price remains sideways throughout this Range between this bullish cleaning gap and this bearish one between the prices of 5.30 to 940 950 approximately where notice that each time he has touched either in the lower part or in the upper part, which is what he has done, he has been expelled towards the other end, notice that here he touched he was expelled towards the upper part in this case also in this case also and in this case it is also doing the same as the upper part if you look at this point at this point and at this point this means that right now it is going to start to rise and it has arrived again to the levels of approximately 9.50, it does not have to be that way, but we are going to try to find out. And if we get a little closer, several bearish liquidity gaps have formed that what they are doing is pushing the price back towards down but here we have this bullish gap So the price is going to be fighting in this zone and we will see where it moves which we will see next But before I am going to put the graph in perspective you know that I always like to see it in perspective notice that chainlink in a one-day period remains bearish we are below this bearish trend line that nobody forgets this that they do not think that chailín is bullish as some analysis that I have seen that chainning is bullish is not like that, notice that it is it maintains sideways and at most if it has reached the bottom of the Channel where we have seen before it may have a bullish direction towards the top of the Channel but thats it the trend in shilling continues to be bearish each time it has touched it has been expelled to down and notice that at this point we are going to get closer, it has also touched And what has happened, it continues to be expelled downwards, so we could see Chain grow perhaps towards this area towards this diagonal and be very careful because it could be expelled downwards but down really because look at what we have here could be interpreted as a mast a figure where we are going to draw it and that is how we all see it we are going to put a diagonal line simply so that you can see it where we have the mast here we are going to change the color we put white so it looks better and here we have the formation or a tray or a horizontal channel whatever you want to call it we draw it too and then we remove it simply so you can see it And we have the upper part and we draw again Well in this case the lower part this is a kind of inverse pennant so we could move the link price to lower levels and well see if it would eat all these levels and reach three dollars with 50 or even more well see where it It was nothing. Even if we project from these levels to the bottom, it would be a drop of 40%, which if we apply it to these points here would be a 40% drop approximately over $ 3.60-70 if the The price of chainlink crosses this channel at the bottom, we would perhaps come to touch the dollars and a half, it would eat all these bullish gaps and we would continue below its trend line in the long-term bearish, something that does not seem unreasonable to me and seems quite normal to me given the market situation and where bitcoin can go, this does not mean that chaining with everything we have seen in its fundamentals has a future and a very promising future we are in the same old way when we have a great project if you really like it how much The lower the price, the much better, so we are going to remove this, which I think has become quite clear, we remove the white lines and we lower the temporality to make the projection in Chenning and look right now that even if it has reached this lower part From the 5.70 levels we can think, as we have said, that we are going to rise to the upper part, but in my opinion I think that we are going to continue going down to take part of this liquidity, even part of it. And in this case, in principle, it should rise. yes Also note that if we draw a diagonal from these points here approximately look at where the price has stopped at this point and at these points it is also slowing down so I think that to get through it and apart from going through these gaps that we have It is going to need bullish liquidity, so we directly make the projection to take all this liquidity, being able to grow to the part of this gap of bearish liquidity to continue downwards. So lets go to the complete table and we could see Even the second Gap with which it should take a little momentum but well see if it goes through it because here we have this one here that this one I think yes or yes it will go looking for it in this case if it touches it yes we will have a new upward boat even so be careful because you see that these bullish gaps are the last the last line of defense before we get to this one here that this is the important one because if this one goes through we would be going through the bottom of the Great side goal and we could Vega cheling at lower levels so Im going to finish the video I hope you liked it if you want to know more about chainlink let me know in the comments subscribe to the Channel activate the bell join Telegram that we will update What is the price of chelink doing and any another piece of news And if I see that you are very interested, we will bring it soon to the Channel. 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