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Why is Cardano Price DOWN? Don t get FOOLED! Why might Cardano Fail in the Future? Cardano ADA has come under criticism in recent months and years, mainly due to the slow pace of development. Blockchains that have a commercial approach often achieve faster results than the Cardano Blockchain when it comes to further development. Ethereum Price Prediction as Shanghai Upgrade Goes Live – Will ,2 days agoThe price of Ethereum ETH has risen by 6% in the past 24 hours, with the successful rollout of the Shanghai upgrade pushing the altcoin to $1,984. And with last year's EIP 1559 also resulting in the burning of fees, this supply squeeze could see a notable increase in ETH's price over the next few months. Seeing as how ETH is on the chainlink ari juels Chainlink: Secure Blockchain Middleware for Enterprises
chainlink ari juels Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will ADA Go After... Chainlink: Secure Blockchain Middleware for Enterprises
and if if everyones going to want yield if everyones going to want to use d5 then the next logical step for all the banks and fintechs and everybody whos involved in custody right now is to be thinking about well how will i interact with d5 protocols and how will i interact with various d5 protocols on various chains the answer we have to that is that they should acquire a secure blockchain middleware thats integrated with many different chains and can give them easy access to many different d5 protocols from one integration and thats actually what chain link is for enterprises so for public blockchains and for issuers for creators of smart contracts whether theyre on public or private blockchains the chain link network creates these decentralized oracle networks each of which creates its own singular decentralized service for enterprises that dont necessarily want to issue things but they do want to connect to various blockchains and various d5 protocols chain link is actually a secure blockchain middleware that allows them to interact with the various chains and the fascinating thing is actually how this dynamic works together if the initial dynamic of our industry was custody and ownership and acquiring tokens that people feel have value and the next dynamic is various fast-moving fintechs and crypto startups building advanced financial products that then put pressure on banks and fintechs to also build financial product then the third dynamic is the enablement of the various institutions and enterprises that actually do want to use the internet of value and internet of contracts to successfully generate not only custody but financial products for their user base which which once again is something that theyre primarily driven by Chainlink enables hybrid smart contracts for both DeFi and institutions. DeFi is acting as an issuer that is accelerated by decentralized services, which creates user demand that institutions want to serve across many chains they can access via Chainlink.Listen to Sergey Nazarovs full conversation with David Nage from the Base Layer podcast here: Read more about the different use cases Chainlink enables for enterprises: Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Discord: Newsletter: Telegram: Talk to an expert: