Cardano or Polygon: Which Is the Better Buy? The Truth May Surprise You Cardano is a public blockchain platform that challenges Ethereum s high gas fees with a proof-of-stake PoS, open-source, decentralized network. It s a protocol layer asset using its digital infrastructure technology to bring financial empowerment to countries that otherwise have been left behind. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies that will Dethrone Ethereum After ETH Merge The ETH Merge upgrade is considered to be one of the biggest upgrades in the crypto market Cardano Solana Ripple Litecoin Avalanche. how to add chainlink to metamask CHAINLINK PUMP - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK?
how to add chainlink to metamask Cardano ADA Price Predictions: How High One... CHAINLINK PUMP - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK?
hey whats up whats up whats up welcome to bread brothers were back again and were here with my man sammy were going to talk about chain link guys wheres the link marines at wheres the link marines here reporting so lets get into it sammy lets get into it tell us tell us whats happening with chain link all right yeah ebby chain link looks amazing so im starting to make some moves but should you be buying chain lick i dont know lets have a look into it or should you be selling so i think chain link is definitely putting in something um to pay a 10 shot putting in something on the charts to pay attention of ever since um pretty much where we got yeah in 2020 since december 2020 its just been consolidating in this massive um equal triangle which is a good sign and usually these are neutral patterns they can break bearish they can break bullish um they can break out of this you know break bullish or break at about 70 percent full so im pretty excited because were getting pretty much at that 70 full region at the moment so at the moment um should you be buying chain link well pay attention to this its broken that previous swing high and its putting a high high so at the moment i do expect it to put in a lower low anyway as long as that lower low does not break this area at 17 look up look at buying chain link anywhere on this dip if chainlink does break this this uh triangle bullish ill be looking at pretty much loading up more on chain link and ill give you some reasons why so lets move out to the weekly chart right so you can see that you can see that chart pattern that ive tracking on the weekly really really clearly and lets bring up some parallel channels that ive marked up previously you can see chain link just respecting this upsloping parallel channel really well so youve got touch there touch there a touch of support there and youve got resistance resistance resistance so youve got three touches on either side so very valid channel and if we do see a breakout happening you know anywhere from this region all the way up to that well the technical target of this will be somewhere up to all-time high again so thats a 2x on your money but if we do get up into that upper channel area you could be looking at a 5x which is fantastic and i think the news about staking has kind of made chain link move a little bit lately and one thing i also want to note is the rsi on chain link as well so have a look at this ever since chain link peaked out in august 20 so over there in that bullish momentum run that it had it put in its peak on the rsi but have a look at this it was never able to really break that trend line as we go down i mean there is some regression if we draw this a bit like that but you can see on the rsi it is putting in some lower highs on the rsi when we break this 10 trend and we also break this swing high on the rsi previously we had a double top if we do first we need to break off this trend line evie and then if we break that recent swing high of 58 on the rsi were looking at heavy bully well i am looking at some bullish continuation on chain link basically what im trying to say this is next year yeah this has been like a year and a half of consolidation right here and just dead giveaway by the rsi its a great opportunity so before i get into the chain link to btc charts uh what do you think of you so the great thing about chain link and you touched on a on a very sentimental uh comment there which is the the staking i think the staking did definitely give that bit of momentum and i am you know for the whole bull run scenario i have been waiting for this news to come out and eventually its come out i dont know whether thats kind of pushing it a bit because news does kind of push the market or gives you know people to focus on chain link um but it has been one of the most underperforming um altcoins throughout this whole bull run so yeah yeah absolutely it has underperformed but like i said like i showed you on the macro chart its been in a very good consolidation at the moment we can see the path clearly in that in that consolidation pattern awesome awesome with and then the other thing that im probably my strategy for the chain link ive been holding it since like i bought at two dollars guys so ive made a substantial amount of gain on this but for the next run-up if it does break out im expecting it to go all-time high and then probably reverse a bit and then see whether the bullish scenario happens again whether it breaks out maybe sami can i dont know if thats what youre thinking something but thats why i was when i was looking at the charts thats what i was kind of aiming for yeah yeah i there is some resistance at the moment where chain link is right now i wouldnt be buying right now and this is why and let me tell you the story right now so ever since august 2020 eb yeah its just been consolidating into this this is chain link versus bitcoin so you want to buy chain link when its out performing bitcoin to say the least ever since that august 20th maybe its just been consolidating in this descending triangle and its got that breakout now this is a valid breakout youd be youve got a lot of volume coming in on that weekly candle thats you know pretty much confirming that breakout for it um and it has moved a lot so this is what it means its done fantastic ever since july 18th its just pumped ridiculously so lets have a look at that so its done pretty much a 50x yeah right so for people to be upset with chain link 50x over two years with nothing over the next two years youre still pretty youre laughing anyway my point here is unlike other cryptos against bitcoin its holding above the 200 daily moving average 200 weekly moving average it also broke above the 21 week and the 50 week moving average and if i can hold above this alert line that i have right here youre going to see a bullish cross of the um 21 and the 50. look at the last time we have that bullish off the 21 over the 50 it was start of the bull run wasnt it you got the white line crossing the red line if we can get that happening again that would be fantastic ill be looking at opportunities to add more chain link and like i said youve got resistance at the moment because youve got that swing high and for me even though youve got that breakout confirmed that candle is just pushing just putting in a high high on the candle body close right so in my opinion this is a higher high and ill be looking at buying chain link down on that support region there um and buying chain link pretty much my thesis will be invalidated if the price action falls back below the blue line or you know obviously falls below the 200 weekly moving average or you know a lower low completely on the macro scale but i dont see that happening i i can see some momentum changing in chain link so look to be buying in this region keep an eye on the bitcoin chart and i also want to bring it up against the ethereum as well so this is the other thing against the ethereum ev this has been absolutely annihilated look at it so ever since it reached the top against ethereum in august 2020 its just been annihilated so you would have been better off holding ethereum in this period right because ethereum outperformed chain link but whats happening now chain link is outperforming ethereum and youve got the valid breakout right there so again look youve got resistance up in this region so even against bitcoin even against ethereum its got resistance so even we saw the um usd chart before you wouldnt have seen this level of resistance but i am showing it to you now against bitcoin and ethereum its got resistance which means i wouldnt be buying it right now expect a retracement buy it on this support here buy some more on this support and then fully load up if we ever get down to this support with any validation fallout underneath right thats where your stop-loss should be so thats how im playing it um chain link has been fantastic so classic breakout of this trend line right here thats amazing thats amazing and thats exactly the way that im kind of seeing this play play out as well the retracement is the most important element here where if you get a load up as something said i would definitely load up in there but please do keep in mind do you have stop losses because at the moment you know chain links not listening to what bitcoin is doing you know its doing its own thing whether thats just because now its got most of the the focus on it like the percentage of the market is mainly focused on chain link because probably everyones talking about chain link so what happens is automatically everyone is kind of buying and looking at chain link and the momentum is happening there and imagine when the date comes out guys right when the date comes out that when the staking news date comes out this thing will go on fire and remember the rule right we always say this and weve said this before buy the rumor sell the news because you know whatever goes up must come down guys so be careful be careful be careful just remember keep an eye on the eth chain link versus ethereum chart itll give you a good insight on what to do with your usd position of chain link but in my opinion if it does retrace here i will swap ethereum for chain link and ill be targeting a run up to increase my each bags and ill and ill ask for you if you consider the same man you need more ethereum we need to pay that gas money so yeah why not swap your e4 chain link im telling you chain link is erc20 you can get it on uni swap you can get it on metamask swipe your swap your e4 chain link if this trend is going to outperform me i i believe in chain link like i believe in it ive loaded up me personally sammy ive loaded up very heavy bags with chain link you know i wrote it up that you know you show the 50x profit that we made you know buying it at the all-time low ive definitely sold some and then i kind of use that chain link profits to go uh capitalize on other things but its time to come back for chain link i am a link marine now you know im trying to hit the general status right i was a cadet and now i want to move up the ranks again i want to really move up the ranks um to me but thats thats just us right this is not financial advice guys theres just two guys just having a chat about chain link hopefully that you found this video very beneficial and if you did give us a like and comment below what is your price prediction for chain link even though sammy showed his 140 moonshot targets there but id love to hear what your thoughts are about chain link and what your price prediction is all right so final summary on chain link is at the moment i can see it having resistance against bitcoin and ethereum on the charts you cant see it against the usd chart but its there against bitcoin and ethereum so i do expect chain link the asset itself to have a pullback a little bit so on that pullback ill be loading up so ive got my levels ive discussed it on the videos ill be looking at loading up chain link on those pullbacks all right guys that is it good luck and this was a nice short and sweet video again we hope to see you on the next episode take care have a good night a good day see ya bye Crypto​​​​​ CHAINLINK​​​​​ LINK​​​​​Chainlink Update.Twitter: Time Stamp: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Why we are bullish on Chainlink? 01:40 Price Target. 04:25 Do not buy at this level. 05:30 When to buy Chainlink? 06:40 Comparing ETH VS Link Charts. 07:45 Our strategy 10:00 Summary CHAINLINK​​​​​,Crypto​​​​​,LINK​​​​​,