Crypto Price Today Live: Bitcoin holds above - The Economic Times outlook as well at 76.51 and 38.74, respectively. Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin holds above $27,800; Litecoin, Dogecoin shed up to 3 Expert Ripple Price Prediction : Insights Following ,The crypto market constantly evolves and presents new opportunities for traders and investors, but keeping up with the latest trends, news, and analysis can be challenging. AltSignals is a platform that provides trading signals for various crypto assets and shares Ripple price predictions based on its ongoing SEC lawsuit. AltSignals is chainlink god twitter CHAINLINK PRICEANALYSIS - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
chainlink god twitter Comparison: Ethereum versus Cardano Not only is Cardano less... CHAINLINK PRICEANALYSIS - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
hello everyone and welcome back to Nissan finals guys in this video we are going to discuss the project chain link okay for those of you that do follow my work on a daily basis first thing first thank you very much I really do appreciate and I wish all of you all the best and I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend and by the way have a lovely week next week okay and dont forget to subscribe to the channel if you guys find anybody leave your comments below and smash the like button and of course feel free to join our Discord group anytime you like as you guys can see we are growing very very very fast okay the only thing I ask you guys once you join our G squared group it is to respect everybody else the same way everybody who will respect you okay and chain link it is one of those projects that we have here in our really study case and I dont remember top of my head we bought here just to make sake of the trade management we bought two thousand and a half of chain link but we got Bitcoin ten thousand dollars ethereum polka dot and so on okay guys in this video Im gonna give a very nice short and sweet because theres only three things you need to talk about here one of them it is whats going on with Bitcoin right now and as you guys can see we havent gone pretty much anywhere despite the fact that all the YouTubers gonna start talk about now oh look at this Bitcoins decoupling from this thing here Bitcoin is going to the Moon Bitcoin is decoupling from the stock market guys Bitcoin is decoupling from anything the whole crypto space aint going to the couple from the stock market any time soon why its because Ive seen that Ive said this thing many times to you guys no boys are going to take money from these things here to buy Bitcoin forget about that that aint gonna happen Okay nobodys gonna sell gold silver Apple Google to buy Bitcoin that aint gonna happen Okay but but look at this in terms of a discount price chain link is trading at 84 percent discount price okay like I always say to you guys our goal is not to pick this button here because chain link cant even trade lower but in the long run in the long run if you lets say plot here price over time lets say for example lets go back chain link chain link goes trading here to roughly 53 dollars I hope you guys didnt buy at the all-time high if you have watched my channel for the past 12 months you should never ever press the trigger the web here but lets say you bought all the way down here with a whopping 60 congratulations you bought at a really nice place and guess what now you got a chance to buy even cheaper or if you bought lets say at this level here now you can do this year is because in the long run we might pay a little bit of a price we might buy here close to the knee we might buy below the me we might buy really really oversold by the long run guys our goal it is to do uh this year okay to to get a dollar cost average and thats why we say to guys do your DCA over time but what I mean the ca is not like everyone talk about YouTube keep your buying lower bye bye bye no it doesnt matter because if you buy here for example if you buy here it doesnt make sense you need to make sure when how and why youre doing your dcas and by the way you can learn all these things in our Discord group okay when it comes chain link it is guys the best Oracle you can buy why now as you guys can see nothing come close to chain link weve got one arc when it comes to crypto cards guys and thats it forget about the rest okay Im not saying that these are not viable projects because I cannot affirm the for 100 sure but when it comes to the chain link in terms of market cap in terms of Oracle theres nothing you can bear uh buy why now than chain link okay today pretty much flat as you guys can see roughly almost one percent and were still sitting here on the rack number 24 but the main thing on you guys should take from this video it is guys this number here because the thing is I think right now we are getting a huge huge discount price to buy chaining but dont forget since I start to talk about you guys all the way down here look how much we end up we went up already roughly 64 and whats gonna happen is its gonna have exactly all the way back here between June July and May so you guys press the trigger press the trigger and look at this if you guys have bought lets say halfway through here you had plenty of chance to take your money off the table no people find easy to chase price and we dont chase price in this Channel at all whatsoever okay and of course our targets is still all the way up here to roughly 77 and 115 but for us to reach this level here of course first thing first very very obvious we need to trade back to dual-time high and the only time I think chain link will be trading back to the all-time high it is guys when you see Bitcoin here in cardano and Seoul and so on trading back to the all-time high otherwise I dont see chain link trading back to the all-time high anytime soon but but looking for the next 12 months 18 months 24 months two three years whatever the next bookmark is I think position ourselves here its an awesome idea and because chain link is still trading at a whopping 84 discount price I think its an awesome place for everyone that like this project you just start to get your feet wet but of course money can afford to lose in this channel we only follow one approach which it is long-term invest and of course plan your loss before you play no winners with Plains of dry powder so you can keep dropping your base costs in some Finance why because guys we dont know if it is going to be the bottom if a Bitcoin eventually okay lets go back into Bitcoin if a Bitcoin eventually retests yeah this High here from 2019 or maybe this High here from 2012 which is roughly twelve thousand dollars I dont see why not chain link trading back to roughly 5.4 or maybe guys even down here to roughly 1.8 Yes you heard right one dollars and 88 cents and when you drop all the way down here guess what that dry powder will help you to lower your base cost even more and everything guys is included into the money you can afford to lose very very crucial but I think in terms of oracles chain link is still the best project we can buy why now okay and dont forget once we start to trade all the way up here Im gonna start to change the tone of my voice this is when Im gonna start to say to you guys like I said all the way back here do not Chase do not for mobile all the way down here Im gonna keep repeating you guys every single week getting your feet wet on chain link if you like this project of course course because if you dont I dont know why youre watching this video anyway guys thank you very much I hope all of you had a beautiful weekend have a lovely week and like I said dont forget subscribe to the channel leave your comments below and smash the like button alright just be patient and disciplined because not just chain link 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