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chainlink team wallet 5 ADA: Why Cardano Is Exploding... Chainlink Price Update Today
chain link against the US Dollar on the weekly chart uh looking at the big picture here so right now we are at a kind of a key support Zone level uh if we fall under this were likely going to the next support Zone uh so we will uh get to that in just a moment down here uh much bigger but looking at the lows here right were looking at 5 30. uh another low 528 uh we almost tested it last week right uh low 538 so if we break that much the odds just shoot way up thats all the odds all you have in crypto uh or trading is the odds right youre just trying to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible nobody knows whats going to happen but uh the odds say that if we break those lows 530 then you know were likely coming to this next Zone because right thats where our you know our next K volume all the buys and sells happen in this area right look at this these Peaks here right these are weekly candles right right here and then all of this in this area right thats thats kind of where you get this Zone from so um looking at that that price ranges in from about three dollars to uh topping out around five and we could Trend in that way you know some way shape or form for literally months right so there what you want to be looking for is a random yellow line no uh we want to be looking do it again were looking for uh something like this um to a a massive volume red Spike right look at these right these these massive Red Cell volume we dont really have that yet maybe right in there but nothing big were looking for like uh that followed by look at these look at the the more important thing is these Wicks right uh where the volume kind of comes and then we we close higher right those are bullish looking candles I know it doesnt look seem like it at the time but these are signs that you need to be watching for buyers are really uh you know smashing this these these prices are too low uh for said buyers and theyre theyre noticing that they remember these prices here this is how psychology of markets work uh and theyre starting to buy up uh a little bit higher right you see these kind of these low these low prices are the closes are higher as we get so once you get these massive kind of cell volumes thats what we want to be watching for now these are these are weekly candles right this can be long times to form right we could only be in this stage right now we could go up and come back down and go up and then come back down right we could do whatever but this is what we want to be watching for uh for the the signs of you know the roughest times ending and for you know chain link and all of crypto to be going back to greener pastures right uh projects are who cares right the projects do not matter in Bear markets right hopefully thats a little bit over the you know obvious at this point right the best price project in the world is not going to do well in a bear market right you need to be watching for the signs of that turning around and that would be a big big one right to to kind of melt down and then come back up right and enclose these candles uh with these long lower Wicks on standard uh you know Japanese candlesticks that were looking at here so step two uh how about close above any of the moving averages look at all these moving averages right we have the 8 the 14 21 34 uh the 200s in this pink here right so uh and then the 50 and the 100 so uh really the Line in the Sand for for Bulls to start showing back up on any chart and any crypto is be the 200 week thats going to be the pink line here um and but to even remotely have a bullish conversation we need to get back above not only the ema8 which weve tried a couple times the ma14 which weve tried a couple times but most importantly for chain link itself right some alts will be a little bit different based on the charts for Bitcoin is CMA 14 on the weekly for chain link and a lot of alts its the EMA 21 we have until we can close above that it should be kind of hands off right or youre buying those kind of liquidation events those massive Plumbing its but thats dangerous right uh like youre trying to catch a falling knife so best to wait until you see kind of bottom formations form something with major cell volume major kind of back to back weekly um lower lower long tail Wicks right those are signs that maybe uh the end is near and we just dont have that yet so just hands off step one right watch for something like like this over here or step two wait until we start getting above the EMA 21 which is currently seven dollars and heading south so uh we want to see these start to level off right this would be a good sign as well and what would cause these to level off something like this is just a price hold and then a slow move back up right thats thats the only way youre going to get these moving averages to start leveling off is if we hold these prices and start to ease on back up and then youd see something like that and that would uh you know make everyone a little bit happier here so thats what were looking at for chain link uh just kind of a brief weekly summary thats what were looking for if you want to even more a heads up on the rest of the field I suggest you start getting into hikanashi candles hikanashis are the opposite of of regular Japanese candlesticks and whatever side the wick is showing thats showing the momentum in that direction so uh lower Shadows like this right traditionals that means buyers are coming in no and hikanashi that means thats with downwards momentum right so wait until we see at least a green or an upper Shadow right upper Shadows uh showing upwards momentum right we dont have that yet for the past four weeks right so thats that you can use that on any time frame but now you know hikingashi candles maybe well do a full video of that at some point uh just talking about that um if you havent already hit the like button uh follow us on Twitter and telegram both linked below and um Ill see you there Today we look at Chainlink Price Updates. 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