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all right whats up YouTube Welcome Back to the channel another episode of the crypto breakdown Im your host Ryan Mata coin of the day chain link can this coin 2x 5x 10x chain link is definitely one of those assets that I can never tell what drives the price up or down but I would go as far to say that there is no single crypto asset in the entire crypto space that has a bigger use case than chain link but its the tokenomics theres not enough demand for it yet but if that transition happens man oh man lets dive deep lets kick it off with chain link price predictions circulating Supply 491 million price point seven dollars and 82 cents if we take the circulating Supply we times that by the price we get a market cap of 3.8 billion dollars so globally worldwide theres roughly 3.8 billion dollars worth of chain link out in circulation now if we jump over here and we take a look at chain link tokenomics if you invested in chain link today at 7.80 and the market cap is 3.8 billion for you to 2x on that investment and for price to hit 16.60 market cap would need to be 7.6b billion dollars for you to 10x in that investment if were priced at 78 dollars market cap would need to be 38 billion 20x 160 76 billion and for you to 100x on a chain link investment and for the price of chain link to hit 780 the market cap would need to be 380 billion dollars so if we take a look over here at different projects weve even seen meme coins hit market caps of 41 billion dollars cardano without Smart contracts on just hope you alone 94 billion dollars ethereum 575 billion and if we swing back over to coin market cap we can see that on May 8th of 2021 chain link had a market cap of 21.87 billion dollars now the first Id like to check out is lunar Crush lunar Crush tracks cryptocurrencies based off of popularity and I like to start back on like the six month time frame and see their social marketing statistics and go to the three month time frame one month time frame one week time frame and Im just looking for projects that are starting to run up so based off of the altcoin ranking over the last 30 days chain link has been crushing it so Ive been watching these projects and this is why Im targeting the products that I have been making price prediction videos on in the last couple weeks is because theyre showing all the signals that they normally do before a rally so I dont own any chain link dont think Im gonna buy any but social mentions over the last 30 days are down 13 engagements down 13 dominance is down 13 social contributions are down 14 shared links are up 5.4 spam volume is down 41.2 percent market cap is up 25.6 percent bullish sediment is down 3.9 percent bear sediment is up 1.5 Reddit volume is down 15 medium volumes down 17 YouTube volume is up 18 now the next study to use is massari Masari makes it really easy for you to track things like return on investment we can see if you invested in chain link one year ago youd be down 68.25 three months ago youd be up 23.92 one month youd be up 19.69 seven days youd be up 7.5 in the last 24 hours youd be up one point four three percent we can see see that chain link put in an all-time high at 52 dollars on May 9th of 2021 it is currently down 85 percent from its all-time high but it is up from its cycle low of 5.35 cents that it hit on June 13th of 2022 currently up 47.19 the next item that you got is coin codex coin codec using machine learning and AI indicators to make price predictions and theyre calling in the next five days for price they hit a target of eight dollars and three cents one month seven dollars and seven cents three months four dollars and seventy four cents six months ten dollars and sixty three cents and one year theyre saying 45 dollars and 32 cents according to our current chain link price prediction to value a chain link is predicted a rise by 2.17 and reach a target of eight dollars and three cents by October 1st of 2022. according to our technical indicators the current sediment is neutral while the fear and green index is showing 21 extreme fear chain link recorded 20 out of 30 green days with an average price velocity of 6.46 chain link predictions for year 2023 2024 and 2025 based on Tech growth we have Internet growth says buy Google growth says strong buy Facebook grows as strong Buy Mobile growth says buy and you can see over here on the right hand side these are all their price predictions taking a look at the market sediment based off our data from September 25th to 2022 at 2100 the General chain link price prediction sentiment is neutral with 18 technical indicators saying foolish and 11 signaling bearish now if we take a look at the highlights and risk analysis highlights are saying positive price performance compared to token sale price has high liquidity based on market cap honestly not that many highlights risk analysis price dropped significantly over the past year down 67 percent it outperformed 53 of top 100 assets so it has a e outperform Bitcoin in ethereum its trading below the 200-day simple moving average its down 85 from its all-time high and it has a yearly inflation rate of 8.5 percent now I was wondering if there would be any big events that chain link had coming up according to coin Market kale there are none now the next statistic I like to look at is just straight adoption how many followers how many subscribers how fast is their Community growing because she been Doge taught us a lot sometime when Im not sure about a project but were looking like were getting close to bottom maybe we have another Free Fall is chain link one of those assets that I want to add to my portfolio how much attention can this project get so lets check out their social metrics so if we swing back over to Twitter and we take a look at chain link they have 872 000 followers this crypto is an OG crypto for sure then if we swing over to socialblade we can actually fact check and see is there Community growing in the last 30 days they increase their follower account by 12 796 and thats an increase of 95 over the last 30 days so something theyve done in the last 30 days has really made a positive impact on their growth and if we look back over here on Twitter outside of Peaks during the bull runs there werent any really big spikes but when they did Spike I mean look at in may they gained 90 000 followers in one month in November when Bitcoin hit that new all-time high at 69 000 they gained 65 000 that month and theyre growing at a rapid rate so the next signal Id be looking for is more Global adoption how many different countries are buying and interacting with chain link we can see Turkish lira Korea Europe United States and Britain now if we swing over here and take a look at link on The Daily time frame Im actually having a hard time getting a reading on chain link I find it very very odd that we bottomed out here on RSI I guess we did run up 70 maybe its not as bad as I thought there just was this massive run-up over here and I was looking at price over here I thought it was only a 10 or 12 percent Im like how did RSI run all the way up here silly me taking a look at chain link on RSI on The Daily youre above the 50. you just broke above the 50 if we were in a bull run I would say itd be screaming right now but because we are in one of the most epic Bear markers I think the crypto space has ever seen its really hard to say honestly if we rally up if chain link ever goes on a ripping rally and breaks above the four hour time frame its definitely one of my favorite crypto assets to short because it always falls back down its crazy I mean this is one of the probably one of the best overall crypto products that I think is in the industry today as far as use case but price doesnt reflect that compared to other ecosystems but then again it has a 3.5 billion dollar market cap which is just insane to me so that next Target up on chain link is going to be calling for a price point of around 11 now if I was looking at this bigger setup like an ABC set up to the downside I would come up and I would be railing right here to the 0.618 and then Id be looking to push down to the downside so if this is going to be an ABC set up to the downside next Target down on link would be like 488 and if we scroll over to the left we can see that key area of support so I think worst case that were gonna see chain link this bear Market really no matter how bearish the market gets I would say between 376 and 489 so if the market gets super bearish and you want to get some chain link in your portfolio I would say that those would be key targets to be looking for on the next rally up I think we could see chain link upwards of eleven dollars and two cents if this Market rallies for the next month going into election season I dont think a 40 gains unrealistic for chain link but where Im gonna be looking for shorts is RSI breaking above the four hours so if you guys havent seen my shorting tutorials or how I trade you guys are interested in learning a new technique check it out links down in this description and drop some comments Below guys let me know what you guys think about chain link are you guys going to be adding any chain link to your portfolio during this bear Market again my name is Ryan meta Ill catch you guys in the next one Shorting Strategy Video 1 Shorting Strategy Video 2 QMB7-yIc8N0 Trading View Chart & Indicator Tutorial for beginners Tc0Me9eKTIU&t=2s 2nd YouTube Channel My livestream channel BYBIT 1 Exchange to buy Kadena + Best Exchange to trade crypto! 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