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Everything You Need to Know About Dogecoin: The Beginner’s ,While Dogecoin DOGE started as a meme coin, it's a legitimate cryptocurrency token. You can trade it on just about any cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage. It has its system of validator nodes, known as miners, that validate the blocks of transactions on the network each minute. In turn, transactions get added continuously to the blockchain. Bitcoin vs Litecoin vs Dogecoin - Cryptocurrency compared - TheWindowsClub Called Litecoin and Dogecoin, these 2 are the alternatives to the original Bitcoin; the names arise from popular Internet memes. As a concept, Cryptocurrency has been there since the Internet chainlink price dollar Chainlink price prediction top 5 crypto?!?
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whats going on everybody im shot this is the dollar tree as you can tell by the smile on my face i am excited to be back doing this video we are back shout out to all the new subscribers yes thank you to everybody who liked the previous video shout out to everybody whos uh coming in liking this video make sure you hit the bell notification so you know we upload a new video because we dont necessarily have a upload schedule at this moment but as we go down the line well have an upload schedule you can follow us on instagram at the dollar dot tree you can follow me on instagram and youtube youtube channel yes my personal youtube channel at im leo calm c-a-l-m so ill ruffle some feathers with the last two videos and im gonna tell you im going ruffle im gonna ruffle a few more feathers with this video too so you might as well just go ahead and get ready for this one all right uh yes and in this video we are going to talk about chain link if you hold chain link or you bought chain link low for five dollars or under man like this video i commend you good move what are we gonna discuss okay number one were gonna talk about uh chain link and his partnerships particularly the most recent partnerships number two were going to look at the price and where its at right now and then number three oh yeah im going to stir up the pot yes i am and im going to talk about my price prediction getting into the market if you want to invest in a chain link no this is not financial advice but im going to talk about what i would do my strategy as far as invest in the chain link the safe route so you dont have to worry about trading anything you can just get into the market and invest for the next one to two years toward that bull run right that we believe is going to be happening lets start off by looking at the market cap for chain link so im going this computer im going to share my screen were going to look up the market cap im going to talk about where it is right now from for the market cap and then ill transition over into the news and then um ill transition from the news into the partnerships and then of course in the end the price prediction scaling into the market and where i kind of see chain link going and if you want to get into the market how much profit you want out of the market and when you want to start taking profits off the table as you can see were still at 295 billion dollar mark in market cap from the last video 5438 supported coins for what im looking at all right lets scroll down lets go down to link which you wont have to go down far because its a 2.6 billion dollar market cap very impressive um 350 million coins in circulation now this i want to talk a little bit real quick about link and where it was uh back in january of this year so back in january of this year length was like four dollars and it was in this pattern a very very very bullish pattern a double bottom pattern that actually played out to a t and the price from that time on went up to about lets say lets say i think it shot up to about four dollars or something like that i think it was around four dollars so this is the double bottom that im speaking of you can see right here boom thats your first bottom boom thats your second bottom and then it broke this resistance line right here it broke this resistance line right here right there and then it shot up and as you can see once it broke here the price the price thats thats where the price pretty much took off as you can see here the price shot all the way up here so listen this was a great setup back in um uh back in january when the price came up here to around 3.56 um to and actually it actually topped off on a separate exchange around 4.74 and then of course in march you had this big dump all the way down to about a dollar and sixty cents somewhere around a dollar and thirty dollar fifty cents now since that march low since that march low of a dollar and fifty cents we know that uh chain link has gone way up it is all the way it is it was up as high as eight dollars and uh 90 cents but anyway lets circle over to the news real quick and well come back to this all right here we are so we know that uh chain link has been pretty much the go-to for a lot of other cryptos and companies for their oracle solutions and as of in recent news as you can see here about coin telegraph binance to add um chain links oracles for better d5 all right dutchs telecoms t-systems is now a chain link node operator cryptocurrency market gets seven boosts overnight chain-link integration brings data feeds to binance d5 project so thats more specific to the partnership between um binance and chain link chain-link long-term price analysis ill get to that ill speak my piece on that um but chain-link uh chain link has been in the news consistently since the beginning of the year which would be the reason for the massive massive uh move in price so if we talk about a low of a dollar fifty in march to even where it is now at around seven dollars seven and a half dollars um seven dollars and fifty cent to be exact as of the to the minute making of this video a chain link is up uh see a dollar fifty to three dollars is a hundred percent if you bought at the dollar fifty uh mark uh you are definitely up a four x minimum if you got in at a dollar fifty to a dollar seventy you have 3.5 forex your money to the date so as we know d5 is hot right now d5 is the thing and i think d5 the same way you had icos ieos d5 is definitely the thing for 2020 for these cryptocurrencies all right lets look at this article chain link news uh uh four additional projects integrate chain link technology this week lets scroll down lets see what those are chain link team has continued to sell partnerships on a weekly basis hey to start reflection reflector has successfully integrated chain link ethereum usdt price reference to power rai test net bond also known as generalized ethereum bond second chain links enj ethereum price uh reference feed is live on the link mainnet and gaming developers can use the information when minting or exchanging engine based digital assets that is great news for engine as well thirdly t systems as you know weve seen in the title previously has joined chain links ecosystem and will be helping to secure chain links oracle network which is needed because if youre not aware uh recently chain link had a security flaw and uh it kind of offset them a little bit but it didnt hinder the price run up and then uh fourth uh firma chain is integrated chain links technology to create more seamless digital contracts so just in a nutshell when we think about chain link and what it has done since the beginning of the year thatll bring around thatll bring me right back around to of course price prediction the number of large transactions on chain link increased 15x in 2020 its a lot of things coming through chain link and you know what lets just get right to it lets talk about price and price prediction so i drew this line here and pegged the price at a dollar 53 okay why did i do this i do i did this because this is near the march low and i want if you take from the information that i provided in the previous video when i was talking about v change price you always have to go from the low to the high to produce the total amount of gains throughout that market run up so what i what do i mean you cant say at the current price of 7.48 that is going to 20x from here no it normally 20 xs from that major drop low to the top of the run up okay so a dollar fifty so it was as high as eight dollars and ninety cents on many of these exchanges so on this exchange it was as high as eight dollars and eighty cents i believe that is up here eight dollars and eighty cents so right now it already successed from 1.50 on is already 6x where do i think its gonna go lets talk about it i firmly believe chain link in total is probably going to 20x a 30.25 to 30 dollar a coin by the top of the bull run now if you looking for good entry into this market oh oh what was that oh 100 chain link oh thats what you think great yeah hmm no just know now 30.20 x 2 000 is very very very bullish in my opinion now lets talk about realism lets talk about investing into the market lets think about where we started buying possibly not me particularly but lets think about where we probably started buying and when we want to start taking profits off the table because you have to understand in the market youre not the only one playing this game so somebody else taking the money off a large group of people taking the money off the table before you means youre gonna get left holding the bag looking crazy well pretty much you wont have a bag left to hold at that point lets discuss right now im looking at this screen as as i showed you its been going down at the start of the video with 7.50 its currently pulling back it has been pulling back since that eight dollar lets just say 8.90 high that they most recently made in this uh mini all coin run up uh its currently at 7.46 now if you want to scale into chain link this is not financial advice no its not if you want to scale in the chain link heres a strategy that i could propose okay lets say you have five thousand dollars um and you you you gotta get in now market manipulation you dont know where the price is gonna go we dont know if its really gonna pull back or drop down one more time before the big run up we dont know so you just gotta get in right now you cant help yourself you take five thousand dollars they take that five thousand dollar dollars that you have and you put in anywhere between 35 and 50 of that money now if the market starts to pull back you can then look for entry at support on the way down to the bounce or dont try and catch the bottom thats where you hurt yourself on the way down all right so you can start to slowly add to your position on the way down and thatll help you recruit profits on the way up thats actually going to be the next video im going to talk about how to recoup your losses if you bought high in the market all right were going to talk about that next video make sure you subscribe so you you put that 35 to 50 in so lets just say you started buying in that 8.20 your first entry should have been about a day and a half ago when the price was at seven dollars and 11 cents all right you should have already had your buy order set because you went in and you took a gander at the chart because on the weekly it seems to be that uh its kind of forming a little bit of a flag but of course a weekly chart is a long ways out but anyway so thats pretty much how you want to do it and this is going to be a midterm to kind of a long-term hold so you want to go into a trade with a plan you want to say i want to buy in under this price and i want to start selling off at this price so i think that right now lets just talk about it i think good entry right now would be anywhere below 6.50 right now for this run-up because that way if the price goes higher toward that 20 range you can start taking profits off the table right around 18 and a half dollars all right if it gets up that high um this is all speculation now we assume anything you do in this market is an assumption its already up six and a half seven x all right its already up six and a half seven x so keep in mind how much money do you wanna put in how much profit do you wanna wanna make off the bag of that money you wanna put in and whats the total entry you want to put in so you might want to start with your five and scale in you get that heavy pullback you have cash on the side and you want to inject another five thousand dollars right at that six dollars and fifty cents range but anyway were getting more into that in the next video when we talk about recouping losses and percentages and scaling into the market im shot this is the dollar tree i appreciate everybody for watching make sure you subscribe to the channel appreciate everybody who liked the video were gonna dive deep into uh investing into the market and scaling in when you dont catch the bottom all right the safest way in and being realistic about when you want to take profits out of the market instead of trying to time the top you can follow us on instagram at the dot dollar dot tree you can follow me on instagram at im shout out to all the new subscribers thank you everybody who liked the video ill see you all in the next video im out Welcome to The.Dollar.Tree 2020Follow us on Instagram: @The.Dollar.Tree Follow Shy on Instagram @imleocalm Chainlink FTW! In this episode of: Chainlink has provided tremendous gains either from January or the March market low. They have remained in the news with an overall positive reporting. The oracle solutions provider has continued to mount up partnerships with various other cryptocurrency companies and large corporate players looking to jump right into the market. The only recent negative news to be reported and a couple months ago about a potential security flaw they are actively addressing. The most recent news has been released and it speaks of a DEFI partnership with crypto exchange giant Binance. Binance has an exchange token BNB that has been increasing in price for the last 2 days due to this news. Lets talk about price prediction. Something very controversial but we are all for it. Where do we think chainlink will go in the near future and what trade setups can we look forward too? You have to watch and find out. We are working to keep up the good info. 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