chainlink predictions 2020CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION $600 LINK!!!!

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chainlink predictions 2020 Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: Everything an investor needs to know... CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION $600 LINK!!!!
yo whats up guys the crypto homie back at you with another video today were going to be talking about chain link more specifically we are going to look at a realistic price predictions for chain link and as always homies before we dive into it make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the latest in the crypto space so lets dive right into it as you guys can see were looking at the link usd chart of coinbase and you guys can see on the daily you know this daily candle popped up you know its 17 18 and then you know we fell back down but look the next daily candle started were already getting that upward upward momentum guys thats good thats good but you guys came here for realistic price predictions of chain link so were gonna get right into that just looking at the the current price of chain link you know 16.86 with a market cap just under six billion dollars now were gonna analyze what happens if you get the same mark cap as xrp the same market cap as ethereum in the same market cap as bitcoin guys in my opinion i think those are realistic price predictions to look forward to this bull market is in the infancy you know the very early stages so i could easily see it hit xrp ethereum and possibly bitcoin at the peak of this bull market so lets dive right into the the excel sheet as you guys can see link has a circulating supply of 350 million link the total supply is one billion link so you know we got to keep in mind whats going on with the rest of the supply but uh the current time of the recording the market cap for link is 5.7 billion dollars for the mark cap and uh you know circulating supply 350 million link so it gives us a price of 16.49 already guys so xrps market cap is 12.7 billion dollar market cap so lets just take the same mark cap as xrp lets plug it in and see what happens what i mean what do you think the price will be you know i made a video earlier about uh you know 30 link you know incoming likes pretty soon next week or two and hey lets just see if 30 is realistic look if link is the same market cap as xrp itll have a 36.39 link so in my opinion that is totally realistic get getting a 30 link is totally realistic i mean thats just the beginning uh somebody in the comments said 30 is just the beginning and i totally totally agree this bull market is going to last for at least a year or two and were going to see some major major moves and all the all coins but specifically link has a lot a lot of potential just with the connections its made that forbes article if you guys want to check out the forbes article my other video today we go all over that all the news thats coming out about link it is its its honestly just crazy its its so much good news but moving on back to the price predictions so ethereums market cap is 48 billion dollars so what happens if link has a 48 billion dollar mark cap i mean everybodys thinking your link will overtake ethereum so hey if it has the same market cap lets do the math on that as you guys can see if link is the same market cap as ethereum today which is 48 billion dollar mark cap theyll have a 137 dollar and 45 cents link 137 dollar link guys this right here is some major money to be made if this happens and and if you believe that link can have the same market cap as it as aetherium today hey 137 dollars is definitely realistic already guys but you know we weve heard about those 500 links you know 600 link you know is that really realistic well this next one im going to show you kind of puts things into perspective okay so bitcoins market cap today is around 216 billion dollars so what if link would you know achieve a 216 billion dollar market cap well im about to show you are you guys ready bam so as you can see on the screen if link achieves the same market cap as bitcoin at 260 billion dollars one link will equal 617 dollars guys you heard that right 617 guys that is some you know thats some major doe right there that is i mean major portfolio changing thats changing i mean that right there depending how much you invested thats life-changing it just really depends but uh as always guys this is not financial advice just pure entertainment but just keep in mind guys this is bitcoins market cap i mean what link all all the stuff like links potential all the stuff theyre working on i mean do do you think 216 billion dollar market cap for link is realistic please let me know down in the comments below do you think this is too much do you think this is too low let me know in the comments guys but guys just a quick recap the current price is 16.49 you know the xrp market cap is about 12.7 billion dollars and if link will get the same markup its itll give a 36 link the ethereum market cap today is around 48 billion dollars and if link gets the same market cap you know 48 billion dollars as ethereum today itll have 137 link and you know the one weve all been waiting for if link can get the same market cap as bitcoin today which is 216 billion dollars well guys thats where we get a 617 dollar link already guys let me know down the comments below what you think about that and as always homies this is not financial advice this is just pure entertainment id like to thank you for watching the video smash the like button if you liked it and subscribe for more content the crypto homie is signing out Patreon: CHAINLINK LINK CHAINLINKPRICEPREDICTION CRYPTOCURRENCY RESOURCES: Recommended place to buy Bitcoin Coinbase Recommend place to buy Altcoins Kucoin Recommended Ledger Hardware Wallet SOCIAL MEDIA The above links are affiliate links or paid discount deals and promotions. 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