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chainlink fireside chat Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: 10 Experts on Which They'd Rather Hold... Chainlink Price Prediction 2023 - 2026 - LINK/BTC Crypto
knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think quote of the day lets get to it chain link versus Bitcoin we havent looked at this in a minute I got a request for this and I like the idea so lets go ahead and start it out so lets get a big picture snapshot chain link against Bitcoin right it has nothing to do with US dollar values although were going to show you how to you know calculate that depending on what the price of Bitcoin is uh here shortly so um you know some theories maybe that uh you know chain link just went up a little bit too fast this is a fifteen thousand percent move fifteen thousand percent move uh and just what two and a half years or so so maybe were were just due for a cool off well get to these lines in a minute um try to hold your excitement uh but you know maybe this is you know phase two is just the cool off zone or I would argue if you zoom out to the monthly that maybe you know if youre a fan of Elliott wave theory maybe this was just wave one or in wave two now wave three usually the longest and maybe thats where were going uh sometime in the not so distance future maybe next handful of years were up into infinity and beyond here so lets get right to these lines keep this video nice short and sweet we are looking at uh three lines in front of us what the hell are they well uh depending on what Bitcoin gets to in the future say in the next you know couple of years were at the next Bull Run Peak and Bitcoin is at the unfathomable price of a hundred thousand dollars right I think maybe most of you could probably relate to seeing Bitcoin hit 100K right so lets assume Bitcoins at a hundred thousand dollars and the year is you know whatever year you want to predict uh but what would these lines be well this if bitcoins at 100k this would be an all-time high U.S dollar value for chain link this will be a 56 dollar chain link US dollar valuation if Bitcoin is at 100K so you can just take whatever price you think Bitcoin will be at multiply it by whatever price you think uh you know link will be at and thats gives you your rough valuation so were using 100K because its easy to do the math so now you can probably see why these other tops are here these other lines this is a 100 chain link right here note that none of these are all-time high valuations right until that way uh against Bitcoin right so to get the all-time high value against Bitcoin if we take this out and Bitcoin is at the said 100K that is a 167 dollar chain link US dollar valuation right there if we get back to all-time highs against Bitcoin if we dont right no big deal theres a hundred dollar chain link right there just halfway up that little mountain there so 100 chain link does not take Link getting back to you know even 20 20 highs against Bitcoin if we can just marginally go halfway up back up this mountain and Bitcoins at 100K theres your 100 chain link valuation right there so many people probably believe that Bitcoins going much higher than 100K so if youre in that boat we dont have to do very much do we right so if Bitcoin hits 200k then your 100 valuations even under this line so think about that right if bitcoins at 200k uh chain link hits this price against uh valuation against Bitcoin then this is a 200 chain link right so keep that in mind uh those we do not have to see on some kind of amazing uh top here to get back um to a higher valuation right all-time high chain link US dollar valuations at this line assuming Bitcoin is at at least 100K right so hopefully that helps put it in perspective now does that mean you should go dump all your money and all coins or chain link right now uh no right uh Bitcoin dominance Rising rapidly week over week day over day um another thing right you want to look at your valuations um on your indicators Fisher transforms a big one right chain link uh Bitcoin valuation from the Fisher Transformer on the weekly is still running parallel train tracks down that is not the time to be getting in wait for the trigger buy right here right thats what were looking for on that not only that but adx and the eye is still uh bearish uh so not the time to be taking this is just if you have a bunch of Bitcoin and youre like I want to put it all in link now you wait for the signals to do that right and we do not have the signals yet and thats the case with almost all altcoins right now just patience pump the brakes wait for the signals right if youre only going to use one picture transforms a great one uh you know using all of these to confirm your thesis thats the kind of way to use indicators not to you know make your purchase but to confirm your you know your buy levels right thats how to kind of use indicators uh correctly not just one right but a multitude of several uh so thats what were looking for um you know if we do get that signal of you know the Fischer transform on the weekly Crossing triggering you know maybe Ill make another video like maybe its not a bad time to you know start to take some of your Bitcoin put it into link so this would really you know rapidly increase your um your Bitcoin if you can get on one of these moves like this right so if youre to buy just if you had you know a full Bitcoin back in here and you took that full Bitcoin threw it in the chain link youd be able to buy many Bitcoins up in here right fifteen thousand percent more worth right so thats if you were to you know uh you know Ai and you got out the Pico top all right so that was uh chain link wrapped up as briefly as I probably could information overload there so hopefully you like the video um you know follow us on Telegram and patreon if you want more content lets do car of the day uh Mercedes CLK GTR the rarest Mercedes in the world and one of the rarest cars just period just only a handful in the entire planet Earth Ill wrap it up there hopefully you liked it Ill see you on the next one Today we look at the Chainlink Price Prediction 2023 and beyond. 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