does ledger support chainlinkChainLink Price Prediction 2023: 10X PROFIT For Next BULL RUN!?

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hey whats going on everybody Matthew from the back again with another cryptocurrency video today were going to be talking and doing a price prediction in 2023 for chain link which is currently sitting right around six dollars and 89 cents now if we take a look at the market cap were at three billion dollars and were going to be looking in some in-depth details on the chart as well uh currently working at the 23rd spot we can see that uh it is down 86 from its all-time high of around 52 dollars uh which is you know pretty impressive that chain link uh already reached that in such a short amount of time you know chain link is a crypto that has been around since 2017 but really um for for up until 2021 it was on a Non-Stop uh bull market okay so literally since it launched uh up until you know the peak of the bull market in 2021 uh this was a coin that was uptrending and of course like the rest of the crypto Market it fell right but uh based on its previous history of how strong it keeps its uptrend uh Im pretty confident that well be returning to that 50 price level and above uh in the next bill market now this is pretty interesting because for one were at some levels that we havent really seen again since almost back in 2020 uh and 2019 uh so were not that far off from that and you know of course from the all-time high we are substantially lower so the move back to the all-time high provides nice returns already and if we had higher towards for example a hundred dollars uh then of course thats going to be even uh double those gains right the biggest market cap for chain link was around 22 billion dollars uh I think you know 20 40 50 60 billion dollars is very reasonable for a crypto like chain link which is actually the backbone of a D5 right Id say this is a top three most important uh protocol uh for D5 and crypto and thats why you should always pay attention to the total value locked uh in cryptocurrency especially chains that are integrated with chain link like ethereum uh because you know of course when eth was at a hundred billion dollars in tvl right theres a huge amount of uh of chain link uh transactions an API request so thats very good for the chain link ecosystem right and uh of course thats the benefit of when there is so much tvl when there is so much D5 usage in the bear markets theres less D5 usage so of course the price of chain link is going to drop but when the market turns back on chain link should react very positively to that so its not necessarily going to be one of the first coins to pump but as soon as the market starts pumping uh chain link should see a very very nice recovery now I actually like what the price is uh doing right now because were very simply in this consolidation uh between five dollars and uh and 40 cents up until 10 so uh you know Id say A medium sized ranged here and weve really just been going up and down doesnt really show any signs of this stopping just yet so I expect a little bit more consolidation here uh like weve seen on several crypto shirts we do have a slight uh bearish Divergence right compared to the price but this is still very very minor uh and you know Im not too worried about it uh in a scenario where uh Bitcoin drops back below 15K uh eth goes below one thousand dollars we could see the price of chain link slip to three dollars and sixty cents uh I do not see chain link going lower than that though so I already have a trouble seeing it Go below five dollars but if that happens if the market really gets that weak then I dont expect it really to go below three dollars and fifty cents and like I said keep in mind right from this current level we are looking at a potential price gain of back to the all-time highs uh over 600 percent right thats the fifty three dollars lets say we do double that next bull market 100 uh you know well be at well over one thousand two hundred percent price gains so considering that chain link is you know one of the safer cryptos uh after Bitcoin and eth you know its been around since 2017 its tried and tested Google has partnered with them Etc et cetera the list goes on and on and on uh I think that those are a lot of uh positive fundamental signs for a crypto like chain link on top of that right chain link is making some pretty big moves and improvements uh most notably this year they announced chain link staking okay so this article here is calling it a new chapter in the link economy and of course this will allow you to earn rewards uh if you stake your your chain link so you can see here uh that the estimated uh link token staking will produce around a five percent annual return um so what I like with this and and they say here a five percent annual return from a combination of emissions from the treasury users and fees paid by those who utilize chain link data feeds right meaning the chain link apis Etc so that is a very reasonable uh rate of return in my opinion you dont want something too high too ridiculous like 10 15 that could cause the price to start falling five percent is you know fairly high but not too high that it would be completely unsustainable or anything like that so um I I like the fact I think chain link uh you know this had to happen uh staking for for the masses here for chain link so Im really glad they did that uh and you know thats something that we didnt have last time around so this could also give it some extra boost in the next bill market so keep an eye out for that as well I also wanted to see here uh in the last 30 days it moved up 23 percent if we go ahead and compare that to uh ethereum youre going to see that ethereum actually uh performed a little bit better than that but what I want to make clear is if we go over to um here Im doing link to USD now if we go over to link to eth okay so comparing it to the eth price you will see that uh you know literally since 2018 up until 2020 okay this entire time period we were virtually always outperforming ethereum okay thats what this chart means and of course right as the bear Market came in guess what I talked about with the tvl chain link started out underperforming ethereum okay now like I said when the market is strong theres no reason for chain link uh to not be outperforming ethereum right and as you can see it uh it outperformed the theorem quite a bit actually uh on that Peak uh move higher and you know uh you can just look at the the price of uh of chain link very very stable here even versus ethereum so uh those are things that I really like to see chain link is a a very special crypto uh in the sense that you dont find that many cryptos that perform like this so steady such a nice uptrend Etc so Ive already had a lot of respect for uh chain link and it has a very strong fan mace and Community as well so that always helps uh you know uh push Heist is price is higher as well and like I said right chain link is a top 25 cryptocurrency um and I think that this should definitely be at the very least a top 20 cryptocurrency so uh you know Id say its a its a medium-sized crypto uh but it has the sort of uh safety and uh and benefits of some of the biggest and safest coins out there like Bitcoin and eth thats only my personal opinion you can feel free to disagree but thats the way Im looking at it if you understand it properly with that being said hopefully you enjoy this review and price prediction for chain link uh and dont forget to follow me on Twitter for live crypto Market updates uh you link to that in the description of this video and also as always check out my technical analysis Master course if you want to learn technical analysis trading Link in the description 30 day money back guarantee youve got nothing to lose by giving it a try thanks for watching Ill see you next time ➥Buy Chainlink On Binance Here: GET My Technical Analysis Course HERE: Follow Me On Twitter: For Business Enquiries: chainlink chainlinkcrypto 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