Can You Buy Crypto Bitcoin on TD Ameritrade in ? Can You Buy Crypto on TD Ameritrade Summary. Trading cryptocurrencies at TD Ameritrade is certainly possible and there are many good securities to invest in. However, if you are looking to trade the crypto markets directly, a broker like Webull is a much better option. Not only do you get around-the-clock trading, but trading the pure price XCH Token Soars 12% After Chia Signals Interest in Going Public Chia blockchain s native token XCH was trading for $40.62 a 9:00 am ET on Friday, before pumping 12% to hit a daily high of $45.38. The cryptocurrency is the #140 ranked digital asset by market cap, according to CoinGecko, with a total value of $315 million. AD Bram Cohen at last releases his Chia Network s green paper chainlink how to buy CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
chainlink how to buy Is Ether A Security? How The Merge Reignited -... CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
hello everyone welcome back to nissan finals guys in this video we are going to cover the project of chain link we have been covering chain link for the past what maybe 12 months and and never been a better price to get into chain link as it is why now as you guys can see we bought chain link at this level here in our discord group just to make it really study case but guess what that wasnt a great place ever because we want to make this study case very hard but for those of you that havent got in yet look at this why now you can get into chain link guys with the 80 80 percent discount price amazing amazing amazing okay and today chain link it is trading up roughly 1.5 were still sitting on the rank number 25 with a market cup of almost almost 3 billion dollars okay nothing wrong with chain link whatsoever one thing here that i want to point it out to you guys in which it is i pretty much where i repeat myself every single week look at this the chain link that was trading on 10 of may all the way up here to roughly what 53 dollars guys is the same chain link or maybe even better when it comes to fundamentals of training trading at six dollars and fifty cents i put some articles here uh together so you guys can have a look because the reason why we dont cover fundamentals in this channel its because of these guys very simple i think ive got here one second uh not this one not this one this one okay if you dont read the newspaper you are uninformed and if you do you are misinformed thats why we dont cover fundamentals because the thing is if you go to websites like like this one here or maybe this one here im not here to bash any website but the thing is sometimes these people that write articles im not talking about directly this guy sometimes these people doesnt even have a clue what theyre talking about they are paid to write articles on these projects and they have to come up with something and sometimes the articles doesnt make sense ill show you one of them for example this one here uh not this one this one here chain link despite good news all around why link is having such tough time guys it doesnt take a genius to figure out it doesnt take a genius to figure out you dont need to be a brain surgeon to figure out that why now until this thing here is start to recover and then whats going to happen is when done things start to recover its going to push the price of whoa bitcoin cardone solana ethereum polka dot all those good level ones even luna whatever and then youre gonna see these projects like chain link to have a chance to recover and thats why answer this guy here why now until the stock market starts to recover and those beautiful l1 despite the fact that we have this an amazing amazing amazing amazing fundamentals when it comes to chain link guess what guys chain link aint gonna go anywhere and one of them look at this for example just read this little piece here guys the oracle network state that it delivers over 3 billion data points on the chain and servered over 7 million requests this is just hugely huge thats why if you do compare chain link with the other oracles guys theres theres no even argument theres no even comparison im sorry we only have one now one proper oracle and thats it and thats called chain link of course im talking about here july 2022 can hit the fan guys and in it anytime we have symmet luna celsius all this crap and guess what im talking about why now the future only god knows but why now in terms of daily volume look at this theres its like 45 x difference from the second one and the third one doesnt even compare huge huge huge huge daily volume okay and thats why i said to you guys if you are willing to invest in chain link for whatever reason might be if you have done your research if you have done yogi or i do believe in times like this massive pullback is the best time to get in you need some finance why you keep bragging same crap every single week its because guys we dont have other choice if we position ourselves all the way down here in the next bull market boron like i always say to you if your trailing do not succeed guess what its because was never meant to be successful and thats why were going to invest money we can afford to lose but but if you chain link do succeed look how much upside we have we always must look guys upwards we should never look downwards because in this channel and in our discord group which all of you are free to join us anytime you like we never ever chase and we never formal thats not what we do in this channel i know it sounds very cliche very very cliche but guess what guys this is when we press the trigger this is when we press the trigger and theres plenty of people out there why now with all those doom and glooms thing like that things going around the world its gonna collapse blah blah blah blah guys can the stock market drop another 30 40 percent of course it can nobody knows gonna happen tomorrow okay nobody knows if we go back here for example right if i go to this chat here year to date all right the down drone is its not on a bearish on a bear market spx went to a bear market and then recover a little bit the iwm and the nasdaq it is on the bear market can for example announce that go from 27 all the way down to minus 50 percent of course he can like i said you guys it doesnt take a genius to figure out we follow a random walk nobody knows whats going to happen tomorrow but those doom and glooms channel that proclaim things like that they are just after guys adds a revenue those people doesnt have a clue whats going to happen tomorrow i do believe i do believe stop guessing price direction and invest and have massive pullbacks i think is still the best way to do of course with a long-term investment in mind and dont take my words for it guys take this guy words for it thats not my words by the way this is where im afterwards and i think its got a little bit to prove when you have someone the 100 plus billion dollars sitting cash to invest i think that tells a lot okay by anyway why now because we still trade in this beautiful beautiful back on chain link i still believe here with a proper risk and trade management in other words just make sure despite the fact that im not a financial advisor all the contents here being educational purpose only i do suggest you guys to have at least at least couple of dca so you can still lower your base cost if if we do trade all the way down here if we do break this floor here of roughly 5.5 were going to be trading all the way down here to this next impulse leg at 70 cents yes you heard right it is possible okay and thats why were gonna have some dry powder to keep lowering our base cost we dont care less in this channel if your chain link is gonna go up its gonna go down sideways thats not nothing to do with us we cannot move the market guys what we can do is take advantage of massive sell-off like this and keep working on our basis cost okay and of course like i always say to you our target for the next bull run boom market if j link were to succeed it is all the way up here very very feasible okay guys thank very much this is just a quick update i hope all of you around the world are doing very well and like i always mention my car vlogs the best thing to do right now the second best investment you can do my friend it is on yourself why now is stay all day looking at this chat staring chat guessing price direction every single minute every single hour its impossible it is impossible always invest money you can afford to lose with a long-term investment in mind at least at least were putting one thing in our side which is very very crucial guys not just when it comes to investing but also in life time time solves everything even when it comes to invest guys thank you very much for watching i hope you guys have found some value and dont forget leave your comments below and um like i said if you find some value 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