solidity - What is msg.value? - Ethereum Stack Exchange msg.value is a member of the msg message object when sending state transitioning transactions on the Ethereum network.. msg.value contains the amount of wei ether 1e18 sent in the transaction.. bytes: complete calldata msg.gas uint: remaining gas - deprecated in version 0.4.21 and to be replaced by gasleft msg.sender address: Ethereum USD ETH-USD Price History Historical Data Ethereum USD ETH-USD Price History Historical Data - Yahoo Finance Nasdaq Russell 2000 +0.13% Crude Oil -0.19% Gold -11.50-0.57% Ethereum USD ETH should you buy chainlink CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
should you buy chainlink Cardano s Ada Token Just Reached Its Highest... CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD WE BUY LINK! LINK HONEST ANALYSIS
hello everyone and welcome back to Nissan finals guys lets dive into link and see whats going on with the price action of this thing here but in terms of the price action guys look at this we havent gone pretty much anywhere whatsoever Ive seen a lot of people on YouTube breaking this thing down here on a four hour shot one hour chart 15 minutes guys just useless useless useless useless analysis Im not here to bash anybody but if you are thinking or willing to get into chain link and if you are concerned what chain link is doing here on a 15 minute chart 30 minutes chat one hour chat four hour chart the next 10 days three months six months Im sorry guys youre going to lose all your money simple you need some Finance what are you talking about what Im saying to you guys the only way youre going to succeed when it comes to crypto cards it is to buy these things here including chain link all the way down here send this thing to your hard wallet thats the second best thing you have to do and the third one guys guess what sit on your ass thats it because if youre concerned here what chain link is doing the next 30 days 40 days six months one year Im sorry my friend youre going to lose every single penny Im not your financial advisor Im just for Education purpose on all my contents but I dont want you guys to get rich okay guys no even this stock market not even this thing here look at this then we have four percent ten percent five percent its a way better asset class lets say to do analysis we cannot figure out whats going on the short term let alone the crypto cards okay if you have done your deal or for whatever reason might be and if you like chain link not just because look at these guys its the best work out there if you think that youre buying chain link for this one of the reasons for being the best Oracle or maybe you buy chain link because Bridges the money between institution and blockchain great good for you but the thing is the analysis is still the same no man matter what reason you like chain link the only thing here guys that youre going to succeed especially all the way down here these are the best time to accumulate as much as we can send this thing here like I said your hard wallet and guess what my friend go to the beach okay go and play football go and ballet dance or go to the gym go for a walk walk your dog whatever forget about this thing here for the next two three years because even like this its still very hard let alone trying to be a genius here when theres no reason to be a genius and when we see something trading at 86 percent my friend the analysis here it is very simple I could easily break this thing down here come in here pick up one of these useless indicators here and thats the reason its for free its because its useless and show you guys many breakdown here oh my God look at this theres a Fibonacci retracement all that make it this cross in your world look at the moving average guys I have in my chat oh my God theres a golden cross guys BS the reason I have this English shot here is just for engagement purpose only the only way youre going to succeed is stay because you want to drop this massive pullback right now it starts to accumulate as much as we can and with one thing as well it doesnt hurt if you have at least 203 dcas into the way down because as you guys saw for the past two days look what happened with FTX and thats the only reason this thing here pretty much dropped the whole crypto Market with it okay thats why why now you see it here in trading at 14 Bitcoin eight percent and so on all has to do with this crap thing here nothing else okay but dont worry being there done there when this thing starts you get stored guess what we are back to uh into normal days okay dont worry about whats going on with FTX because the thing is you shouldnt have one single Dollar in the exchange anyway you should have your money guys again no Financial advice but on your Hardware wallet on a decentralized exchange okay put one thing in your mind if your crypto cards my friend has SEO its going to zero simple okay very very simple but anyway and you guys knowing that Im talking about if Im buying us guys it doesnt matter the CZ is the god of the crypto counters why now guys even buying us I use binance I Do cover buyers in this channel I think buying us it is an amazing exchange I dont know if I have binary seal here we go guys I think by now its amazing exchange but guess what you go from your bank account to buying us buying us your hard wallet its just a bridge thats it am I do I have one single dolling by nurse absolutely not I dont care who running behind us czjz be on sale whatever okay take your money out of your exchange send your manage your hard wallet to a decentralized exchange where nobody can reach your funds okay anyway very easy to announce here guys the best case scenario for chain link of course it is to retest this support to become raised between 13 and 17 and of course the worst case scenario if things stay as it is why now with all this fat going around the cryptocurrency guess what we might revisit this level here for roughly five dollars all the way down to roughly 1.7 yes thats right guys you heard right I dont see why not we can drop another 23 percent or maybe another 75 percent yeah it is possible and this is when your dry powder will come to place if youre going to get your feet away at you right now with money can afford to lose but if you do not have enough dry powder to do your trade management my friend forget about them and if you want to learn how to trade how to enter how to manage your trades things like that how to deal dcas none of those nonsense YouTubers talking about buying things every single week it doesnt work like that youre going to catch a massive falling knife you need to know when how and why you doing your this year otherwise guess what it doesnt make sense at all okay in terms of the price action of course if chain link were to succeed the next book market and if we eventually trade back to the all-time high of course guys as I said before our Target is still all the way up here but the best thing to do right now forget about where chain link is going to be trading two three four five years and take advantage of this massive sell-off here and again send this thing to hard wallet and forget about that because if you go after 10 20 seven percent with those nonsense short-term trading day trading pattern trading all that crap Im sorry youre going to lose all your money simple buy this thing here send your hard wallet and just forget about it even then its still very hard let alone trying to be a genius when theres no reason to be a genius and of course plan your losses before you play no witness a very very crucial guys thank you very much nothing else in terms of price option we still trade in the same place as before just just a little bit further yesterday in relation to FTX but guess what weve done that weve been there just another day in the office nothing else okay thank you very much have a lovely week all the best stay safe and happy investing foreign Join or FREE Discord Community LEARN MY STRATEGY FROM ME AND INVEST WITH OUR PRIVATE GROUP. qPUwM-wjYFE BECOME A CHANNEL LOYAL MEMBER AND GET AUTOMATICALLY ACCESS TO OUR DISCORD GROUP WHERE YOU CAN LEARN VERY CRUCIAL CONTENTS IN ORDER TO BE A PROFITABLE INVESTOR. 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