Dogecoin Now Second-Largest Proof-of-Work Coin After Ethereum Sep 16, · In recent years, Dogecoin has found itself an unlikely champion in the world’s richest person, Tesla founder Elon Musk, who has tweeted about the coin going back as far as 2023, and has caused the price of Dogecoin to pump on several occasions. I will keep supporting Dogecoin — Elon Musk June 19, Cryptocurrency prices: Check today's rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum 9 hours agoToday, XRP's price is $0.55, down 0.42% in the last 24 hours. Cardano and Dogecoin are trading at $0.44 down 1.04% and $0.088 down 2.33%, respectively. Solana has gone up by 18.06% since chainlink predicition CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK - CHAINLINK FORECAST
chainlink predicition Richmond, Indiana recycling plant fire is out;... CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 - LINK PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY LINK - CHAINLINK FORECAST
hi everyone i hope you are this is coins kid just gonna dive into chain link once again thank you for support okay big little coins kid crew so if youre not following me please do follow me uh hit that subscribe button also like the video if youve not really liked it thank you and you know get involved in the coins communities here all the links in each and every single video description and on so right now chain link its run into key resistance here and its beginning to retrace this is a key level support just here for chain link let me show you this okay because i think chain link might give the game away here if it does something so thats a key level support for me going forward if you do start to see training come down below that you know because its looking for that retest because you broke out here youre looking for the retest if you hold that fantastic if you do start to come down and you begin a retracement to this low which is exactly whats happening now youre retracing after hitting this high just there if you retrace and lose this low its going to be quite negative you know for the markets here and one thing that we need to get out the habit of doing here for chain link is this abc correction that weve been doing since weve been rolling here in this big big leg down weve been putting in abc creations each time weve come down and made a wick let me show you uh just there thats a wick just there thats a wick and what you did you put an abc correction to the high that you came from so one thing that would make me really really bullish here for chain link moving forward and it would be really really bullish for the crypto markets is if you see chain link come up and break that high just there okay for chain links so if you start to see chaining trading above that level there of around about 18.21 thats an extremely bullish statement from xrp moving from chain link moving forward sorry so lets keep an eye on that because if we do start to negate all this and we roll were just all were doing is putting a series of abcs in this downtrend so look youve got this low here and what happened you put an a a b and a c leg okay and then just there youve got this leg here youve got the a youve got the b and youve got the c leg now you can determine abc um targets by using fibonacci so right now take a look at this youve got your a leg potential b leg and your c leg and right now you potentially topped and youre rolling youre coming in for another important move to the downside now if you want to put another impulsive move to the downside let me show you these would be your minimal targets and i did go through these with you yesterday youve got the one two seven two at 4.79 youve got the 1414 at 4.44 and youve got the one 1618 at 397 there for for train link if it starts to come down and we do start to see a big big correction in the markets there were getting a continuation and this is just another impulsive move down that would be a minimal target just there one two seven two at 4.79 which would be quite a big correction from here youre talking around about 45 correction so you know will it happen who knows but what we do need to do is prevent stop doing these abc corrections that are just retracing to the high from which you came from do you understand because each time that we do it all were doing is in the one six one eight fib so from there to there you can see look at that one six one eight fib began to retrace lost the low put impulsive move to the downside again abc correction came up we met the one six one eight if we take from that low just there to that high you can see the one six one eight just there boom you came a few retracement you were coming down just like potentially coming down here you lost support you lost this low and when you lost that low youre putting another impulsive move to the downside there for training so we need to stop doing this because at the minute all were doing is coming down impulsively and correctively like this okay impulsive corrective impulsive corrective impulsive corrective so we need to stop this we need to get out of this sort of impulsive move down and we need to negate it by starting to come back up the stairs hold support take out this abc correction and start to come back up and retrace to this high because if we do start to break that im going to show you exactly where you could potentially go here for a train link if you do start to come up and attack that high there you could be looking at a minimum one six one eight retracement right there and a retest of that high there which would be extremely bullish statement from chain link going forward okay so lets keep an eye on this again theres no guarantees but if you do start to come down and you do start to lose this low and you take out this load that youre putting in may and you retrace deeper because this is all youre doing at the moment youre retracing okay so its all about the retracements so youre coming down youre retracing these are key levels of support you can see youve got one on a 382 7.81 which is this previous resistance youve not necessarily back tested support so if you do start to see something like this for chain link holds this and starts to come up here thats actually quite bullish and this could lead to a big big push up to this 18.28 if we start to take that out you know fantastic but what you could get there is rejection start to come back hold a high low and over a long period of time create this real strong bullish reversal pattern a huge huge monster ascending triangle and this is the kind of pattern that were looking for to put the confirmation of reversal in and this is what i went through with you yesterday so i do think youll get reversal soon but i wish i could tell you exactly where it is but we need to see the market structure for that reversal to come into play before i get extremely bullish about a chain link going forward and and potentially saying okay the questions over right here for chain link so this retracement youre going through right now its really important you do hold this 382 fib if you do start to see it coming down below that started it said and doing something like that then you retracing deeply and what youre doing there youre no longer retracing youre going to put a reversal wave in and another impulsive move to the downside and these would be support targets going forward for training but at that point youre getting really overextended from the weekly time frame here youre getting really really overextended from the key ema which in my opinion is the 20. over extension leads to retracement basically you know when you whenever youre going up you retrace you know you get really extended you come back for support and its the same when youre coming down you really have extended you come back for resistance and weve not necessarily had that yet okay so if ever you see chain link above 18.21 in this cycle really really bullish until then you sort of trade in the ranges here for train link okay were looking for the reversal pattern to come into play for chain link take care everyone hope you enjoyed that little update all this can be traded on by bit you can buy spark you can go long you can go short but this retracement needs to hold these key levels of support that ive shown you at 781 would be a really really key area of support for me retrace and you start to come up this here would be really bullish if you did start to see that for chain link moving forward take everyone back to move update and train links stay healthy soon stay tuned bye CHAINLINK UPDATE ByBit Gems & Trading : $4,100 BONUS! 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