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hi everyone i hope you all this is coins kid im just gonna dive into chain link once again thank you for support okay big up the coins kit crew thank you to each and every single one of you for everything that you do okay sharing is caring the level of support on this channel is amazing what a community of people weve got involved in this community right now okay on the patreon the discord twitter everything all the links from okay so a lovely little bit of news to back up the the bullish charts for uh chain link at the moment is this associated press uh chain link to bring trusted data onto leading blockchains so basically you know the the associated press ap is launching is launching a chain link oracle node to bring their cryptographically signed economic sports and race call databases into leading blockchain network networks bridging the on-chain and off-chain world one oracle at a time this is big this is really big okay not not specifically seen a massive explosion in the price but for me like ive always said to you the the chart for chain link does look really really bullish okay so were just going to dive in uh to some technical analysis right now but this is a good bit of news you know great moving forward you know this is a really good leading partnership right now that thats been confirmed so yeah i mean chain link its a sleeping giant basically and you know i am long-term bullish on chain link it has had a whopping correction obviously its not quite up there its all-time high like bitcoins broke its eyes so i know you feel a bit lat lustre and a bit sort of left behind but youve got to appreciate where chain links come from okay remember its done really really well in a bear market so potentially it could be a fantastic project moving forward in another bear market remember that its done okay in this bull market but its not done as well as it potentially might do in a bear market remember that for bitcoin okay so it basically if bitcoin goes into a bear market i do think that this is where your chain link is going to just rinse would be what it did last time this way youre looking at a larger appreciation for chain link but again not got crystal ball we could roll into the bed with bitcoin and it not come back from that until a couple of years you know so well cross that bridge when we come to it but for now lets look at the charts and lets see whats happening okay so looking at chain link on the daily then you can see that basically youve broken out this w bottom pattern uh there was a technical target lets take a look at this that i gave you in a previous update just here for chain link and you can see that you broke out just there you never quite got to it you ran a little bit shy came back found support this horizontal look and then look youve just eventually wicked to that potential target just there so eventually you got to target like i said to you the pattern is in place valid until invalidated away you came up we had a bit of a throwback and eventually youve met the technical target amazing okay so for me chain link is looking extremely bullish youre running a little lower resistance right now with this horizontal look so once you start to break out of here you could see fireworks for for chain link moving forward okay there is another little pattern thats just forming just there for me for chain link from here to here look lets have a look at this this is an ascending triangle and you can see he was struggling to break it and yesterday i did put this in the discord server for the patreons and equally the um on twitter as well you know youre crawling up like this in ascending triangle level of resistance just there level of support you know beautiful beautiful beautiful and essentially a large w bottom pattern breakout youve got a technical target to the upside so for me you are now in a technical target but youre willing to of this horizontal you know so if you do start to come back coil up like this towards the apex get the break out this could be absolutely amazing for for chain link because youre looking to break the size what we need to do okay because i think were moving impulsively look you come up high low potentially come up make a higher high and youve load out down here for chain link at 13 you know in that correction that we went through way back in maine we load out in july there for for chain link moving forward so yeah youre doing well youre doing well but obviously youve got key levels of resistance you do need to see broken uh you are now in a technical target as you was in that previous w bottom youre in a larger essentially w bottom ascending triangle whatever you you know whatever you want to call it this is a an ascending triangle as well look you broke out throwback we test support boom see you later technical target was met wasnt it so right now you are now in a technical target because youve broken that level resistance just there and this is your new technical target for chain link just there okay 3473 so thats what its trying to get to but because its breaking out this little resistance just here its actually breaking out of a horizontal which is quite a bullish thing okay so you know the technical target from a horizontal is from there to there and you can see that if you do start to break that level resistance just there wherever it is you know that the horizontal say you do come all the way into the apex just there thats the apex boom boom boom just there you know wherever you do break out that would be a technical target to do upside lets say for example we was to break out today you would equally be in a technical time to run about 40 and with that youre breaking that high so youre actually putting a new impulsive wave so your impulsive wave target from this low to this high would actually see you retrace all the way back up almost this yellow line okay and the technical target would actually be the one six one eight of 53 36 so thats extremely bullish and these particular levels of resistance you know these fib targets will be resistance along the journey one should break that high so you know from here right now you could be looking at further appreciation of around about uh 83 for chain link moving forward okay and you really are getting a party started arent you you can see youve youve broken out from this low youre breaking out these falling wedges you know youre still retracing essentially to this high as well look because its a falling wedge just like this was a falling wedge what did you do you would trace to the highs came back for support you know putting a higher low retrace with trace retrace so you are essentially trying to get back to this high at 37.15 for chain link you know you are putting in bullish continuation patterns reversal patterns ascending triangles you know with that once you do start to come up here and you break out this high you will essentially be in a new impulsive wave target for chain link moving forward okay so you know youve got our chain link on your radar if youre into crypto youve definitely got to have it on your radar okay or has to be again not financially right has to be a part of your portfolio so for me youre absolutely minimal in this bull market fortune link is this moving forward okay but it has to break this eye obviously retrace which you are doing look youre coming up youre doing something like this you can see youre retracing to the side because once you break this eye you will be in a 1618 technical target to a minimal 129 dollars in this bull market but for chain link and ill show you ill back this up with ta it always has a habit of getting to the two okay so this is my technical target this is my bull market target for training around about 221 dollars okay 200 plus basically because it always has a habit of getting to the two when it goes through these highs and these lows and it retraces it usually gets to the two uh minimal impulsively and ill show you ill show you exactly why thats happened in the previous correction that we went through when you know everyone was really really bearish on chain link but i was telling people you know youre looking at 54 and ill show you right now look if we look at that look at that on the two just there boom you met it bang bang on look at that absolute golden from that previous retracement just there and if we take a look at this particular target as well lets have a look where this one got to you know that got to the one six one eight and the two and you can see look at that that got to the two as well so you know even when chain link was coming all the way down here crashed down to one at 130 you know start to come up and break the impulsive from the low to the high gives you an impulsive wave target to the 1618 fibs and you can see it runs into each fib target you know respectively but it actually got to the two just there so its amazing it conforms to the fibs so right now our minimal target you know if we do continue to go on you you are looking at a minimal 129 dollars next impulsive weight break of this high obviously its all about breaking this high of 53 at 54.31 sorry once you see chain link break that for me youve got a beautiful long up you know from that breaking that high right there you could be looking at a further appreciation around about 153 percent but chain link like ive just shown you has a habit of going to the two which is around about 305 so from here right now for chain link you know on its journey that has an appreciation of around about 665 for chain link moving forward providing it can keeps doing what its doing okay breaking resistance falling back to support and keeps moving upwards and on onwards and upwards youre looking great here for chain link this bull market and basically take care on back soon with another update on chain link stay healthy stay strong stay tuned bye CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2021 - LINK PRICE 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