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okay so chain link hit 44 the other day but can it go above 50 can it go to 100 maybe even 500 ill be answering that and a lot more in todays video covering fundamental and technical analysis so make sure that you stay tuned and watch the very end my name is tom this is crypto busy if youre new to the crypto busy channel come on subscribe today and join the crypto busy family also a like on this video is very much appreciated so with that all being said lets jump right into the video okay so jumping straight into the video now the first thing that pops out for me is the background i thought id switch it up a little bit but anyway lets talk about the market and where things are going the bitcoin dominance there has been a bit of a correction recently so you can see that bitcoins dominance is 51.2 its getting very close to 50 and that would be very interesting for the old coins if that does happen in my opinion i do think it will happen the closing of the bitcoin dominance below 50 and thats where well see a lot of capital flow from bitcoin into the alt coins and one thing i like to say a lot of crypto busy is you know not financial advice but i think theres much better return on investments with the old coins compared to bitcoin itself were big fans of bitcoin but with the old coins we see better return on investments and like that also with trade inc as well once we see that capital go from bitcoin into the old queens we could be seeing chain and go to new highs and we could be also seeing other old coins as well go to these new highs as well very interesting times ahead that is for sure so the bitcoin dominance yeah 50 51 nearly 52 percent ethereum dominance as well is increasing so this is really good for the old coins at the moment but also recently we had that bitcoin crash um something to do with the hash rates and you know mining as well and a lot of bitcoins mined in china so theres been a disparity there as well so you can see there bitcoins price it absolutely tanked overnight and you can see that you know with this trend line here this is quite important here so you can see here ive had one nearly two sort of three corrections along the way and this trend line here you can see right now that has been sort of tested uh maybe you know a few times along the way itself and it was tested last night and thats good to see its closing above the 100 dma so thats really good in my eyes and its closing below the 20 main testing above we could be seeing it go and and go above and test again retest that 60 000 region again because at the same time we want to see everything else do well but you need to see these corrections at the same time so you know well see these days where dogecoin has gone above 200 or something 400 in seven days and thats great to see youll see that with xrp with ethereum sometimes with bitcoin as well and thats really cool to see you want to see that but you have to have that level mindset when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency things can go down quite easily as well as they can go up so you have to have that balance in mind as well when it comes into crypto investing now the next thing is also make sure to follow us on twitter at quick to busy and join our telegram group chat weve got great creative immunities on there so wed love to know over there as well all links down in the description below so lets talk about chaining chaining has been an amazing coin and it keeps on proving itself to be an amazing coin a day by day and were big fans of training crypto busy and weve been talking about it for quite some time as well so if you got into training last year about this time last year it was around two dollars and it absolutely exploded in value and in my opinion i think thats to do with the price suppression technical wise if we look at the technical analysis of training and then when you go into the fundamentals if you couple the fundamentals with the price suppression of chaining then you get the sort of price explosion that weve seen with training in the past few months really and many people when speculating and saying well can this thing go to 100 can it go to 200 can he even go higher than that and in my opinion i do think it has the ability to do so but theres a few things that needs to be done and completed and carried out or implemented to get to those sort of stages first so lets just cover off what training is chaining is an oracle network and it takes all the data thats out there and you can put it onto the blockchain so if you look at the technical terms behind it its a decentralized oracle network which aims to connect smart contracts with data from the real world and in my opinion that is a great thing so when we look at the crypto project at creator busy we look at the white paper we look at the team we also look at the technology behind the project and is it being implemented does it have a real world use case and in my opinion and what weve been our conclusion accurate to busy is that training does have a real world use case like with the many other cryptocurrencies that we love talking about are great to busy kind of like with chain link and ethereum they have free world use case they are being used in the world right now and that is very good for a crypto project that provides value to the project and this is what you can see with training itself and so if we go onto the website here just real quick there we go you can see here its connecting all of the data or you can connect any sort of data from the real world and you can put it onto the blockchain this is really powerful for the next industrial revolution as were about to enter and as were entering right now and so connecting blockchain and big data as well together thats a really good combination of the technologies that industrial revolution 4.0 provides and the latest thing with training is the chaining 2.0 white paper its been released so you can see the announcement there and ill go through that in much further detail as well so theres a lot of good stuff happening for training so lets go into it lets talk about whats happening with training so training recovers after dropping 35 percent integer of uh crypto market sell-off and its recovered quite well with that as well so thats really good to see that recovery for changing so lets go into the next generation of hybrid cost smart contracts and this is chaining 2.0 and so the key takeaway from chaining 2.0 thats the white paper that comes from that is that its over 101 its over 100 pages long and it represents a year of work by the training team it was written by a team of academic researchers from computer science fields such as security cryptography distributed systems game theory and mathematics really good stuff and theyre essentially setting out what are the next stages for training this is really interesting stuff for where it can go and if we couple everything thats happening with it and go into the technicals you can see here i think in my opinion this is primed to take off to go above fifty dollars a hundred dollars maybe even two hundred dollars as well and ill go into that much further detail later on to the video i also want to bring your attention to an undervalued gem which is radix its a great crypto project its also in key competition with polka dots and i think it has much better technology behind the system uh compared to poker itself so red x does have that and you can see here they have the radix report the first thing i want to bring up to you guys is the betanet thats going to be coming out soon as well so you can see here you can read the q a with the ceo peers and again they talk about the token itself and whats happening with the token where is it going the fundamentals and all the technicals behind it the weight is nearly over for the new radix website theyve got more much more development going into this as well which is really good to see and on top of that in my opinion i do think its an undervalued gem you can see here that they have this report thats coming out again you can read in much further detail well be doing more videos about radix in the future as well but again there is a great team theres a great project as well in this ecosystem that were seeing right now and again well talk about it much more further detail uh later on in other videos as well but there is also the base network just coming out thats the latest thing thats coming out with radix itself make sure you check it out all the necessary links are in the description below so lets go into the technicals behind training so training again in my opinion for the previous year in 2020 it had quite a bit of price suppression throughout 2020 and thats why you saw it go from two dollars to over twenty dollars in that space of a short period of time so the next big question is can it go to fifty dollars well we already saw it go to forty four dollars thats the key thing and so it has the potential to in my opinion i think it can go above fifty dollars especially as where it is right now so if we take everything thats into account with chain link and whats happened with training in the past few weeks and also months i do think it can go to 50 i think even with everything thats been announced and everything thats going on behind the scenes i think it can easily go to 100 but that is just everything is happening right now i think we take into account further partnerships and further implementation of the training network across the world i think this thing can go to 200 quite easily if we take into account everything thats going to be announced in the future if we take into account also a crazy bull market and a crazy old season theres a lot of good stuff at play here so we had that massive correction and thats good to see and you want to see those corrections along the way when it comes to cryptocurrency investing and so thats the first thing where i think it could go next i think we could be seeing first of all close above the 20 made thats good in my opinion so we may be seeing it tesla 20ma in the next few weeks and also months but in my opinion the trajectory is positive its up at the moment its closing above this trendline and also this other trend line as well so right now the trend is positive so in my opinion im looking for bullish targets to go to fifty dollars to go to a hundred dollars in the upcoming weeks and also months so in my opinion i think this next ball cycle will because we could be seeing training go to a hundred dollars maybe 125 150 but again you know taking everything into account into the longer term perspective it could go to 200 can i go to 500 you have to let me know down in the comment section below because that is where i think a bit more speculation comes into involved and i have to know from your opinion as well but im a little bit skeptical about it going to five hundred dollars but please prove me wrong in the comment section below about that but id love to always have to say about that and a lot more so do comment down below all of your thoughts and opinions now if you want to get a much rounded picture whats happening in the market and also clear pictures happening in the market as well be sure to check out our quick to busy vr bitcoin course its all linked down the description below its all on discord through patreon on discord and you get fundamental and technical analysis every two weeks josh and i go through a webinar we go through the markets in much further detail and for the crypt busy vip coin calls gold members you get an extra webinar a month as well so its a great opportunity nows the best time to join more than ever so again all links down in the description below so just have a recap whats happening because i realized ive been going all over the place in this video and i want to make sure that my points are quite succinct and turns to the point lots of good stuff happening for chain inc we have to worry about whats happening with bitcoins price for the positive momentum for chaining price and then coupled with that as well the white paper as well training 2.0 white paper thats great to see you want to see that further implementation of trainings network there will be some hurdles with actually implementing it across the real world because its good to see you know its all well and good from this position saying it can do this it can do that but at the end of the day we want to see training you know actually form those partnerships so we need to see further announcements of partnerships for training and thats another hurdle in my opinion but again its all positive movements i think it can go to 50 i think it can go to 100 as well but id love to know what you guys have to say about that and do comment down below all of your thoughts and opinions so make sure to leave a like on this video if you like it subscribe if youre new weve got a lot more content coming for you guys in the upcoming weeks and awesome months so make sure that you stay tuned and also subscribe to the creativity channel so thats it for me in todays video and ill see you guys in the next one bye for now The Crypto Market along with Chainlink LINK has been goingcrazy recently. This video will cover Chainlink Price Predictions 2021,Chainlink Technical Analysis and Chainlink Fundamental Analysis also marketanalysis. With recent down trends in Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, RippleXRP and more caused by a number of factors. The recovery has been good forthe crypto and altcoin market overall. Corrections are necessary, they helpkeep the bullish health of the market. It is good to see some recovery in themarkets. This will not be the end of corrections but still the current markettrends are positive. All looking good ️ Join our VIP Coin Coin Calls Group to Follow Our EXACT Trades! ️ ️ Check out Radix: ️ Deposit 50 EUROS and Get up to $100 FREE of Bitcoin on SWISSBORG ️ ️ Take our Pro Trader Course Use Code CRYPTOBUSY for $100 off ️ ️ Bybit for trading Up to $620 FREE with this link ️ ️ 50% DEPOSIT BONUS on PRIME XBT to Trade Traditional Markets USING CODE CryptoBusy ON OUR LINK! ️ ️ Get 10% OFF ALL TOKEN METRICS PLANS NOW USING OUR LINK ️ Sources: Connect With Us! 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