chainlink limited supplyChainlink Price and News Update - THE BOTTOM IS IN?

Ethereum price to reach $19,000 in the current cycle - FXStreet Logarithmic Regression Rainbow is an indicator that uses Ethereum’s historical price action. Experts plot logarithmic regression trend lines to identify support and resistance. The longer Ethereum Price Prediction After Shapella Upgrade Apr 12, · Analysts were expecting the ETH price to soar above $2000 before Shapella, but it is unlikely to happen as it is trading at $1867 just hours before the key milestone. After surging above $30,400 on Tuesday, Bitcoin price had a pullback on Wednesday. This triggered a sell-off in ETH price as well, which lost 0.43% in its BTC pair today. chainlink limited supply Chainlink Price and News Update - THE BOTTOM IS IN?
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chain link price and news update potential bottom being in welcome back guys its cryptorocco from rockstar trading channel in todays video guys ill be sharing with you my price prediction technical analysis on chain link well be looking at some key news for chain link and at the end of the video guys ill be sharing with you a trading strategy to get into chain links ill be talking about some of the videos ive already made what levels im looking out for so this is not an after the fact video on this channel we do slightly differently i actually talk about the predictions i make the levels im looking to buy and sell and see what happens the chain link guys initially had the biggest breakout if you have been in my channel youve talked youve probably listened to me talk about this a lot about how high changing can go and the big breakouts this was one of the best trades you wait for it for you know over a year for it to happen breaking above four dollars and then it was five dollars then we had that big big move up i took most of off around seven and ten dollars and then most of i got stopped around 16 for the rest that was an amazing trade since then guys when it was dumping i said if it dumps to around the five dollar six dollar level im going to look to buy some weve not really done that were finding support here so if again my predictions are not the strategy that i said in the previous videos i highly recommend you smash that like button subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification button next week i will be doing a live stream so make sure you turn on the notification button to get notified i do three to four livestreams a week in the educational group theres a facebook course you get access to as well ill leave the links but if youre interested and ill share with you exactly when im buying and selling as well so check the group out theres lots of knowledgeable people posting lots of contents so ill post about the chain link trade i took as well in the later one in the video so make sure you watch the video till the end another trade setup i was looking in train link was in here usually i trade with btc but this was a very good chart and i said as long as link is above 350 i am long chain link i bought some here you can go what is this is not after the fact i recommend you go watch this and i actually thought i didnt think chain link was going to go that high up i know i talk about this crazy breakout so i dont just buy here and sell at the top no one can do that uh getting on a trading setup and see how far i can ride it too so what am i looking for chain link now so i thought you know if chain link comes to this level guys this could be a long term level where you know it consolidates and then breaks out further so if chain link comes into this level i would just look to buy some for holding for a longer time frame as long as its above three dollars i would look to buy this could be a long term potential bottom zone again im not saying it is im gonna be looking for that so if you ask me what my thoughts are on chain link now the way the chart is looking especially chain link btc i think there could be a push up coming up in chain link you know people thought chain link was gonna go a lot lower around here and chain link potentially found a bottom here and had a big rally and i think chain link could be having a rally now towards at least a 16 15 mark and potentially even higher i dont think chain link will just put a bottom in and then you know break to fifty dollars now thats not how the markets work i could be wrong you know im going to look for a setup ill share with you the eight dollar setup i talked about in one of the videos and in the educational group let me see if i can find it for you so youve got a telegram group now so usually live streams and the course is still on there but if you search for it this was back in you can check the date when i posted it it was around the eight dollar level pullback or a breakout above 11 i was looking to go long it gave a nice pull back to eight dollars here and then it went longs again this im not saying all my calls are correct markets have been slow ive not been trading as much but you know this was a really nice trade now we look at this 10 mark if it breaks out and pulls back i would look to go long chain link the key support level im looking for is ten dollars if it you know starts getting daily closes below uh ten dollars i would have a stop loss slightly below here i dont like it having where everyone else or stop-loss will be i try to trade differently make sure you have a strategy whether you follow mine or you have your own strategy make sure you have a strategy guys if youre just buying and selling with emotions youre not gonna make money in this market so thats the key trade setup im looking out for from link usd point of view from a higher time frame from trading chain link since 2018 if you go watch my youtube videos it was back before people started talking about chain link and this is what my thoughts are i thought chain link was going to consolidate further here before it breaks out and i was literally taken aback my prediction wasnt correct i got in here and then again i said i didnt you know just ride it and its bought at four dollars that one i said im buying and sold i sold about 75 percent around 10 to 12 10 to 12 mark and i had something running and i got stopped out on that one so make sure you have a strategy that is what im looking at for a push-up and then consolidate and then ideally not break below this eight dollar mark if you get a dump towards you know three dollar five six dollar mark i would look to buy some because thats when people get scared and sell similar to here when people get scared and sell and then consolidate and break into new highs and im massively bullish on chain link just looking at news theres always positive news on chain link now other cryptocurrencies break out when they partner with chain link their on-chain metrics is looking as strong as ever more and more people are using to use wanting to use chain link infrastructure i wont touch on all the other price predictions that try to stay away from that but potentially uh there could be a move up in chain link coming this is one of the news that i wanted to share the on-chain matrix in chain link is a looking positive you can see the chain link contract transaction counts and the amount of people that are involved with chain link chain link oracle connect decentralized oracle network ecosystem is growing every day theyre making more partnerships so i think this is one of the fun fundamentally ive made videos on train link this is not an investment video ive got investment videos on my channel go watch them out this is more of a trading video so lets have a look at chain link btc to share with you my trades next trade setup that i want to take so the key zone im looking out for is this i like this structure a lot this could be a bottoming pattern so i made a bottoming pattern video and we could be getting something here i could be wrong you know if it does something like this and just spikes down and breaks below 90 000 im wrong ill get out ill take my loss and be quiet but if we break out above this red zone guys i will be looking for a nice trade take some profit um at 12 000 13 000 level and then try to run with it if we get a big move up its looking like its already broken a trend line here nice bottoming structure again this was if we go into the daily time frame if i show you some examples so here i thought you know were gonna not gonna break out because it didnt consolidate for that long chain link can do something crazy this is took ages to happen and this is when you get the real breakouts this has not been consolidating for that long about you know a month or so so if it does break out i dont think were gonna you know have a new breakout but we should have a nice breakout towards the previous highest resistance around six one eight seven eight six level and then see if we consolidate and break out into next year then well get into our trade you have to be really patient in trading uh were not gamblers guys we find high probability setups take trades and make money over time when the markets quiet we we are quiet when things break out you can just check my youtube videos as well views you know back when things were breaking out we had lots of people joining and you know when my views are high you know that you know things are probably time to sell is best time to sell you could see and now the views have dropped this is when you find good setups get into good coins and learn to trade you know check the group out we had you know lots of people joining back when we were getting you know 3k 9k views and videos thats when you know you dont want to be buying you want to be buying when not many people are interested so thats one setup im looking out for hopefully you know btc doesnt do anything crazy if bitcoin doesnt do anything crazy training can continue if bitcoin is going down its one of the few coins that can do that ive seen chain link do that previously during this rally bitcoin wasnt doing as as well so if bitcoin does well like it did here and chain link does well thats when you get the huge breakout so im gonna be looking out for this setup with positive news coming up let me know your thoughts do you think this could be a channeling bottoming at least the local bottoming comment below your thoughts that ive shared with you my reasons for it and what my predictions are for training what im looking out for and also exactly how to get into train league you know im not just talking about huddle invest in 10 years and something will happen ive shared with exactly what im looking out for uh to trade changing so check this video let me know your thoughts so comment below your price predictions for train link or fundamentally do like chain link below and lets have a discussion so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to my channel and ill see you guys soon with another great video go chain link Chainlink Price and News Update - THE BOTTOM IS IN? 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