Get LINK While It Is Cheap??! how far will chainlink goChainlink Partners With Coinbase And Swift!

Cardano s African Ambitions: Revolutionizing the Finance Apr 4, · Cardano, an ambitious blockchain platform, has ventured into Africa with several goals. By leveraging partnerships in identity management, supply-chain tracking, and financial inclusion, it hopes to revolutionize the continent’s financial systems. Wetgeving over cryptocurrencies en hun gebruik in de VS Deze pagina bespreekt de wetgeving over cryptocurrencies en hun gebruik in de Verenigde Staten. Het onderzoekt de voorschriften en wetten die de handel in en het gebruik van cryptocurrencies regelen, evenals de fiscale en juridische implicaties. how far will chainlink go Chainlink Partners With Coinbase And Swift! Get LINK While It Is Cheap??!
how far will chainlink go 2023 Cardano Cabernet Sauvignon 1913 -... Chainlink Partners With Coinbase And Swift! Get LINK While It Is Cheap??!
hi guys welcome back to finpact its been a long time since Ive made an update on chain link and I truly believe in my personal non-financial advisor opinion that chain link is one of those tokens that will rally in the month of October theres been a lot of fundamental news in favor of chain link its partnered with so many different companies including coinbase Cloud so lets go into that where I think the price is potentially heading again not Financial advice but just based on my technical analysis and also combining that with the fundamentals behind it but before we jump into this video guys dont forget to hit that like button and the Subscribe button and that Bell notification so that you get informed on when I release a video and also remember this is not Financial advice check the disclaimer down below also guys this video has been sponsored by the bones bull club and this is an nft collection if you want more details on the sponsorship its down below in the description box in the disclaimer so the Bonus Ball up is an nft collection where you get doubled the deal the token will also be your membership to clubs and exclusive events and the club is open they have a collection of 10 000 bone ball nfts and these of course double as a club membership card and these nfts are built on the ethereum blockchain when youre a member you get an exclusive launch event in Dubai and access to Future upcoming events and members only benefits I will be doing a full review on this project shortly and thank you again to the bones ball club for sponsoring this video and without further Ado lets jump into chain link so you guys have probably heard all about chain link but do you know what they actually do to summarize chain link is a decentralized Oracle Network and it connects blockchain based smart contracts to high quality off-chain data essentially this allows decentralized applications so daps that wouldnt otherwise function to function because of the the Oracle I like to think about chain link like an analytics software for the crypto industry so for example if you imagine a decentralized finance app that wants to access data from centralized exchanges on the prices of cryptocurrencies chain link can enable that but thats not only it chain link oracles can supply verifiable random numbers to Smart contracts well you know in blockchain games and nfts the minting process requires Randomness in short chain link can offer that so basically their platform is used on tons of blockchain Platforms in fact according to the chain link website the total value of crypto assets deposited into markets that use chain link oracles exceeds 37 billion dollars here are some examples of projects that use chain link oracles we have avogotchi that uses chain link vrf to Pioneer Dynamic nfts on polygon we have so many hedge liquid autonomy there are so many and you can read some of these case studies on the chain link website now we have had some volatile few weeks in the crypto markets but it seems like we are heading back upwards as Bitcoin has exceeded the 20 000 level even though we were hovering pretty much around the 19 000 19 500 level along the last week we were struggling to get past twenty thousand dollars and chain link which is around 21 on coin market cap is up around 6.65 in the last 24 hours and its sitting at 7.75 just to show you we are in a bear Market if we look at the year-to-date price and the all price we are definitely still at around pandemic levels that we saw in 2020 but if we take a look at how far we are from the all-time high which was 52.88 we are 85.34 down just imagine how well chain link could do in the next Bull Run Im buying it at 7.76 personally I think thats a good shout but again remember crypto assets are highly volatile you saw it is 85 down from its all-time high so before you buy any crypto assets consider your risk appetite and remember Capital can be lost but yeah I personally ambulish on chain link so I have been buying chain link because I think the price is incredible and they have been making moves with huge new Partnerships and expanding their ecosystem for example coinbase Cloud teamed up with chain link labs to launch nft floor pricing feeds so this is one of the huge fundamental news that weve seen for chain link essentially what will happen is that chain link nft floor pricing feeds will make the latest nft pricing data easily accessible by developers its like what I said earlier its cleaning is like an analytics software allows smart contracts to access information from elsewhere so in this case it would help these developers Act access the nft floor prices and this is really important because NFD floor prices give of course the lowest purchase price for an nft within a collection so this would provide accurate real world data around the price of nfts and developers can create and deploy new D5 use cases so Michael Lees the VP data at coinbase said that basically this will bridge the gap between transparency and Security in the nft space by bringing reliable And Timely on-chain nft floor pricing feeds for the top NFC collections to the web 3 world I think its going to make it more efficient because now theres more data available markets are more efficient when data has been fed into the prices of nfts or whatever it is in the market for example in stocks the market would be more efficient if all data is integrated into the price of course thats not always a reality but it does make it more efficient if it is and of course that also applies to crypto and on other news Swift partnered with chain link and Swift is the interbank messaging system and it allows for cross-border payments theyre working with chain link and as you know chain link is a provider of price feeds like we saw nft floor prices and they also provide other data to blockchains through a cross-chain interoperability protocol called ccip so this ccip will basically allow Swift messages to instruct on-chain token transfers and what this does is that it allows the interbank network to communicate across all blockchain environments which is fantastic as you know interoperability is something that we need to strive to get in the crypto industries that means a lot more blockchains can communicate with the others and more use cases can take place because theres a lot of data in both the ecosystems and all the blockchains have different things to offer so if they can all communicate and share data that makes things more efficient and it also allows more people to have access to different ecosystems I mentioned earlier in the video I was going to do something technical analysis but I think right now there is absolutely no point because we are in a bear Market Im not actually trading chain link Im only holding for the long term Im just accumulating these low prices because the fundamentals in my opinion for chain link are really strong um but what I would say is that the future price of chain link will be highly dependent on how high bitcoins price will get to in the next Bull Run as you guys know old coins tend to Rally in exaggerated manners way more than Bitcoin does so if Bitcoin moves upwards then the old coin Center rally a lot more so if Bitcoin in the next Bull Run probably around 2024 in my opinion 2024 maybe 2023 we might see a smaller bull run around 2023 beginning um but the bigger one I think would be towards mid-2024 then we could see according to the rainbow chart of 650 000 Bitcoin some people are saying a million but I dont actually think so I think potentially 100 to 500 000 Bitcoin in the next Bull Run depending on the fund mentors of the crypto industry and how regulations and everything and the environment is for the crypto industry to continue to expand and grow and be a real use case for everyone in the world if all that can happen then I do think chain link could panics I mean the all-time high was what was it around 53 or so so from there Im sure we can see at least a 5 to 10x in the next Bull Run but again it depends on bitcoin it depends on mass adoption how many people are entering the market because for chain link to reach that level the market cap of the entire crypto industry needs to be massive so it needs to be something that almost everyone day-to-day uses which I dont know if that will happen I hope it does happen I know they are striving for that to happen so we just have to wait and see I do however think that it will at least exceed its all-time high definitely in the next Bull Run I think the rallies and the all-time highs will be a lot higher than we saw in this previous one but again this is just my opinion anyway guys what do you guys think leave your thoughts in the comments below thank you guys for watching and I will see you in the next video bye In this video we take a look at Chainlink and the recent partnerships they secured with Coinbase Cloud and SWIFT. 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