Stellar Hosts Chilean Stablecoin chainlink miamiChainlink Onboards Arbitrum One. Polygon and IceTea Labs GameFi.

Strength Node Value – Crypto Honestly, the economic model of the Nodes generating VTHO; the ability the foundation has to increase the generation rate and thus reducing the price for VTHO to make Millions of dollars in ETH lie unclaimed in presale wallets — but there One Ethereum enthusiast contacted KeychainX after being part of the Ether presale — amassing 1,000 ETH for just $300. At the time of writing, this crypto sum would be worth a cool $2 million . chainlink miami Chainlink Onboards Arbitrum One. Polygon and IceTea Labs GameFi. Stellar Hosts Chilean Stablecoin
chainlink miami Ethereum price analysis: ETH rejoins $2,074 high as... Chainlink Onboards Arbitrum One. Polygon and IceTea Labs GameFi. Stellar Hosts Chilean Stablecoin
bye welcome to cryptocurrency blockchain news your daily cryptocurrency blockchain aggregated news show on youtube look look its gonna be drinking look look its gonna be smoking look looks gonna be swearing look look youve been warned so look look here i come in three two one bang welcome everybody black white gay straight crystal muslim jew welcome my name is mark clark welcome to cryptocurrency blockchain news the greatest show on earth great show im in the maldives bang greater showing the dagger multiverse and we have a great show for you boom today all right all right so today were just going to crypto crypto crypto todays crypto crypto crypto no regs no uh investment vehicles oh my gosh i mean theres so many funds coming out and so many applications for funds now that gensler now that big brains said the thing about hes willing for futures contracts uh i have so many in but i just thought man im just gonna just get some crypto talk i mean thats the most important thing to show you guys whos making the money right but dont worry for the rest of the week well get to all that there are so many funds coming out you know i might have to do something i might have to instead of reporting on the funds like actually reading a whole story about it what i might have to do is like crypto blockchain fund watch you know todays fund watch and just sort of name something like all right guys today so-and-so offers this fun today so-and-so offers that fun today so-and-so offers that today so-and-so is applying for that and bang you know like go off like that thats how many funds there are like you know maybe just were gonna have like a crypto blockchain fund watch or some all right guys but lets get to our stories for today and then well figure out that stuff later down the road okay so chaining to the rescue its draining to the rescue look look chain link oracles are gonna be on ethereums arbitrary one so were gonna read about that and then polygon and ice tea labs launch game five were gonna read about that and then this the story that uh uh binium gave us yesterday chilean peso stablecoin live on stellar like i know its only a stable coin being launched on stellar but but it actually brings money to stellar so thats good uh but its not like a cbdc its just a stablecoin and then were gonna do the shoutouts and the daily summary as usual look look lets proceed that we proceed with a little bit of wait wait sorry with a little bit of bar there we go then we go all right price of bitcoin 45 146 dollars and when i left yesterday we were at 45 232 so weve gone down whats that 80 86 bucks all right 86 down all right so basically bitcoin didnt do all it didnt do anything all right so look top 10 of the day brothers and sisters you know who they are usual suspects top 10 bitcoin ethereum finance coin tether cardano xrp deutsche coin usd coin polka dot and uniswap lets see what the market moves are single to the substitute is down look at cardano man that thing has been rip roaring holy its almost at two bucks i know theres a story about what theyre doing in ethiopia maybe ill do that later this week if i remember all right oh thats right remember they got japan japan uh allowed them to be uh listed in japan now so and nick you know japan thats the hardest place to get approval for anything i mean we think were we think the sec is rough japan is no joke and they got they got they got approved so bang bang for them all right so uh cigarette subscribers down single digits upside down is down actually its mostly just signaled its down isnt it vast majority oh look at the graph though thirteen percent up single this obstacle is down a cycle this obstacle is down two single digits up to significance down all right lets see who lost money today you see anything on here you like go get it because it is on sale top 10 losers iotex telcoin internet computer horizon file coin ontology aux stacks and clayton lets oh clayton and sorry sorry and theta there you go thats 10. all right lets see who made money today so top 10 gainers the graph nano chilis sushi swap cardano waves voyager token raven coin near protocol and mdex oh yeah so you guys know leonel messi hes like one of the greatest soccer players to ever live well hes going to this new uh soccer team well not a new team but he hes going to a new team hes on barcelona and now hes going to paris saint-germain well you remember what paris saint-germain is on chiles its on chilios socios thing and people are saying that he might take some of his salary in fan tokens yeah its on the chilis blockchain right the the paris saint-germain team all right just little just thought id tell you all right so look lets see what the total mark cap is all right total market cap is 1.892 trillion dollars when i left yesterday were at 1.888 trillion dollars so weve gone up 0.004 trillion dollars lets see what the 24-hour volume is what down again all right total market volume is 87.5 billion dollars wow what a drop when i left yesterday were at 129.4 billion dollars so weve gone way down um whats that 42 billion dollars something like that right yeah 42 billion dollars all right crypto market youll figure it out soon enough all right bye lets get to the stories chain link oracles become available on ethereum scalar arbitrary one u.s denominated native price feeds are available now with support for new price pairs to follow so as you all know chain link is an oracle they give price feeds well and other data basically they take data off chain and they allow it they feed it into your smart contracts or your d-apps or whatever youre doing on the blockchain so you can get real world data on your blockchain all right or i guess on the app or the the smart contract or whatever on the blockchain right all right or whatever man just they bring the data so lets go all right let me get a sip all right oracles from chain link a provider of data feeds to smart contracts have been integrated into ethereum scaling solution arbitrary one chain links us dollar denominated price fees are available now with support for new price pairs to follow according to an announcement shared on coin with coindesk our patron says it is addressing a common request from smart contract developers who require high quality data from financial markets to power decentralized exchanges futures and options platforms and algorithm stable coins the chain-link feeds provide arbitral with high frequency price updates allowing assets to be valued on chain and in real time arbitram says developers will be able to receive the same data quality and reliability rather reliability as on the ethereum base layer but at lower cost and with more frequent updates arbitrage is arbitrary one is the networks beta main net all right so there you go bag another chain link to the rescue chaining to the rescue its training to the rescue oh my son youve got a blockchain no data on it and its such a pain youre looking daddy looking sad in blue dont worry son call chain link theyll come to the rescue look its chaining to the rescue so look look train link rescues another one thats why they get the song plus i like the song its perfect and uh so theyre gonna do do usd us dollar denominated feeds theyre going to do some price pairings as well and so you know just the usual changing stuff guys off chain date on chain price feeds all right lets move on polygon and ice-t labs collaborate to launch game fi all right lets see what this is about see what game fires about so the blockchain gaming space although still nascent is making waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space polygon formerly known as matic and ice-t labs recently showed interest in the blockchain gaming space in line with this both platforms have announced a strategic partnership the partnership is aimed at launching game fi a hub for game finance all right the blockchain gaming sphere all right the blockchain gaming space is one uh is one aspect of the blockchain in cryptosphere that has continued to attract global attention according to reports blockchain gaming companies raised an estimated 476 million from investors in the first half of 2021 alone the possibility of earning incentives via play to earn models has to a large stand extent also attracted the interest of blockchain gaming enthusiasts the resources time and proficiently proficiency employed in the development of blockchain games to a large extent surpasses those employed in traditional games polygon ice tea labs polygon and iced tea labs are currently setting the pace in the blockchain gaming sphere both platforms have pulled their resource pull poop pulled their resources together to launch game five game fi is a play to earn platform designed to function as a hub for game finance once launched game fight will provide users with access to a top notch gaming marketplace notably interested users will be able to trade gaming assets across platforms via the marketplace this in turn will further help to boost the blockchain gaming ecosystem once excuse me once game fire is launched gamers will enjoy better interoperability as they will have access to all their favorite games from a single platform theyll also be able to easily track their earnings and gaming and general gaming performance notably ice tea labs will also help establish the acceleration arm of game phi this arm is in charge of lending support to blockchain games game fi in the vietnamese gaming ecosystem so ice tea labs is also charged with recruiting top-notch gaming studios however for now the platform is focused on entering the vietnamese market speaking on the partnership thai trung founder of ict labs pointed out that the vietnamese market is one of the fastest growing and promising mobile first gaming markets in the world also adding that both polygon and ice tea is focused on dedicating more resources to the development and exposure of new games in the market so polygon on the other hand will serve holy how much polygon on the other hand will serve as a ready-made platform on which blockchain games can be built the decentralized blockchain platform will also provide supports for new and upcoming projects also providing them with grants technical and even marketing support together both platforms will provide all the essential needs to launch a blockchain based game so if you want to watch launch a blockchain based game go on over there you launch the game if people play the game theyre going to get paid to actually play the game it is important to note that ice tea labs have launched several other blockchain games some of them include faraland step hero and cabbie arena all right so look look polygon odlers so its a collaboration uh yeah oh theyre gonna build games on polygon and this thing ice t labs is gonna pay people to play them and so good all right good stuff good stuff lets move lets keep it moving bang chilean peso stable coin goes live on stellar network and so you know thats why i told you about stella right stellar network thats whats good about it is you can move whatever you want on the thing all right uh you can move bitcoins on it stable coins on it when cbdcs come out cbdc is on it anything digital any digital asset you know you can move around on that thing and so you know thats what makes it so versatile uh obviously if you can move anything right you dont have to use that xlm token thing in fact most of the things we read about stellar no ones even using the xlm theyre just using the blockchain right and then putting their own coins on the thing right basically like this yeah peso stable coin right theyre like yeah you keep your lumens were just gonna make a stable coin right and uh yeah thats what gives its versatility and thats why uh yeah it just makes it easier like uh anyone can move anything if im a bank and i want to give bang this stable coin to that bank over there all right i could just do it through stellar or if i want to give them bitcoins i could just do it right through stellar like it you dont have to change anything you dont have to do anything just send it go ahead go ahead send it all right pay the fee obviously or i mean stellars got to get their piece of the transaction but other than that go ahead send everyone anything you want is it digital all right ill send it have at it buddy and so thats whats cool about stellar all right so a new stable coin pegged to the value of the chilean peso is now live on the open source stellar payment network but is yet to prove popular with users im sorry i felt like a little bug was on my glasses or something chile based firm clpx inc launched what it describes the first ever chilean peso peg stablecoin dubbed the clpx token uh according to the public ledger on stellar expert since the launch on monday the stable coin has seen limited volume of just 12 holy only 12 thousand dollars from a total of 12 902 trades that sucks cpl x was designed to provide a cheaper alternative to traditional peso based remittances with the firm utilizing the stellar network as it incurs subs as it incurs oh substantially lower fees than wire transfers or remittance services the new clpx token is set to streamline remittances and make it easy for investors worldwide to use the copper-linked chilean peso as a hedge an announcement said clpx also has an eye on offering international exposure to chiles booming copper market which has been a critical driver of economic recovery amid the global pandemic the latin american nation is currently the worlds leading copper producer by a significant margin oh yeah thats right thats right i forgot about that yeah so thats why uh copper right now uh because of this uh corona thing is mega the copper market is flying um i dont remember exactly why but i mean uh like i dont remember the exact reason but um yeah its flying copper is flying right now even though most markets are sort of down yeah copper is through the roof i cant remember why what is what was it for right because people have to use copper in something but i just cant remember what it is or obviously id tell you yeah but check it out like just type in something in google that says like coronavirus copper market i bet itll tell you yeah its mega right now um so theyre the worlds leading copper producer by a significant margin with china being the main buyer of chiles red metals uh while the project has talked up its strong ambition it is unclear how well the stage is set for its pro for it to perform apart from the low volume clpx inc is owned by a relatively unknown firm named kb trading which is no listed partnership on its website or partnerships on its website so while theres been a growing trend in latin america and spanish-speaking countries working toward crypto adoption following el salvadors bitcoin law the regulatory landscape has been fairly quiet concerning chile thats been fairly quiet around the whole of south america ive complained about that already what are these guys doing down there anyways in late may chiles national electric coordinator announced the renova initiative which will use blockchain technology to track and record the renewable energy usage behind the nations copper production the central bank of chile has also researched the topic of blockchain and central bank digital currencies cbdc since 2018 as part of its strategic plan for 2018 to 222. so in 2019 mario marcel the governor of the central bank of chile published a research report that stated the central bank was looking at a chilean cbdc for wholesale adoption and cross-border payments but it also noted concerns over infrastructure costs sorry costs cyber security and anonymity at the time so bye all right so there you go a stable coin uh not a very successful one but its launched on the stellar network and uh well i mean the thing launched on monday so lets get real uh you know thats one lets get real about this it just launched on monday well its thursday night right now give it a chance right i mean im not gonna you only 12 grand worth of remittance so far thats pathetic i mean that makes the that makes the ripple stuff look big time but then again the ripple stuff has been around for over a year this just came out its launch was just on monday and so what i want to see is all right what does it look like a quarter from now you know three months from now you know is there is there up growth i mean you know is there a ticking growth uptick in growth or like is it really going to be 12 000 days because thats not even sustainable thats a bunch of thats a bunch of hooey bunch of hooey but look look its only beginning so lets see how it goes later down the road so look look stellar huddlers bye lets keep it moving but what we got over here where is everybody there they are betting them connecting the dots love everybody by the bar robbie hardaway dad got it robbie hardaway this guy right here trying to think on hes been around hes been around so long uh im trying to think of something cant think of any hes been around since since since since since the chinese communist party overthrew overthrew what was the name of the who was there for overthrew those guys and now took over the thing yeah robbie hardaway was that was there with mao mao zedong as the chinese as the chinese communist party was taking over china i think i think it was called from the kumen tang right from the kumen tang right and the kumen tang are those people that are over there in in taiwan right now right they escaped and they took over taiwan right yeah yeah he was over there yeah do you know the chinese communist party they were just chilling out robbie showed up hes like look look yeah talking to talking to mao zeitang i was like look look mal i think you could take this place china over mal was like look were a peaceful people and robbie hardwares like look man i think you can really do this check this out right you rolled him up a little sour diesel check this out mal smoke this let me talk to you right mal got to smoking robbie was like look i think you take this place over oh i think you could run you could run the cumin tang out of here and run this place right mao zedong was like right at first he was like no i dont think so after a couple hits of the diesel though you really think so robbie oh yeah i think you can mr chairman mr zaidong hit that again see if you dont think so mao zedong was like oh he took a big old hit hes like yeah you know what i think youre right robbie i think youre right look everybody gather the troops gather the soldiers were gonna take this place over rob was like theres the spirit buddy now let me hit that joint so that was the thats thats how we have the communist party of china today and thats the legacy robbie was chilling out with mao zedong mao zedong didnt have the spirit didnt have the heart robbie gave him a little sardisa wow and you know what happens whenever robbie gives someone some sour diesel history is made [Laughter] history is made and so look look thats why we have the second biggest economy in the world today in china yeah thanks to robbie hardaway and one little joint of sour diesel in fact they didnt even finish the joint it was only halfway through and mao zedong took off getting the troops ready and robbie just put it out you know im just putting his pocket like i smoked that later so bang you could thank robbie hardaway robbie hardaway lover of the team of the bomb thats how long hes been here gretchen begrudged the ball larry zebra the bar son of a look at him look at him look at him look look bong look back look look bong got you wrong girls run with me look look broncass oh yeah got you again brother look look love brother see you brother no save yall bye all right here we go oh yeah we got here whoop sonny b spy lady love you ladies see you later the assassin bye deep entertainment so brother look look hes the soul brother bye everybody brother bye andrew traded the enforcer telling you to hurdle but mr potato im afraid settle down the juice is worth the squeeze thats what hes telling him juice with the squeeze love everybody brother bye technically bullish love everybody see you brother bye all right what else we got here oh universal mister throw holding down the insurgency in central europe love bang oh yeah the insurgency all right beanie what are you talking about see my news what video cb news singapores dbs bank receives regulatory approval to provide digital payment token services as a payment institution from august 16th it will allow institutional investors in the country to use the crypto exchange to trade bitcoin oh bang bang look look all right we might have to talk about this later this week all right well thank you brother oh theres edwin edwin the original lover of the two brother bye give us an update in the private chat about that thing that happened there you know what im talking about all right thats good enough all right lets get back to bye welcome back to the death star all right back to the death star here we are all right so quick show quick things just a bunch of uh you know just crypto cryptocrypto today no onboardings no investment vehicles and stuff like i said were gonna be talking about a lot of funds in the next couple of days i have a lot of stories i just wanted to chill out on the fun talk though its getting a little redundant its like every day another fund another list there you know so i thought wed just lets just walk look at crypto whos making some money today so whos making some money bang chain link is making some money because theyve come to the rescue look its changing to the rescue for arbitrary arbitrary one so you know how chain link do you know how chain link b you know how chain-link get down theyre gonna pull off chain data put it on the chain this arbitrary one thing is gonna get to have some data and all the villagers of crypto land will be happy so another chain link onboarding and then polygon and ice t labs launch a game five thing oh launch a thing called game five and so basically youre gonna get paid to play video games um its gonna be on polygon so onboarding for polygon and so this iced tea lab thing is going to launch a bunch of games pay you to play them so uh great stuff so polygon holders and then finally the chilean peso or a chilean peso stable coin is live on stellar and so now it only came out on monday those remittances were pathetic but but it only came out on monday im sure people dont even know they can do that you know remit with this thing yet so uh give it you know you got to give it at least a few months just to see like is this thing growing or what right and so uh but the beauty is again on the stellar network as you guys know any digital asset you can move on the stellar network anything you want just pay the fee move what you want you want to move bitcoins on it have at it you want to move ethereum on it have at it you want to move chain link on it have at it you want to move stable coins on it how about it any digital asset you can move on if stellar and uh makes it super versatile uh and uh yeah just amazing and so uh well keep our eye on this julian stablecoin thing see how if this thing actually turns out to be anything and uh yeah well thats all that we can do right all right so on that note lets shill it and kill it but lets get you back to your wives and lives so subscribe below press the bell you get an automatic notification why do the show the greatest show on earth the greatest show in the multiverse hi my name is mark love talking money back i love talking crypto this is the favorite time of my day so thank you for having me in your home and ill see you tomorrow for another fun fact fact-filled day of crypto talk so until then subscribe here and press that bell so you get the greatness youre notified when the greatness arrives watch that video there crazy the multiverse and ill see you all tomorrow so look my name is smart clock always watching on money and look look most importantly i am always on duty bye yes see yall tomorrow over and out Chainlink Onboards Arbitrum One. 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