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Astar Price PredictionWhat Is Astar ASTR? - May 24, · Astar, a multichain smart contract platform, launched in January , but it has failed to gain traction among investors in recent weeks. Dropping 19.4% in the 14 days leading up to the 24 May, the native token ASTR has been swept up in the bearish sentiment currently pervading the crypto sector. Ethereum derivatives look bearish, but traders believe the ETH Ethereum derivatives look bearish, but traders believe the ETH bottom is in defunct following the collapse of Alameda chainlink transaction Chainlink on Pulsechain and Ethereum
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in the case of e-link and Link on pulsehain what is the relationship between the price of e-link link eapr and value of Inc I think youre referring to Inc is that the incentive token so with e-link and Link what is the relationship between the price so e-link is link on ethereum and Link on this yeah p-link I guess or link thats the way they call it um that is that is the copied over uh System state thats the copied over link on pulse chain the relationship between the price I mean so there there may or may not be a relationship a lot of people are saying parity I dont think theres going to be parity because theyre two totally different theyre not when theres parody like between like a bridge uh coin onto another Network you know like if you bridge over rap BTC theres parody because theres Arbitrage so if the price goes low enough you could just Bridge it back on the other side and sell it for the the market value you cant do that with you link in link you Link and Link are two totally different coins I would say you link on pulse chain is going to have a smaller value at least in the beginning because the community is on ethereum but that could change I mean that really depends on the gas fees um but uh that could change it may or may not change maybe one day link will be completely on pulse stand which would be awesome and in that case um I think that uh that I think that Paul schoenling could be worth more people are saying theyre going to pair them in liquidity pools so that could have the prices go um move up and down they can move in tandem like the same way Bitcoin and ethereum move in the same direction but you know this the percentage changes in price are different and theyre obviously not at parity so I think you could have that with e-link and peeling but uh okay ulink and Link LP is awarded 100 APR or a thousand percent APR and transaction fees plus incentive token reward you must assume there would be a variable demand for a link on post chain prc20 interesting youre saying because its more more of an incentive to to provide liquidity on uh posting but I mean if you provide liquidity that doesnt necessarily mean the price goes up um that just means it takes if theres more liquidity providing I guess the volatility is lower yeah there will be a variable demand for link on posting yeah of course yeah theyre not going to be a parody I think the idea that even e hex and P hex are going to be a parody I dont think thats true more APR is more demand for both the more AP the more APR the closer to parity more APR oh yeah because I guess the liquidity providers have to scoop it up so theyre gonna have to buy it yeah but I mean its going to be more demand but you think you think that theres an entire community of people that you know value link and they want to own link the same way that uh you know hexkins want to own hex I mean if that whole Community is on the other chain you think that the apy of the liquidity providers is is gonna is gonna exceed the demand of the community that buys it I dont think so maybe closer to parity I definitely definitely um definitely you know a link on pulse chain its gonna have a price its gonna have value is it going to be as valuable as link on ethereum in the short term I dont think so but well see In this video I discuss how chainlink on pulsechain will compare to chainlink on ethereum, what it will be worth on pulsex and if they will achieve parity.I am not a financial advisor. Nothing I say is financial advice. Please do your own research. The volatility and lack of regulation in cryptocurrencies, pose a tremendous risk to investors. Donations Eth, Hex, USDC and all Erc20s: 0x07Fc72823739DEc378f4d2Ad46493f42C5A2780F Full Stream: aw5Xt... My blog: Follow me on twitter: Email: For more info on HEX: Worlds largest free airdrop: On chain exchange for pulsechain: pulsex,pulsechain,chainlink,