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hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency news channel talk about chain link it is now even though it just flash crashed a little bit not too much not to worry its still 1755 so it only went down like one a dollar fifty cents and um its still like three times what it was a few months ago so but now its actually taking over the lead in developer activity as link will hit as linka hit all-time highs before it dropped so the way they measure this is by commits on github not a great way to measure it but also not too bad of a way the activity underlines link strong performance in 2020 its plethora of partnerships across various firms and receiving accolades from international bodies such as the world economic forum or the wef developer developers maintaining chain link knowfor known for its strong chain-link community and chain-link marines obviously who are trying to pump the price and frog centric memes never really heard about those have conducted the highest activity on protocols on the protocols code in the past year as per data on software hosting platform github its official chain link is king of crypto first place in terms of github developer commits over the last 12 months thats cool and all um i mean it doesnt really mean all that much except that the developers are active and it is a project thats being developed which is always very very good the projects github page shows 11 588 total commits changes add-ons made to their source code there are over 54 contributors while the computer language go makes up 50 of the code as per github data at press time there are 16 open issues developers are currently working on in two open projects so theres a lot going on its not a scam its not like an exit scheme theres a lot of going theres a lot of stuff going on in chain link its actively being developed and theyre trying to add new features i developer activity implies a project that is alive and well maintained compared to numerous dead coins and abandoned projects in the broader crypto market as per crypto tracking site dead coins over 1050 projects are now deceased a sign of no developer activity i dont think thats all always true because some people dont really do all their development on github or the uninitiated chain link a blockchain agnostic tool is a decentralized provider that fetches real-world data to smart contracts in the blockchain link is the digital asset token used to pay for services on the network so you have to actually have chain link to pay for services on the network like smart contracts this fills a massive gap in the broader community crypto industry in terms of interoperability and true decentralization blockchains by design can only store data not verify its authenticity accurate accuracy oracle services serve this need so it will bridge blockchain and non-blockchain which will be very very huge in the future so we know that link is very active its developing and the price is actually reflecting that um yes its pumped up too high and thats why i retrace but i still believe its a pretty good investment for the future chain link looks like it is the real deal so that is the news for today let me know if you think like subscribe and hit that bell notifications button thank you and have a nice day Chainlink now 1 in developer activity---------------------My other channels and subscribe! -- Food channel -- Fishing, Adventure, and Photography -- Crypto Update channel, 1 video per day summarizing all of the days important crypto events