chainlink bitvavoChainlink Must-Buy Before $17 Gets Hit! Heres Why!

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chainlink bitvavo proof of stake - What is Terminal... Chainlink Must-Buy Before $17 Gets Hit! Heres Why!
test welcome to new update just on the second day of Christmas in which we are going to be looking at an old coin as throughout this entire week were going to look at a few altcoins were going to be looking at the forecast for 2023 and were going to be looking back to what has been happening in 2022 and thats what were going to be doing in the next two weeks version so today well be looking at chain link as recently the amount of people that are actually interested into the dexes have been increasing significantly through which you can definitely argument that the question to get a text after what has been happening with FTX in the past period has been surrounded and has been getting fueled in order to have a proper tax going around you you need an oracle because then you get the data generated to get the trading going on a decks so thats why we are looking at chain link first before we are going to continue actually make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel also like this YouTube update if you do enjoy the content right now still without a camera as Im in Spain and the camera is not working properly but Ill be back relatively soon actually tomorrow with a fresh new update when it comes to the markets including the camera before you continue with watching this update make sure to check out our free trade letter on Friday we do altcoin setups on Monday and Wednesday we do trade setups but also macroeconomic updates uh we do this for free so check it in the description below also final week to get a 30 discount because from January 1st we are going to be launching copy trading or at least in January and we have also integrated Forex in the past period so make sure to check out um our premium membership we are going to release the ROI on a monthly basis on all the portfolios that we do and weve got limited Sports too so please take note when were looking at chain link I think we can conclude that weve got the Burj Khalifa pattern and Ive been saying previously already that chain link is into a bear Market since May 2021 I think the entire Market is into bear Market since it which means that we are into one for 18 months already and we are into a period where youre actually going to see accumulation taking place so when were looking at j-link we can conclude that before the big expansion took place in 2021 price has been consolidating here and we have been seeing this High here as well right so weve got this High taking place after that shorts got liquidated and the price of the chaining started to accelerate quite fast beautiful retest taking place a big expansion big expansion takes place correction all the way towards the start of this entire run relief rally bounce and then we start consolidating downwards in which we are currently acting into the Southwest period since May 2022 which brings back towards the level that weve got here in which we have not been testing this level since this took place here right so we are actually at the level of support that you clearly want to see in order to get all the levels tested which we have been doing in this case and ultimately most of those levels are getting tested before the market starts a new cycle now on the other hand we also have resistors which we have to look at so we have this bounce taking place here so we are watching a block around 32 dollars as a clear resistance area weve got another one taking place here at 25 and weve got a clear resistance taking place at 16 right so in order to have anything taking place we have to correct those and on a weekly time frame we cant clearly see one here yet in between so most likely if chaining is going to crack this resistance that we have here which is the area at 778 that is going to be the area after which we start to accelerate so crucial resistance before 16 for chain link right so in that case if were looking at the weekly time frame we can conclude that this is the accumulation period for chaining so accumulation is taking place here during this entire period you can also start looking at the moving averages versus moving averages which are the 50 and the 100 that you can clearly start spotting the fact of um those coming around again right now we can argument that were definitely into bear markets with this bounce up we can see that weve also been testing this removing average here and now were getting into the stage that during the coming period of q1 were getting the 50ma into a potential area where we start flipping it and get pace for a relief rally the one on it is still so far away the cross has been taking place but Ive been discussing it already once this Crossing or these crosses take place the move has already been taking place so in this case the cross took place at the bottom so the actual drop took place already most likely were going to see a cross taking place here in September 23 of chain link to the upside so the Golden Cross maybe a little bit later but then jaylink is already acting around this price area that we have You So based on the investment thesis we are looking at a case that we have been retesting the levels of 2020 and were just consolidating here based on the weekly time frame so arguments are that once we correct 778 we are going to find continuation to the upside so when were looking at the daily time frame we can spot a few more important levels weve got the accumulation area right weve also got the case that weve been taking here or we have been testing levels of support quite frequently right now chain link has acting onto a Im clicking on something wrong here right now chaining is also acting on a support level here which you clearly want to see sustain as one which is this area that is the support level that we have if we dont have that support level to clear stay in place Im going to look at a test around five dollars so then if we cant really have a support here we sweep it again Im looking at a case like this in which this is the trigger for a long entry in which you start continuing to the upside now on the lower time frame case we also have some on smaller levels to look at so for instance this is not the area we are looking at a case of 6.70 if that one breaks as well that is going to be the trigger for continuation so we are stuck in the middle but closely with surely were getting into a period where you want to start looking for the long still because if we are going to grind back up and take out the level around 680 we start to overshoot quite fast towards the range here and then this previous level of 7.70 become support and we can have continuation taking place on chain link Channel against Bitcoin pretty ugly chart uh it has been trending upwards Ill just be looking at the daily time frame here but you can see that weve got a beautiful test taking place here after which we started to shoot up so we can argument that this level is still untested right we also have a case in which we started consolidating here retest this level continue running and this level is also untested so Im looking at a potential scenario in which we have some upside towards 3910 and then have some more downside and Ill be looking at loans around this region all alongs around this region the case of the jelly dropping it down a bit on a Bitcoin pair might be due to the fact that Bitcoin is simply going to be pushing a little bit more and chaining has been pushing recently due to the staking being released so its a kind of tricky chart to look at the Bitcoin pair if you look at the ethereum pair we can also see that theres a sharp correction taking place as we got into resistance again there are a few levels you could be mentioning as potential supports Ill be releasing or removing this a bit Ill be looking at a case or finding support around 3 900 sets and Ill be looking at a support case around here if we cant breathe if we breach we need 49.50 those are the two regions where Ill be looking at for J League against ether but overall generic against UCT is into support we know that daily time frame support and when youre looking at the weekly time frame youll be looking at accumulation and youre looking at crucial resistance at 7.50 before we start running towards 17 bucks make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel Ill be back tomorrow with a fresh new update also dont forget to like this YouTube update make sure to check out the free trade letter have a wonderful day Welcome! 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