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whats up everyone welcome to crypto maximalist before we begin make sure to hit the like and subscribe and hit the real subscribe button which is the bell icon were posting four videos every day so make sure to check back every single day were aiming for 20k subscribers and get a deal in the description if you havent already this is not financial advice welcome to crypto maximalist lets begin whats up guys so just before we begin make sure to hit the subscribe and bell icon people arent seeing our content and thats probably because you havent hit the bell thank you again for all your support were so proud of the amazing community that weve built so were just taking a super quick look at chain link here today guys we are doing eight videos but theyre all gonna be very very short and sweet because we do have a very busy day ahead plan so were just gonna get right into it and basically just give you a quick synopsis of whats been going on and you can see here chain link its basically doing very well isnt it its actually holding support really bullishly you can see here weve got the bounce off the downside we come back down we re-test the 55 here twice we get the pump to the upside and then obviously we get that big correction for bitcoin which obviously sent the whole market down we come back down with re-test support here on the 55 moving average what is this four or five times in a row looking very bullish and then over the past few days weve actually been looking fairly good and were just having a bit of a bounce to the upside it basically looks as though we are just you know just grinding out right now basically forming somewhat of a range looking something like this arent we where basically we come up we come down we come down we double bottom um test the bottom of this range here this previous swing high acting in support now basically flipped into support looking very bullish you can see here we got the pump to the upside the big correction comes back down to the bottom of the range and then the 55 and the 20 have been helping us to pick up towards the top of the range again and i bet if we put our fib retracement tool on here youll see there are quite a few levels here being nicely respected and you can see its pretty much the case if we take a look at what the price actions been doing if i can actually you know drag this out so my god if we can actually drag this out so things are looking a bit easier for you you can see resistance flipped into support resistance clipped into support we come up all the way to the six one eight we get rejected we form our little range dont we we come all the way up we break the six one eight but we cant hold it at support so we roll back to the bottom of the range and then since then the zero five oh here been acting in support along with the 55 forcing us back to the upside and you can see here we come up again to retest that six one eight but we got rejected and now were just chopping it up in and around what seems to be you know essentially just in and around this between the zero five and the six one e here basically waiting to make a decision and we do think its looking very bullish so things basically looking really good for chain link i mean you can see over time things have been going exceptionally well and you know trainings just getting back on its horse really isnt it so short-term price predictions if we do roll over weve got the 55 here at the zero five 0. around 26 dollars of support and then the bottom of the range coming in at around 24.25 very strong support as well wed expect this to hold with a very low zero three eight support at around 2260 as well and then if we do start to break the 618 at 31 then obviously weve got a price target here of 36 dollars and then we can get back up through our fibonacci extension targets to the upside and then by the remainder of the ball run weve got the one two seven at seventy six dollars weve got the one for one at around ninety three dollars and then you know potentially weve got the 168 125 and the 227 out around 300 but you know considering that chain link for the past few years has respected this channel here were probably realistically looking at a price target more like 100 150 maybe 200 by the end of the ball run so thats it guys wed like to thank everyone so much for their support if youve got any questions or suggestions please leave them down below and dont forget to subscribe and then hit the real subscribe button which is the bell icon to stay up to date with the four videos that we post every single day remember if you want to support the channel more directly and get a ton of benefits and insight as well as joining our growing community consider the patreon or youtube membership down below you can also sign up to our free telegram via the description as well all the links are in the description for affiliate links for discounts and free crypto so go check them all out below theres plenty 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