atom vs chainlinkChainlink LINK you should be able to buy it for half price.

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atom vs chainlink What Is Tether? How Does... Chainlink LINK you should be able to buy it for half price.
hey guys forex capital here lets take a look and see what chain link is doing today so looking at the weekly chart uh just like before nothing has changed im still bearish uh lets see the rsi looks like its going lower definitely price action tells me too were below the 200 day moving average the whole 200 weekly moving average actually so yeah lets see lets just draw some flips here see if they tell us anything else uh so were gonna go from behind lets try this one we need fair extensions it seems like every chart right now needs fair extension so lets do those um right there by the way guys if you guys like the video hit that subscribe button dont forget to pulverize that like button because thats the only way youre going to help out the channel reach new people so and if you get anything useful in the channel send one friend to the channel that way they can make some shackles like youll make some shackles i mean if you follow the other ones you made some shackles and if you did not buy i save you from not losing some shackles so i think uh my stuff is somewhat useful so look at this so we are using the high of may 10 of 21 to the low of 19 july 19 of 21 to the high of november 8 of 21. we are holding for our lives on that 6.86 uh dollar mark so the 78.60 feb uh i dont think you know i think were just going for slower im continue to think that bitcoin bitcoin has not proved me wrong on that yet um i mean bitcoin does look like its making a bottom but yeah very mediocre bottom if you ask me and the other thing aside from the rate hike were definitely um on the rsi if you look at bitcoin the rsi on bitcoin you know we came up above the uh the 25 is it not a 30 mark which is now were not oversold so definitely we do have some room now to go lower so just keep that in mind and if that is the case you know this two dollars and 76 cents looks pretty tempting i guess i will just blast through this uh past that i dont think i dont think were gonna go that much lower unless bitcoin just goes off a cliff of course so we do have to keep that in mind that could happen um i think if we break you know the 20 000 level and then were in trouble uh not like a fake breakout but i mean if you break it hold the below the 20 000 or and youre gonna call me crazy but uh we could see you know ten thousand is it possible yes are we there yet are we there yet no so look at this were just holding that feb were below the 20 the 50 in the 200 day moving average and rsi is looking mediocre so were definitely im gonna have to say that were gonna have that push lower um definitely retest the low of five bucks like 13 but were more likely to 76. so just keep that in mind just be very careful if youre buying anything especially right now going into the weekend you know liquidity dries out in the stock market and i know this is not the stock market we traded every single second uh but you know you also have people that take the weekend off so just keep that in mind i dont want you guys to just get burned so for now im gonna stay on the side on chain link so if you guys like the video hit that subscribe button dont forget to pulverize that like button thanks guys Where is Chainlink LINK is going today 05/20/22Instagram Personal Forexcapital.caInstagram Easycryptopro Twitter Forexcapital3 btc bitcoin eth Ethereum xrp ripple usdt 1inch aave agld aergo aioz alcx ach algo amp forth ankr ape api3 arpa asm asm rep avax avt axs badger bal bnt band bond bat bico busd bch blz fida auction btrst ada ctsi cgld link chz cvc clv comp atom coti coval crpt ctx cro crv dai dash mana deso ddx yfii dia dnt doge enj mln eos eth etc ens ern fet fil fx gala gtc gods gfi glm gst gyen farm high zen idex rlc imx icp inv iotx jasmy keep krl knc lcx lqty ltc lpt loom lrc mkr mpl mask mdt mina mir mco2 musd alice nkn nu nmr rose omg orca oxt ogn trac orn upi pax perp pla plu dot pols matic poly nct powr gal pro qnt qsp quick rad rai rly rgt rari ren rndr req rbn fox shib shiping skl sol spell stx snt xlm gmt storj suku super sushi syn snx tbtc trb ust usdt xtz grt tribe tru uma unfi uni usdc vgx wbtc wcfg wluna xyo yfi zec coin coinbase youtube youtuber instagram like follow youtubers video subscribe explorepage youtubechannel facebook tiktok memes instagood k viral explore bhfyp BMW BMWM3 M3 Looser pathetic btc,bitcoin,eth,