chainlink drop todayChainlink LINK Will Explode in 2023 !!!

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chainlink drop today Ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade Could Bring $2.4B... Chainlink LINK Will Explode in 2023 !!!
hey everyone welcome back to the channel today were going to be taking a look at chain link and youll be going over the current consolidation Channel and where we might potentially be heading in the future if you guys like the content make sure to like this video subscribe to the channel leave a thumbs up and join us in the telegram group so there is no doubt that chain link is one of the most promising crypto projects out there what they are doing today has no competition in the space yet and they are pretty much the most renowned blockchain Oracle Network the largest by far and despite the Innovation and the staking which came to play at the end of last year it seems like the project is still struggling to amass new investors Im not the one claiming this and this issue is pretty obvious because in the past two years we have been doing nothing but trending lower correcting furthermore if link was bringing a lot of new investors and people were throwing money at the coin then you would at least have gone up in recent times that hasnt happened of course also chain link has followed a year-long horizontal consolidation range without breaking the structure since May of last year we have been pretty much testing the same levels we get rejected by air resistance like the 9.5 USD area or the 8 bucks level we go back to a lower support build up some momentum before pushing up again and this has happened back to back numerous times its actually quite rare to find a cone remaining in the same consolidation range for about a year I believe the breakout from this horizontal Channel Above This resistance will Mark the start of a glorious rally for this coin the 9.5 USD level is a strong high volume node and its quite the most important resistance we have right now the last three times we went there we ended up correcting quite brutally that first happened in January of last year and chain Links price dropped 45 afterward in a short period of time that happened again some months afterward and Link lost 34 of its value as it went from this resistance back to 6.2 bucks this story wasnt much different at the end of last year as we saw the same thing play out this might give the impression that we will never be able to break above this area but remember the more we test a resistance the higher the odds of breaking above it are also another important aspect we are talking about is the structure we are in and the horizontal consolidation ranges are more likely to end up reversing and so since link has been going down for the past year and a half the odds are in favor of a breakout towards the upside look macro I think its obvious as the daylight this is the lifetime accumulation area for link and I do also believe that at some point in this year we will end up trending Above This resistant resulting in impressive rally however that remains slightly unlikely in the near future why am I saying all of this well if you open up the Phoenix ascending indicator on The Daily time frame we can see that the gray shaped energy is about to close which is usually a very important sign that we are about to top Im not claiming that this is the top for this year or something like that all Im saying is that typically the moment the energy closes and it opens up below 50 below this meteor line that means that the price has most likely topped for some time it could mean that we topped for the week or it could also mean that the low that I mean this is the local top 40 month and that has happened numerous times in the past back in here when the energy closed for example and it flipped below the mid yellow line the price stopped and it and we dropped massively afterwards going back in time to the end of last year and we can see something quite similar in play as soon as the energy closed and opened to the downside link topped and it started crumbling down now there are a few times when this doesnt play out back in here for example although the energy closed link didnt drop however realized that it didnt go up either and it just kept going sideways for a couple of weeks and so if this was too close in the next two to three days we would expect link to either drop in the short term start correcting for some time or start moving sideways before going back on track again this is just short term okay macro as I said I still believe that this is one of the best areas to accumulate at breaking Above This is inevitable this year in my opinion and I think the moment we manage to flip this resistance link will rally massively but short-term discussions are completely different I always emphasize how important time is and I said in the past that time is the most important factor out there that we tend to neglect and so we will see if these two ideas will come to play in the future so again just to be clear macro Im actually bullish on link I think in a couple of years you will be looking back at this area as the accumulation level of a lifetime short term I think were about to get shaken down for some time and well see if this plays out thanks everyone for sticking by till the end I hope you liked the video if you did join the telegram Channel subscribe of course like this video perhaps share it and Ill see you on another one bye bye Signup, trade and Win $1000 on MEXC ➔ Patreon ➔ Telegram ➔ Email ➔ Twitter ➔ Get a $50 Discount on your Hardware wallet ➔ link chainlink crypto bitcoin ethereum ethereum,chainlink,crypto,