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chainlink labs ipo Cardano Price Prediction 2040 2050: How High Can It Go?... Chainlink LINK Will Break Records! Latest BIG News! Price Analysis! Partnerships! & More!
so hello everyone on crypto nodes in todays video were going to be taking a look at the latest big news to do with train link were also going to be taking a look at price analysis as well as a few other big things so if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more and i want to know down below are you planning on selling any of your cryptocurrency before the end of 2021 it would also really mean a lot to me if we get this video over 150 likes you guys have been absolutely incredible recently but lets keep it up with that lets jump straight into the video so well start off by taking a look at the market as a whole overall over the past 48 hours the market did take a dip but during this presidential election the market is still looking very strong bitcoin up to fourteen thousand two hundred and four dollars aetherium up to 406 dollars xrp 23 cents chaining 10.53 cents polka dot four dollars and eight cents and cardano at nine point five cents but in todays video we are going to be talking about chaining so lets jump straight into its price chain link is currently down 8.5 percent over the last seven days but over the last 30 days it is up 9.5 percent if i show you its chart on the 24 hour as you can see here quite a lot of the market did take a downward direction chaining went to levels of 9.8 but has very very quickly recovered ever since as you can see here on the seven day building up to the presidential election the market was heading in a downward direction but because of the result maybe it could be heading back upwards if i show you on the 12 month chaining again is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies out there in the market it has had an incredible year and it cannot go unnoticed now this is the first article i want to show you today to do with chain link and this article says zen link exchange will integrate chaining oracles on polka dot chaining oracles will be used on polka dot based platform to provide market information in d5 applications xenlink selected chain link oracles because of four features decentralization security transparency and quality the decentralized exchange based on polka dot zenlink has announced the integration of chainings oracle service this way financial applications built on zen link will have access to up-to-date prices obtained safely with chaining oracles zenning will implement the data obtained with chain link in loan applications automated strategies and other decentralized finance products built on its platform in addition chaining oracles will play a key role in the functionality of zenlinks native protocol and zlk token will the ethereum competitor get a head start like uni swap in ethereum zenlink is a decentralized exchange protocol unlike the first one zen link operates as a power chain that allows users to exchange any asset according to the publication the integration of training oracles will increase the decentralization of zen link and the reliability of its products the integration with training is based on four features and guarantees offered by its oracles firstly chainlink offers high quality information with wide market coverage in different sectors and trading environments the information provided does not have a single point of failure in its connection with the smart contracts created on polka dot zenlink will play a critical role in allowing users and developers to swap assets across powerchain securely chainings high quality data and reliable oracle infrastructure will enable users to trust the data feeds used to trigger d5 products built on zenlink this enhances our ability to scale and secure even more value across a wider variety of assets so overall some more big news for changing it does look like a lot of the biggest names out there even cryptocurrencies as well as businesses are using chaining as their main provider which is very very big chaining have earned a lot of respect from a lot of cryptocurrencies over time and as you can see here by the amount of cryptocurrencies and businesses here they are forever growing and continuing to earn trust from everyone across the world this is the next article i want to show you and it says how to connect a tesla vehicle api to a smart contract via chaining external adapter as the chaining virtual hack funds grand prize winners smart contract developers harry and matt durkin used a chaining external adapter to connect a tesla vehicle api to a chain oracle for a peer-to-peer vehicle rental app their tesla smart contract is a great example of how chaining can be used to connect off-chain apis to smart contracts and enable completely new business models the tesla external adapter we created an external adapter to connect chaining nodes to certain endpoints of the tesla api to facilitate a peer-to-peer vehicle rental agreement between a vehicle owner and the renter this external adapter has now been listed on the chainlink market and is now available for other developers to use modify or extend once youve downloaded the code from github for the external adapter and followed the instructions to get it running you can add your external adapter to your chaining node and then create a job specification that uses it this example job specification looks for an incoming request from a certain oracle contract address passes the request to the external adapter then returns the result to the smart contract and ill show you this down here now personally i think this is big because it shows that chaining is beneficial to almost all companies out there which is absolutely huge it shows that it can make things a lot safer and a lot easier which is what we need during a current pandemic time like this this is the next article i want to show you before we take a look at a quick little price analysis and it says digital bridge using chaining to launch a 2fa oracle for smart contracts digital bridge is excited to announce that weve built a two-factor authentication oracle for smart contracts using chainlinks market leading oracle technology initially set to launch on the matic network projects will be able to use the digital bridge chaining oracle to integrate 2fa security into the smart contract layer of their applications further extending the security guarantees they obtained through chain link we built digital bridge on top of the chain link network because its the most secure reliable and flexible oracle solution in the market its external adapter framework provided the model we require to connect with off chain 2fa apis and eventually service a multitude of blockchains beyond matic additionally its a provably secure and time-tested oracle network that is widely adopted throughout the default industry and beyond currently securing over 4 billion in user funds for numerous small and large d5 projects so overall some more big news for training i want to know down below do you think training will be over 30 dollars by january 2021 were now going to take a look at quick little price analysis to do a chain link and this one says the fibonacci retracement tool for the move from 7.30 to 12.97 last month was used to acquire some important levels to watch training was moving within a descending channel over the past few days it broke out to the upside with a target of 12.60 but the level at 11.60 was too strong to overcome link also showed bearish divergence between price and momentum link was pushed back within the channel and at the time of writing had bounced off support at 10 and 14 cents and retested ten dollars and forty two cents as resistance the rsi was in oversold territory so link could bounce a bit higher however the momentum is clearly being bearish for link a close below ten dollars and fourteen cents could see it go to nine dollars and forty seven cents and if we take a look at changing its current price as you can see here on the chart it did bounce down to nine dollars and eighty cents but it has since then bounced back up to ten dollars and fifty five cents which is extremely positive over the past seven days because of the election the market has been headed in a downward direction i personally think with the uk going into lockdown as well as the american government planning on printing more money i generally think we might see a repeat of what happened in march and in march time this is exactly what happened if i show you here as you can see a lot of the market lost its value purely because of the pandemic and the lockdown and the amount of money that was getting printed but then the market recovered better than ever which is exactly what you want to see i generally think we are going to see some form of a repeat of this but when the market does go down this time and when it does recover thats when i think things will start to get real and we will have to strap seat belts in because its going to be a wild ride now this is the last call i want to show you in todays video and it says dipper network to integrate chaining as its recommended oracle solution to support the next generation of high scalability open finance protocols we are glad to announce that the dipper network will natively integrate chainlink the market-leading decentralized oracle network as our recommended blockchain oracle solution chaining will provide price feeds to our decentralized exchange dip swap our symphonic assets protocol dip syn and other various financial products being built on the dipper network why blockchains need oracles blockchains are state machines that change state when submitted transactions are validated by the centralized network of independent blockchain nodes in order to achieve deterministic execution the blockchains consensus mechanism relies solely on data stored inside the blockchain and the node shared context of the signed transaction the result is a highly deterministic computing environment but one that cannot actively obtain external data the lack of external data limits the application scope of smart contracts hence why most institutional use cases were around token creation so overall it has been an incredibly big year for chain inc with still so much more to come we still have staking to look forward to which i personally think is going to be absolutely massive for chaining so we have got a lot more things to look forward to and the fact it has done this much growth in such a short period of time and showed levels of stability is very very key and it doesnt look like it is going anywhere anytime soon i am personally incredibly bullish on training going into 2021 and the rest of the future but i want to know your thoughts down below now ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely everything ive got for you in todays video if you have enjoyed anything ive brought you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more as it does really help my channel grow lets try smash 150 likes for this video and dont forget to leave a comment down below about your thoughts on training all your personal favorite cryptocurrencies going into 2021 ive been crypto nobes thank you for watching ladies and gentlemen hopefully ill see you in my next video peace In this video I go through a few big articles involving Chainlink! how Big things are coming, Multiple partnerships, So far chainlink has be the hottest crypto in the market will it continue? We look at my reasons as to why I think they could be massive, we also look at a BIG articles involving LINK new PARTNERSHIPS! as theyre price is having a correction! LINK smashing all time high AGAIN to over $19.85 We also take a look at the biggest news for LINK As this could lead to prices we dream of if all goes to plan! we also look LINK latest news and a few price predictions too! The next few steps could lead to this next big bull run & Crypto technology as the future! We look at the Chainlink price chart using analysis, latest BIG news. LINK chart. what can we expect in the future. price look and is it too late to buy? 0:00 - Intro Market Recap Overview 1:35 - Zenlink exchange will integrate Chainlink oracles on Polkadot 3:46 - Connect a Tesla Vehicle API to a Smart Contract Via a Chainlink 5:19 - Digital Bridge Using Chainlink to Launch a 2FA Oracle 6:29 - Chainlink LINK Price Analysis 8:17 - Dipper Network to Integrate Chainlink as its Recommended Oracle Solution & Final thoughts This is my opinion. And things can change. But hopefully you learn a little here. Subscribe, like and share the video for more! Leave your thoughts down below! I am a big fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you information you didnt know about! I am very bullish on crypto and I want to help as many people as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich! Chainlink LINK Cryptocurrency Top3 Best Use: STONE15 for 15% OFF there entire purchase. 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