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chainlink price prediction long term Ethereum vs Enterprise Ethereum I SettleMint Quorum is... CHAINLINK - LINK TOKEN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND PRICE PREDICTION
hey whats going on Welcome Back to the channel in this video were going to be taking a look at chain link I do want to say that Im not a financial advisor you should do your own research before investing money into crypto and if you havent seen the previous update make sure to watch that before watching this one its going to be linked in the top right hand corner of the screen now lets jump straight into the TA so right now we are on the daily chart and let me just zoom out to show you uh whats my setup here so weve got two Fibonacci retracements obviously the one here in the bottom right corner and the large one here so the large one is set up with the swing high in May of 2021. over there and weve got our swing low in May of 2022 which is where we bottomed for chain link at five dollars and 30 cents we then Revisited that area in June and since then weve been in an uptrend right we did see this retracement down in November and now were sort of trying to break out once again so this is the daily chart as you can see we are coming back into the channel up pattern which is the yellow channel here uh we lost it in November and now were coming back into it were getting the bullish cross which is a good sign but then again in a bear Market that really doesnt mean anything so for now if we see any sort of a move to the upside before we get the inflation data in December which I think is going to be December 13th or 10th Im not sure and then were gonna get the interest rate hike which I think its no secret that theyre gonna be increasing by another 75 basis points I dont think theyre going to be uh doing a 50 basis points increase but you know thats a whole different debate and uh yeah at the end of the day it really doesnt matter because when you know where crypto is going in the in the long term then you dont really need to worry about uh the interest rate hikes because when they pivot uh and they will were gonna see them start were going to see them print a lot of money once again just like they always do and that will start driving the prices up so thats thats what were waiting for and these interest rate hikes are great opportunities to buy into the markets because every time we see that the investors get scared and they start selling their crypto which ends up with situations like these right where we see moves to the downside or this was actually the FTX dump but for example here in August that was uh you do see these dumps after the interest rate hikes but every single time uh the crypto markets are getting less sensitive about this so every single time the markets care less and less about that stuff and thats a good thing right not to say that were completely decoupled from the S P 500 so when the FED in does pivot the S P 500 will likely see a 20 dip and that will obviously drag the crypto markets as well I dont know how deep that is going to be and I dont know where the crypto markets is where the crypto Market is going to be at that point maybe were going to be sitting at a thirty thousand dollar Bitcoin and we drop back down to twenty thousand right you dont know uh whats gonna happen so you have to be ready for both outcomes as I usually say and whats happening over here is I did have this I did have this Elliott wave theory right I did have this um and we printed Wave 4 high and now we seemingly printed the way five high but it is lower than the wave three so for now this is invalid so Im going to remove that because I was expecting potentially a move to the downside and we could have lost our June low because a lot of projects have started losing their 2022 June and may Lowes and chain link didnt do that really chain link has been in this sideways channel for quite a while as you can see in this area and were just going sideways and at some point youre gonna have to see a breakout right this 0.236 Fibonacci retracement level at 9.15 weve hit that multiple times in June in August in November and the fourth time that we come up to that level we might just see a Breakout so you have to be ready for that so if youre holding chain link for the long term and youre trying to swing trade I would be careful selling around these levels and I would be careful swing trading in general uh when we are very near the bear Market Bottom now like I said we dont know whats going to happen next if we see Bitcoin drop to ten thousand dollars obviously chain link is gonna crash with all the other altcoins in the market and we might see even new loads for chain links so you could potentially Target the upward trend line of the blue Channel down pattern that we were in for quite a while as you can see we broke out of it here and we potentially were coming back down for a back test of support thats what I was expecting but we havent seen that yet doesnt mean it wont come doesnt mean it will come but if it does well youre prepared for that if you see that on your chart and you see the price chilling on this level youre gonna know that thats a good buying opportunity because first of all we bounced off of that level here in September and weve held that level as a resistance since multiple times previously so keep that in mind overall chain link is very cheap at the moment I would be dollar class averaging as much as I possibly could at these prices below six dollars is is this is a great area to dollar cost average into chain link because you know if you know that staking is coming and you know how important chain link is for the crypto ecosystem then its a no-brainer really and we obviously have the second Fibonacci retracement here we went all the way down to the 1.272 level and the swing high was set in November and the swing low we had in October so we printed the high and we went down we lost the swing low so potentially I said that we could end up at the 1.618 at roughly five dollars that did not happen however we did meet our minimal Target which is the 1.272 at 5.67 we had two Wicks below that and weve recovered since and if you bought in at that level youre now up 35 roughly so that was a good trade and were breaking above the golden ratio which is also good so if you manage to do that I would say we are uh were seeing a good chance of us retracing all the way back up to the local high here in November so thats something to keep in mind uh lets take a look at the dailyr sign whats going on over here so as you can see we did have a bounce here off of the white trend line uh November 20th so that was a good buying opportunity thats where we bottomed out here as you can see November 20th at 5.65 so the RSI was a good confirmation for that because every time we have been uh near this white trend line weve seen a push to the upside back in May back in August and same goes for November twice actually or three top three bounces in November which is which is great and then you have the yellow support trend line below which we have retested in August and in May twice right and we havent been below that since and we havent retested that since so if we see a capitulation the yellow trend line on the RSI on The Daily RSI thats going to be a strong level for us to hold then you have two resistance trend lines above the white trend line here that weve had that we have retested one two three and a fake out here in August and the yellow trend line here thats not really a major uh trend line anymore because were sort of having a lot of fake how its above it so if you traded in September it was still valid but for now Im gonna remove that because we dont really need that many trend lines in the same vicinity so I would take a look at the yellow trend line here and the white resistance trend line those are important and thats regarding the daily chart uh potentially if we see any sort of pumps uh and the daily RSI goes above the index of 70 and were going to be chilling in this area like this then thats a great area to take some profits just like we saw back in August 2020 right and as you can see on the daily chart we havent really done that um many times during the previous bull market so yeah chain link underperformed the last bull market in my opinion so hopefully were gonna see a chain link go to Triple digits in 2024 and I do want to switch over to the binance website so taking a look at the weekly a bit of a different setup here obviously and uh Weve weve got our support block from six dollars 22 cents to 5.34 and a half cents weve dipped into that box in November that was a great buying opportunity Ive had this way before we uh went into November because weve dipped into that area once in July once in June once in May and right now were running into the 20 EMA as resistance so if you are a probability guy and you dont really care for chain link and youve entered just for a speculation trade then taking profits at the 20ma on the weekly is actually pretty smart because the last time we ran into the 20 was in October we got rejected back down in September we got rejected back down in August we got rejected back down so there is a good probability that were going to get rejected back down once again especially if chain link goes sideways here and does really nothing until we get the inflation data and the interest rates data or the interest rates hike from the Fed its a good theres a good possibility that were going to see a move back down here to the support block if not you could switch over to the daily chart and this red trend line at 9.25 is something that we have retested multiple times uh once again June August and November so that could be a nice area for you to take some profits from where we are right now thats another 24 move to the upside so great great exit there and you have the 55 weekly EMA sitting at around about 11.40 which is a major support level that we back tested in February this year and in December of 2020 so we havent retested that level as resistance after we lost it after we lost it in May so potentially thats whats going to happen here were going to break out back test that as resistance and then come back down to test a previous key support level so be on the lookout for that overall uh chain link is is a great uh accumula is a great project for accumulation at the moment unlike for example polygon Matic and Cosmos because I have those and Im not buying those at these prices if we see a dip Im going to buy into Cosmos and polygon but for now chain link is way cheaper in terms of the price action because uh Cosmos in comparison to chain link is sitting somewhere here so this is where chain link would be if we saw its move just like Cosmos and polygon did but obviously thats not the case so chain link has the advantage here so youre better off buying chain link for long term instead of those however if you dont have those and you really want to buy into them then yeah obviously youre going to need to be buying at higher prices unless they go down which you can never be sure of and jumping into the weekly RSI multiple resistance levels for you um 47 and a half oh I apologize about that a 47 and a half is one of the major resistance levels for us right now because weve reached that in March 2022 almost retraced there at the end of October and right now were just about to get rejected from that in November December so lets see what what happens here if we start breaking out we see a major relief rally we could even push through to 53 on the index on the RSI so keep that in mind uh thats pretty much everything I wanted to talk about for chain link as you can see were getting starting to get good volume here for the past couple of weeks obviously we want to be seeing something like this just like we did in June for those major pumps to occur the stochastic weekly is starting to move to the upside so this is a good sign in my opinion this is really good because weve been in this oversold ever since January 2022 and right now were starting to move to the upside and the last time we had a similar Stitch situation was back in January of 2020 where we dipped into the oversold however we didnt stay there for a very long period of time like we did over here so this is a good thing and like I said Im be careful swing trading because the price can pump like crazy and thats pretty much it thank you all for watching if I missed out anything important on the charts please let me know Down Below in the comment section feel free to follow me on Twitter feel free to check out my patreon and Im gonna see you in the next one goodbye and good night Thank you for watching the video! 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