Transactions not being broadcast to nodes in a timely mannerLong Feb 9, 2023 Often the whole wallet balance will go into unconfirmed stateand wait for 3 confirms from the chain even though the coin is being sent to How To Buy Bitcoin BTC - Forbes Advisor Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which operates without the oversight of banks and governments. It holds the distinction of being the first-ever cryptocurrency, launched in 2009. how do i buy chainlink CHAINLINK - LINK TOKEN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND PRICE PREDICTION
how do i buy chainlink Discover More in Cryptocurrency on... CHAINLINK - LINK TOKEN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND PRICE PREDICTION
hey whats going on Welcome Back to the channel in this video were going to be taking a look at chain link I do want to say that Im not a financial advisor you should do your own research before investing money into crypto if you havent seen the previous update make sure to watch that before watching this one its going to be linked in the top right hand corner of the screen now lets jump straight into the TA taking a look at the daily chart obviously we still have the exact same Fibonacci retracement its set up from the swing high in May 2021 all the way down to the swing low here in July of 2022 so from the low to the high we have the 1.618 target at 210 dollars so hopefully thats the price that were going to be looking at at the by the end of the next bull market that is what Im targeting just to be a bit more conservative we do have two more targets before that so this is where you can start dollar cost averaging out of chain link so 97 and 133 dollars is approximately where you can start taking some profits because based on the FIB that is the 1.414 at 133 dollars and the 1.272 Fib at 97 but obviously the major Target would be the 1.618 so we definitely have this FIB on your charts but I do have to advise you that in case we do lose this load that we printed back in May or June 2022 if we do lose that the FIB is going to get changed up so right now were assuming that this is our bear Market low but there is a very high chance to be well not a very high chance but there is a chance that we might lose that low and thats what you know what we have to wait and see if thats going to happen because altcoins are pulling back Bitcoin is pulling back if Bitcoin decides to drop back to twenty thousand dollars we could definitely see chain link drop below five dollars and fifty cents now in that case we can start targeting some of the targets here or some of the levels that we have been talking about for months for example this previous resistance at five dollars weve retested it back in February of 2020 we had another back test in June of 2020 then we broke above in July and since then weve never really retested that level as support and right now were coming down to do exactly that obviously if we actually lose that load that we printed in June of 2022 so make sure to have some buy limit orders set up below this over here theres going to be a lot of buying pressure I can imagine because look at these Wicks here right the next time you came down you just filled those Wicks but if were gonna see a pullback below the previous low were definitely going to have a lot of people piling into chain link at those prices and Im definitely going to be one of those people as well now taking a look at the daily RSI lets see whats happening over here so you can potentially look for a bounce off of the pink trend line at the RSI of 38 weve seen that once in November 2022 maybe its going to happen again obviously as you can see the trend line was ignored here in March of 2023 so definitely have this on your chart if youre looking to buy in into chain link right now youre very close to that so I would say this is a good dollar cost averaging spot obviously most old coins are in a good buying spot but chain link especially because well talk about why in a in a at the end of the video in a minute here but you can also Target the yellow support trend line here at 31.8 now every time you saw a bounce or a move down to that trend line or even below it you saw a move to the upside so that is also a good spot for us to hold or a good level for us to hold as you can see we had a bounce all the way back in May 2022 May so May June 1022 August 2022 and we had a little fake out here in December 2022 and every single time you had a he had a move down to that trend line you saw a move to the upside almost into the overbought every time so we had um you know Bounce from there moved to the upside a bounce from there moved to the upside a bounce from there another move to the upside so that is a good training uh a good swing trading strategy you could say but Im holding chain link for the for the long term so Im not swing trading or anything like that at the moment we did have one swing trade with Orion protocol I covered that on my patreon obviously so all of my swing trades all of my buy alerts everything is going to be on patreon including exclusive weekly podcasts we just had crypto Arch over there talking about three low-cab gems that are potentially gonna do uh quite well in the next bull market so definitely check out the patreon theres going to be a seven day free trial for anyone looking to um to sign up now lets actually switch over to the weekly chart taking a look at the weekly chart as you can see we are uh in this accumulation phase and weve been in this phase for a very long time for a year now even more than a year and this is a good sign this is a good sign this is giving you a lot of time to buy into the project to average in but this is very good because were simply creating a very strong foundation so this is going to be very strong support level for us and at some point were gonna have to break out were gonna have to break out um we could break to the downside obviously if we see Bitcoin capitulate if we see some sort of a flash crash if there is another pandemic or something you know we could definitely see a pullback below this price here at 5.69 which was uh printed all the way back here in December of 2022 if you exclude these Wicks that we had back um during summer 2022 so definitely if youre looking to build a strong position this is where you want to start doing that because uh you know whether youre buying in at 5.70 7.60 or eight dollars and seventy cents when youre selling at 150 200 in the next bull market it really wont matter that much in fact Youll wish that youve bought you would have bought more chain link even at ten dollars just to sell that at two hundred dollars so uh you know just uh have a different mindset about this Im not saying that you know my ways the perfect way or or anything like that but its just that once the price starts moving up thats when a lot of people are going to start buying into chain link just because it started moving up but you want to be ahead of the herd so you want to be buying in once its pulling back down and once its boring because this is very boring guys this is a sideways channel for a year can you imagine that theres theres uh you know there was a few opportunities where we had nice swing trades with chain link on patreon as well so we did have quite a few swing trades here but overall this is a sideways Channel and hopefully were gonna see a break to the upside by September and August and were gonna see one of these uh previous resistance levels retested so lets take a look at those levels and see what we can Target so obviously we do have a resistance level over here so that is sitting at 17.42 that is a level we could retest by September August from where we are right now that is 170 percent to the upside definitely doable in my opinion we also have a support level down here this is a a level that we bounced off of in February of 2022 so Im gonna add the price tags there just so you can see the levels for yourself and yeah its its definitely possible for us to retest those levels I would be more conservative and I would say that were definitely not going to be seeing thirty dollars per token this year but 2024 Im hoping by June 2024 were gonna start climbing up to that previous all-time high and by 2025 were going to be soaring and printing new all-time high prices that is the bullish outcome obviously but there will be a bull market right there will be a bull market it the question is you know how high can chain link go so we dont know how high but we can only presume based on the Technology based on demand based on Partnerships and based on the Fib retracement from a technical standpoint so like I told you before 97 is going to be your minimal Target that youre going to be looking at so 17.5 13.3 are your summer targets so to speak if we go higher than that thats great perfect but well be looking at more swing trades down the road in Q3 because Im expecting a bull trap during that uh during that time period so were going to see this pump to the upside everyones going to expect the bull market to continue but there will be another correction because theres always a correction after a local high thats printed in September or August and that is exactly where we are going to be swing trading hopefully a lot of the assets are going to get very overbought so well have some good swing trades uh you know ready for us to go and well take some profits and buy back in you know with 20 or 15 pullback well see how it goes but all of that as always is going to be on my patreon thank you all for watching this video if I missed out anything important on the charts please let me know Down Below in the comment section and Im gonna see you in the next update take care and goodbye Thank you for watching the video! 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