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good price to buy chainlink APT Kurs Prognose: Ist der... CHAINLINK - LINK TOKEN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND PRICE PREDICTION
hey whats going on Welcome Back to the channel in this video were going to be taking a look at chain link I do want to say that Im not a financial advisor you should do your own research before investing money into crypto if you havent seen the previous update make sure to watch that before watching this one its going to be linked in the top right hand corner of the screen now lets jump straight into the TA so taking a look at the daily chart as you can see we do have a Fibonacci retracement here set up from the swing high that we created November 8th and with the swing low October 13th and as you can see we have reached all the way down to the 1.272 Fibonacci retracement at 5.67 in November then we had a brief move to the upside we ran into the 0.5 at 7.76 and then were having another move to the downside now the immediate support down below is the first Fibonacci level at 6.33 and a half cents so that is going to be your buy Zone here the green line now if we start breaking below that your next Zone obviously is the 1.272 but in my honest opinion anything below six dollars is a fire sale for chain link now the technical Target of this Fibonacci retracement is obviously the 1.618 because that is the retracement level that the price usually reaches after it prints um rather after it breaks this low so we print the low we print the high and then once we break that low on the way down usually our Target is the 1.618 and this is sitting at 4.90 and that could be met in case we see more fud thrown into the markets in case Bitcoin starts dropping back down to twelve thousand dollars maybe even ten thousand dollars who knows everything is possible in the crypto markets you shouldnt really disregard anything you should be ready for both outcomes thats what I try to teach on this channel and the next support that I would be looking for is this blue trend line of the channel down pattern now as you can see we broke above here we broke above the channel and then we came back down into it with a second breakout being successful we had the back test of support and then we had the move to the upside now another back test of support could be potential it could be potentially on the horizon here and we could start dropping all the way down re-testing that blue uh Channels uh trend line or the top trend line of the channel and having a move to the upside from there however that is going to be bearish in my opinion because were going to be losing this load that we printed in May in June and were going to be printing a lower low which is essentially the continuation of a downtrend and we dont want to see a downtrend obviously we want our tokens to appreciate but as you can see chain link overall has been uh you know pulling back down to uh below the lows that we printed in December of 2020 and we are even below the levels of September of 2020 so our major support trend line here as you can see Falls um you know right on the 1.618 Fibonacci that we just discussed and these two highs show that precisely because we have a high that we printed in in July and August of 2019 actually is that is that June yeah thats June and then we have our next Double top high here in February of 2020 then we have the uh jabronavirus collapse in March of 2020. and then we have the Breakthrough in June of 2020 and we havent seen the back test of support of this level at 5 at 4.90 so potentially that is whats going to be happening here and I would uh I would be buying you know chain link at four dollars and ninety cents obviously so you can just set up buy limit orders throughout this area here and uh when we see the wick to the downside when we see the capitulation your orders are going to get executed and within seven days usually the markets start recovering pretty quickly so thats something to keep an eye on uh now moving back to our large Fibonacci that we have on the on the chart uh actually let me get rid of that so the the Fibonacci that we have here is based off of this low that we printed in May okay and if we go below that then that Fibonacci is invalid and we are very close to that so I would I would ignore that for now lets bring up a Fibonacci from the high of 2020 in November and um actually not November and that was the May high and were going to take a look at the low that we printed all the way back in December of 2020. now this gives us the 1.618 level down at two dollars and fifty cents now let me show you that the Fibonacci retracement here as you can see is set up with the FIB levels based on log scale Im gonna make the background a bit more transparent and you can mess around with the colors obviously if thats what you want to do and thats how I have the Fibonacci set up so we have the swing high in May and we have the December 2020 swing low also what I have on the Fibonacci retracement is that the levels are in Reverse as you can see if I just move move the Fibonacci to the left here or the settings menu as you can see the the retracement is set up in Reverse right if you dont have it in reverse then you would be setting it up from the low to the high I like doing it from the high to the low thats why I have it in reverse really simple so you have your Fibonacci and let me get rid of these levels and the smaller Fibonacci just so its a bit easier to see as you can see we have our 1.272 Fibonacci retracement level at 4.83 that is a major level that we should be holding below that we have the 1.414 at 3.68 and then we have the 1.618 at two dollars and fifty cents so these are the levels that I would be targeting in case we see capitulations and obviously we could Bounce from the 1.272 and thats going to be our bear Market bottom we can Bounce from the 1.414 and that could be our bear Market bottom and the same goes for the 1.618 no one can know where the bottom is going to be but I do know that these are extremely cheap prices especially when you consider the fact that from the all-time high we have already you know pulled back 90 percent and for a high cap altcoin like chain link 90 is is uh is a good is a good pullback now if we were to come back all the way down to the 1.618 here at two and a half dollars that would be in 95 pullback so I think for now chain link has been stagnant in the sideways Chop Chop chart and the sideways Channel I I think that at some point were going to see a strong break to the upside and you wont be able even to say the word Bitcoin and chain link is going to be sitting at 25 so be ready for that at some point thats going to come in 2023 for now its good for accumulation let me bring back the old retracement there we go there we go and lets take a look at the RSI on The Daily RSI lets see whats happening over here okay so we are about to bounce off of the white trend line that has been our support level since May 2022 so take a look at this this could be a very very lucrative entry for chain link on the based on the RSI obviously right and if you start losing that what you could do is you could start targeting the previous swing low which in our case is going to be all the way here so that pink trend line is the support level that we could be targeting because thats where we bounced off of back in November I think right yes November 20th so by losing the white trend line we could Target that afterwards we have the yellow trend line at 31.6 and uh yeah thats but thats in case we lose the white one which if Bitcoin is going to continue dumping is very possible we could see that obviously going below the index of 30 here would mean that the pr the RSI has been or is oversold just like it was over here in May and April of 2022 and you can see what happened afterwards we went all the way up into the overbought in a couple of months and you could have made some nice money so pay attention to whats happening in the media because obviously theyre gonna try to suppress the charts and scare the people with all their you know news and everyones everyones going to be selling and remember when everyones selling the smart people are buying and I do want to switch over to the binance Chart real quick and before we continue I quickly want to ask you do you value your privacy if the answer is yes then you must take a look at expressvpn expressvpn offers you the Privacy that you deserve no activity logs and no connection logs your internet provider wont be able to access anything and anyone using the same open free Wi-Fi in the cafe as you wont be able to do any harm or breach your security you can use the expressvpn application on any device you can connect it to your PlayStation or you can even connect it to your router so that anyone who connects is automatically secured or if youre looking to access any region blocked content on your streaming platform while expressvpn can do that as well if youre living in the Netherlands and you want to access a TV show thats only available in Japan well my friend you can do that with expressvpn you can use the link down below in the description and get a discounted price along with three extra months for free you can get your money back if you dont like it but I dont see any reason why you wouldnt like it because we all need the privacy and in todays age especially and you can also pay with Bitcoin so thats a really cool feature as well and lets get on with the video taking a look at chain link on the weekly as you can see we have our support block which is set up from anywhere from six dollars twenty two and a half cents all the way to five dollars thirty four and a half cents and weve been in the support block since May weve had little Wix but then we started closing candles in that area and we started breaking to the upside as you can see we ran into the 20ma and I told you that the 20ma would be a good area to take some profits because usually we run into it just like we did in October just like we did in September and just like we did back in August so from the 20 EMA we have already pulled back 12 if you count uh the wick down then that is going to be 14 so good money to be made here with swing trades but obviously be very careful careful with swing trades if youre not experienced you dont know what youre doing just hold your crypto man dont bother swing trading dont bother doing anything because youre going to lose your money and youre going to be sorry that you did any of it in the first place so just holding your crypto and getting knowledge is far better than trying to do these you know one-time trades to make an extra 50 bucks trust me that 50 bucks wont come wont be comparable to what you can make if you just wait for it for a couple of years and and see where chain link ends up potentially we could be looking at three digits for chain link reaching 180 100 you know hundred and ninety dollars next bull market so imagine the gains in that scenario and imagine you selling there and thinking well I could have lost all of this and I couldnt have had all of this if I you know tried a little stupid swing trade and I sold and the price continued pumping right imagine you sell right before the bull market how how stupid would that be right so just to avoid that and to minimize your risk just hold right dont force a trade dont do uh anything stupid to uh you know to increase the the chances of you losing money because already there are a lot of things that can cause you to lose money in crypto you dont want to be adding any more any more um reasons on top so thank you all for watching if I missed out anything important on the charts please let me know Down Below in the comment section feel free to follow me on Twitter feel free to check out my patreon linked Down Below in the description and Im gonna see you in the next one goodbye and good night Thank you for watching the video! 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