Crypto Prices Today: Market Trades Flat As Bitcoin Gains 0.93% Bitcoin: Bitcoin s price increased by 0.93 per cent to $28,292.63. Its 24-hour trading volume was $12.67 billion. It is currently ranked number 1 on Coinmarketcap, the same as yesterday. Its Netsh Command Syntax, Contexts, and FormattingMicrosoft Learn To start Network Shell and enter netsh at the command prompt or in Windows PowerShell, you can use the following command. netsh. Netsh is a command can chainlink reach 200 CHAINLINK LINK TO $100 IN 2022? LINK PRICE PREDICTION ANALYSIS LINK NEWS TODAY
can chainlink reach 200 XRP to USDBuy and Sell Cryptocurrency - Binance... CHAINLINK LINK TO $100 IN 2022? LINK PRICE PREDICTION ANALYSIS LINK NEWS TODAY
hey everyone and welcome back to another video from crypto busy my name is tom now in todays video im gonna go through the latest updates on chain link can it reach a hundred dollars in 2022 ill answer all of those questions and a lot more in todays video covering the fundamental and authentic analysis so stay tuned and definitely watch the very end now if you need to create a busy and you want to see more videos about chain link about the crypto markets and everything else in between be sure to join the crypto busy family today and subscribe and if you do like the video if you love chain link make sure to leave a like its very much appreciated and so that being said lets jump straight into the video so as you can see right now chainings price is currently at on the day of recording around sort of 14 13.83 to be precise and this project weve been talking about for quite some time here acro to busy were big fans of it and its a top 100 project you look at the team and also where theyre headed what theyre trying to solve im going to cover that as well in todays video a lot of good stuff thats happening behind the scenes with chaining and so as i mentioned in the beginning parts of this video the prices may be a little bit different the points im making this video still stand so lets go through what chain inc is trying to solve now im going to leave this graphic that you can see on here its a tweet linked down in the description below so you can check out yourselves in much further detail chaining is trying to take all of the data thats out there in the worlds that is off chain and bring it on chain and verify it and thats an important aspect for the blockchain itself for chaining what its trying to solve its solving a real world issue so taking again all of the data think of any data thats out there and putting it onto the blockchain so lets go through again a real-world scenario behind us now recently the cpi the consumer price index has also come out for march and it was predicted that its going to be fairly high and theres been around sort of a 7.9 percent or answered 8.5 percent that sort of area but again the consumer price index seven point nine percent in march but according to true flation its around sort of thirteen point three percent and so what theyre trying to do in truthfacing itself is built on top of the chaining protocol its taking again more data thats out there more consumer information and putting it into again taking into a true inflation situation so what theyre saying is with the cpi you know is it as accurate as it is supposed to be because only taking into account a certain sector of the economy when it comes to the fuel prices and then also housing prices as well not taking into account other aspects of the economy and so you get this deficit between the cpi and also true flation which again is built on top of chaining which is really cool to see because a real world use case for a cryptocurrency and that is again an issue with most of the cryptocurrencies that are out there at the moment is their real world use case such as the likes of xrp or v chain which they also have real world use cases chaining does have that and that builds a sense of security for the cryptocurrency itself for further adoption and that is an important thing when it comes to the price in the future because if you have that further adoption if they announce more partnerships then you know by default youre going to be seeing more demands and with that demand will also become an increase in price so as you can see highlighted here true inflation runs on chaining and therefore is accessible and visible to everyone and then currently measuring the 13.2 or 13.3 percent inflation rate as opposed to the 7.9 percent now there may be other cases you know later on this year where you may measure a little bit below that or you know even above that which it is right now and so at the moment were just trying to actually pinpoint and measure where things are at the moment and so thats the 13th so ill leave this article linked down in the description below again so you can check yourselves in much further detail now im going to go into the fundamentals here were talking about where things are going to be headed and then also going to go into the technicals now as i did mentioned prices made a little difference but the points in terms of the long-term perspective when it comes to training still stands so price predictions im also going to cover in todays video so stick around for that as well successful recovery what it means for the adoption in training now this came out about a week ago on the third of april this one bitcoin was doing fairly well before bitcoin conference 2022 and then from that you did also see chainings price now i will leave this article again linked down in the description below now this may be a little bit different to where it is right now but again the points in this article was very interesting and again covered that later on now chaining price prediction but i think its going to be headed for 2022 can it get to 100 lets go into the technicals here so currently again trading at around 14 lets say if we take into account the extension if we did see further downturn forward trainings price then we could be seeing it go in touch around sort of the 12.80 in the immediate short term if we saw again further meltdown in the prices with bitcoins price as well being fairly volatile we could be seeing the recess of around sort of eight dollars 7.50 that sort of region there as well but that would be major area of support and i think by the time we see this sort of prices for chaining the demand for that for my institutions and by people across the world would be quite interesting and i think a lot compared to where it is right now but again things can change fairly quickly it is on paper in a bearish setup in the immediate short term if we do see things flip and this is also again entirely depends on bitcoins price because training does follow very closely to what bitcoin does then we could be seeing a retest of high levels and so you can see these trading lines right now in the red is the 200 ema and then also in the blue is the 100 and then in the orange is also the 20 ema so in the immediate short term if we did see things flip around so the 17 to 20 would be the immediate areas to test in the immediate short term if we see a successful test of that and thats resistance turns into support then another retest of around the 26 again in the immediate short term but things can change very quickly and maybe some fundamental news may come out to training another partnership maybe a company looking into utilizing chainings technology and that would also push prices up in my opinion going forward that is also something to take into account i think in immediate short term we could be seeing on the retest of those lower levels of support because of the amount of again fear in the market thats in the moment then also bitcoins price but this is the immediate short term this is currently april of 2022 we still have quite a few months left of this year going into later in part of this year i do think we could be seeing you know sort of a new all-time high being formed now currently the all-time high for training is around 50 52 something like that different exchanges will quote different prices but again i think the agreed all-time high is around 50 can it go double that can it double in 2022 i think it is possible again currently ranked at 23 a market cap right now of 6.4 billion dollars and if we have a look at where bitcoin could be going if bitcoin were to reach a hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year which is id say probable but not as likely as we think it is right now and again this is currently april so things can change very quickly but if we take into account the information that we have in front of us right now it is fairly unlikely but it is possible so again its sort of cautious of optimism to have when it comes to these sort of levels to think about i wouldnt uh start calling cheney to go to 100 by the end of next week i wouldnt say that as of yet if we see things recover quite well and we see some great performance in the markets then yes we could be seeing a hundred dollars but right now i think a retest of this all-time high is certainly possible for this year and that i think is the most likely scenario for 2022 but do comment down below your thoughts and opinions whether you agree or disagree with me if you want to trade a training itself you can use five bit and that you can use our link down the description below you can get to four thousand one hundred dollars as a bonus and third percent discount on fees we also have the crypto busy vrb coin calls which we talk about training and give the fundamental and also technical analysis behind that as well every single month so make sure to check that out as well so thats it for me in todays video do comment down below your thoughts and opinions 100 by then this year again i dont think its going to be the case but again things can change very quickly if you think that is the case if you think 100 is possible comment down below whether you agree on that one there but again all feedback is very much welcome do comment down below leave a like on this video if youre new and you want to see more videos about chain link about the crypto markets be sure to subscribe to crit busy today so thats it for me todays video and ill see you guys in the next one bye for now you Can Chainlink LINK reach $100 by the end of 2022? 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