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hey ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel as always it is Nick here back there daily crypto news and Analysis and today were going to be talking about chain link AKA link so lets just dive in and lets talk about a few things so this was one of my main holders during 2020 into 2021 and it still is one of my main Holdings uh now I did not buy chain link extremely early in fact I was actually a little bit late to the party were going to be talking about that were going to be talking about where I did sell and where I re-bought so uh first off when we are looking at the chart right now it does look pretty good it looks like it is gaining some uh support around those nice EMAs down there at about almost seven and well seven dollars and like 50 cents uh were currently trading at about almost 7.70 cents you can definitely see the resistance Zone on the three-day span here at the 50 EMA which is that nice orange line that we did almost tap perfectly and we rejected off of it now I will say this Im looking at the obv right now the on balance volume it does it doesnt look too bad on honestly but the issue here is that it is not looking that great either but it is okay it has been trailing a little bit higher than the June time frame as you guys do see on the chart uh but like I said this one during 2020 well I should say 2020 and 2021 uh was a big leader uh this was actually the D5 summer and you can definitely see where chain link was during this time frame first off its all-time high back here was about like five dollars and 10 cents and uh you could see us trying to retest it during the march time frame before of course the markets did sell off and it did come down to test the 200 three-day EMA which right now currently is at about like almost 14 uh but this was at around like almost 100 wow a dollar eighty um and you can see us breaking out above all the EMAs gaining some support on them and then ultimately trailing in the market all the way to about August uh August 2020 which hit about almost 20 or so during this time frame now Im going to tell you where I bought in 2020. um I did not buy this bottom here at about like seven dollars in fact I actually bought a little bit higher I think I bought around like 10 or 11 dollars it was during like November when I seen it I got in it it wasnt an incredible opportunity honestly but it did run to about like some like 50 some dollars I think I sold at around like 45 uh again sold a little bit early but its okay nonetheless we did sell around the topping point anyways I think it was like around forty dollars exactly where I did sell almost and we did hit that as a resistance Zone going back to November of 2021 anyway so it was a pretty nice uh trade on link it wasnt anything too too special but nonetheless uh we did Trail in the market for a little bit of time and currently we have built a floor in fact our floor looks like to be around like five dollars and thirty some cents and it is looking pretty good at the current moment in time now my price my price predictions for chain link going forward are well over fifty dollars plus I would say like its within the 100 to 200 range I know that that is a little bit conservative compared to where most people actually have put chain link if we actually go off of we could say well go off of currently the wave that were in uh which is often the major rejection going all the way back to August of 2022. um currently Im just eyeing the 65 range at the current moment in time if we are looking at this on the log scale actually uh we can eye a little bit around like the 140 range which is okay to me I think that thats actually pretty safe and uh if were looking at the macro chart here its around like the 223 dollar level anyways which is still very good now lets actually talk about why these levels could be targeted with chain links so first off lets go back to the staking plans that war announced as well as you know aiming to be the Amazon or Amazon web services of web 3. so first off the staking is coming in December this is going to be a big game changer why because its going to unlock a ton of value and were going to be talking about that here in in a second but also I want to focus on a few other major announcements so they have this new scale program as well as build were going to be talking about both of them in this video uh but to me I do believe that chain link is going to be the data driven giant around crypto in fact they have been making their name known for a while and heres that build program as well one of the key aims of the build program is that more projects can emulate the success of the platforms early clients which include lending platforms Avi and synthetics which both were incredible projects during the D5 summer move no Im not too sure on Avi I didnt get into Avi early but synthetics I was in a little bit earlier which did perform fairly well and Im very excited for both of these two platforms they do underpin chain links long awaited stake and reward scheme so this is going to be pretty big for staking as well and we do see down here staking is going to distribute the value of the system at cruise to the relevant participants the nodes and stakers as well its an early really kind of experimental V 0.1 version which I did talk about in my last few length videos Im pretty sure Im not sure its been a very long time since since I actually made a link video but uh its going to be exciting I think that this is going to be great and theres quite a bit around this in fact in regards to like the size of the staking pool would you see that its going to start with an aggregate size of 25 million link tokens with the wolf expending to 75 million based on demand in the following months after launch so very exciting an eligibility sorry I I actually forgot to mention that an eligibility app will be released on October 3rd as well and um here is economics 2.0 capture and revenue while reducing costs so this is pretty big um this is all being fed back to these stakers as well as you guys do see up here like heres the link stakers its going to be very exciting um a lot of the revenue sharing fees will go towards stakers as well as chain link build fees which this is like you know first off I will say this what the chain link team has designed here in regards to staking rewards is basically providing even more value to those who are stakers so this is not only going to lock up a ton of Link um but its going to provide a lot of value to those who are locking up link and I think that this is great because again you are essentially double dipping in regards to fees being built for stakers which is awesome to see and uh we do see here you know Amazon for the web 3 era um obviously we dont have to talk about the chain link ecosystem it is very large which weve discussed in the past uh but with this new move with the economics 2.0 theres a revenue sharing Dynamic emerging with chain link and other D5 applications the chain link co-founder stressed however the link will continue to be used by people to pay for services what were trying to do is make access to Oracle Services very economical and this is essentially that major move now I think that this is the end yeah this is the end but this is going to be pretty big and um they have been making a major move around the dapps that are built out on the overall ecosystem a lot of these are dapps that you guys are probably all aware of like I said Avi synthetics and theres a few other ones on here as well Im sure that you guys are probably you know already aware of like I said um but all of this is going to play a pivotal role in regards to the ecosystem and we actually do see over here from chain link P so this screen went quick at smart con but do you see the the revenue uh sharing fees from dapps will be going to to chain link Staker sorry uh when the entire crypto ecosystem grows so will the value of the link Beyond bullish and yes I do think that the value here is going to be very large but now lets talk about the biggest update that weve ever seen around chain link and that is Swift and Link initial proof of concept using ccip confirmed yeah thats right this is already confirmed 45 seconds listen closely to this um I think just uh just to kick this off were going to begin talking about cross chain And in regards to that um you know just to set the stage Im very happy to announce that we are working on an initial proof of concept together with Swift on the use of ccip thank you in in the capital markets to enable the communications and movement of tokens between you know a number of different institutions in a way thatll accelerate the adoption of DLT blockchains and benefit various institutions all over the um Capital markets in that regard I think well just start discussing and this made its way everywhere and it is for good measure I mean when we talk about Swift theyre one quarter of every single Bank out there thats right 25 of every single Bank in the world 11 000 plus financial institutions massive amounts of money moving every single day over Swift five percent I mean like first off weve talked about Swift quite a bit on this channel uh thats why I know so many stats around them um but they have been moving five trillion dollars a day in transactional value this is a huge opportunity for you know chain link we do see down here that this is all through the cross chain and probability protocol it is an initial proof of concept but I think that this is incredible because it is going to provide a quick on ramp to crypto through Swift this is huge ccip will enable Swift messages to instruct on chain token transfers helping the interbank network to be able to communicate across all blockchain environments this will help accelerate the adoption of DLT blockchains and benefit various institutions across Capital markets and uh yeah I think that this is awesome I mean if you are seeing this and if you are not bullish on chain link I really dont know what else to tell you uh we do sit down here the partnership between chain link and Swift and cross chain and probability will help bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets for traditional Finance institutions he added chain links native token is link and uh yeah I mean interoperability is a huge key part in the adoption cycle of crypto uh do I think that q and T and chain link are competing rapidly here or anything like that no absolutely not in fact I actually did tweet out over on my Twitter by the way if you guys are not follow me on Twitter and cash official definitely go do so um but I said in my mind link and qnt coexist to create endless amounts of value for the entire crypto plus Legacy system and thats exactly what this is I mean Im telling you guys chain link and Swift is going to be a Powerhouse behind crypto adoption this is going to ignite adoption of DLT and crypto like no ones ever seen before and I think that this is just the beginning of whats to come and also by the way I leave you guys off with one last thing I know that I said that we will be able to talk about you know build and scale it might just be another video on chain link that I might do but uh I leave you off at this two minute long video its two minutes and 41 seconds in the end game for chain link is for the network to provide all the data and computation that blockchains and Trust minimize systems need but cannot produce themselves clearing the path for a world powered by truth listen closely to this the end game is that Oracle networks provide all the trust minimized computation that blockchains and Trust minimized systems need but that blockchains do not produce right so blockchains will produce ownership token transfer State changes private key signatures multi-sync they will continue to produce all of these computations in in various collections of blocks whether those blocks are on a main chain or whether theyre on a collection of smaller chains connected to a main chain and and that is where a certain core logic certain transfer of value certain Key conditions to private key signatures will continue to become fulfilled but then all of those conditions will continue to need more and more data more and more trust minimized computation and more and more cross-chain communication those are the first three big categories that the chain link network is focused on and then many of them has a leadership position anywhere from the 60 to 90 percent plus range in terms of the value secured in a specific vertical or by user capped and this is because um well weve invented this new form of consensus weve pioneered it together with a lot of great academics that that we work with um from the top universities and now its kind of becoming expanded to do more and more advanced computations more and more advanced data and soon relatively soon uh cross chain communication which includes token movements but actually allows people to string together those uh different contracts on different genes much as I was trying to string together many different blockchain protocols into a single useful application many many years ago so this is not I would say a new idea for us its an idea that has formed on the basis of what um is needed to build useful smart contracts right so our goal is to enable the larger industry and the world really to have useful smart contracts and while tokenization is very useful its a very good beginning for our industry I think it is probably a single digit percentage point of the total value that will resigned in the trust minimized systems of our industry like blockchains and oracles and honestly the the future around chain link is very bright but it it would be completely disrespectful to not talk about the value proposition Beyond chain link crypto itself is going to grow rapidly going into the next few years the amount of money that will pour into crypto is going to be incredible to say the least when we look at chain link and what they are doing for you know not only data but also for this entire Market I just share with you guys this and that is a web 3 Services platform for web3 trust minimized apps look at the entire ecosystem here down to the T from the chain link Network to everything all of this all of this will be interconnected data is the PowerHouse Beyond crypto data is the thing that needs to be tokenized that needs to be transacted but also when we look at data it all needs to be able to communicate through one again this is why I say that q and TN link will both coexist and they will do you know incredible things on their own to me data is the big selling point behind chain link having that option of transacting data between one network to another is huge being able to message one or the other in terms of the value proposition behind data is going to be beyond what anyone can really kind of perceive because data itself is not fully tokenized data itself is still very early on in regards to tokenization and Im very excited for the future around this and I do believe that you know when we look at data it is going to become the new oil it is going to essentially be be something that is almost infinitely valuable so when we actually look at this Market you can see all of the blockchain and uh layer twos down here you do see like hedera hashgraph you see how Grand all of them plus hundreds of blockchains and you do see it all being intertwined between the web 2 and the web 3 scene and you see all the money you know pouring in down here Fiat and even crypto and thats the end goal here is to have everything coexist onto one massive Network now obviously they are trying to provide this in regards to chain link um I do think that its going to be chain link and Quant powering the entire interoperability layer behind crypto um do I think that chain link and Quant have their own specific use cases 100 thats why I do you know talk about data here within chain link and I do think you know the rest of the market in regards to Beyond data is also going to be intertwined between Quant and what Quant is focused on so these two are big giants theyre big bets on my portfolio and with that being said I hope that you guys enjoyed this guys sorry I hope that you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on if you guys have more free content you guys are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter and join the free Discord down description below as I hope you all have a beautiful day beautiful whenever you guys are on this before this but Nick peace out guys Chainlink LINK is taking over globally. 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