chainlink chart priceChainlink LINK Price Update - Chainlink Technical Analysis, LINK Price Analysis for May 2023

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chainlink chart price Here’s How Much Your $100 Investment... Chainlink LINK Price Update - Chainlink Technical Analysis, LINK Price Analysis for May 2023
[Applause] hello everybody Welcome to clippys channel we have a chain link as you may see right now the crypto total Market cup is falling down but I think that we will stop here in these yellow trend line so we still have room to go down is 1.133 trillion and the yellow trend line its about 1.10 trillion so we could go down around 2.57 2.63 percent I would not be surprised to come this level and then to be rejected on the way up and this wedge this bullish wedge is going to be broken somewhere here and were gonna visit and to make another higher high but chain link chain link is on the way down when the market cap is going down also outgoings and Bitcoin are going now also the chain link chain link is at 6.91 6.92 almost and we are falling down we just stopped here and we stopped and this wide support line because it used to be our support and here is kind of like a double support So this area is extremely important for handling to stay in this Zone to be rejected from this support the first time we saw that there was a bounce when it was rejected from 6 7 6.73 and it was 26 of the April todays first of the May and we are going again down this is my target this is my targeted price would come around 6 48 646 645 right I dont know but this is the area and its also this yellow trend line because once we hit this trend line and also its the first time when we came down so we came to slightly below 706 Fibonacci so we really touched this yellow trend line actually we started to create this trend line because that were our two points now we are waiting for the third point and it was around 706 Fibonacci and when Ill take it the same measurement from the bottom to the top 706 FIB is also this area so I would not be surprised to come to this level guys please consider subscribing this is groupies Channel we record from five to ten videos a day we also talk about chain link on a daily basis we are talking about five to ten coins every day so well be re will we be rejected from the CC point because right now we are at 0.66 or 61866 this equip points many times we see the movement up it happened also here with the chain link first time we came to this level we came we went up about 05 Fibonacci and this movement was not as small now from this one a projection to here it was seven point two percent seven point two person this one from double six oh six six Fibonacci steel CC point was 8.8 percent so its a not small one bounce we are again testing this level and I think that we will break it it looks like really that chain link was to come down and we said maybe its gonna be more faster as we are expecting maybe we will see you know the movement down like this and then were gonna go up so hopefully this will happen like I show you in this green arrow because you know the movement on going Market cup is really starting very fast this is the channel this is the chart I would like to show you many many many many times we are talking if you are holding chain link or BMB you could double or make really nice profit holding your chain link or BNB what do you prefer right now we are coming again to the level where is it interesting for buying I mean to get some chain link from BNB and now that binance right now has a launch pit so people are staking B and B coins so there was a demand for B and B therefore we saw this big one movement down because there was moving up the BNB price went up finally didnt go so fast as BMB therefore we saw this dump is movement down now we are at the level below the gaussian channel also below this white trend line also we are forming this blue one trend line comparing with the history we are at the nice Bank position because as many times really this will change and then we will come at least to two three seven five I think were gonna go again about the gaussian channel here we didnt go about last time we were the 19th of April before first of the April then it was March 2nd March February it was the big cap here twice in one month it may just started I would not be surprised really to see in May despair little link will go up again so it means that if you want to make some chain link more chain link if you dont wanna trade with video Fiat Karen see then you really want to keep your chain link now its time to buy chain link with the pair BMB and then if you wanna just sell it for BMV you know you can make you can make nice profit but back to chain link back to chain link that I would not be surprised that were gonna go down to this level 6 around 640 644 and then we will see the bounce so be ready for the movement down and you know what it means that time to accumulate because this coin really react like altcoin its still not time for this coin like we saw in many coins they were performing much better as this one coin this is the movement on The Daily candles from the summer over the last year and this going is going sideways but the hair started to create some nice movement hopefully were not gonna break this yellow support we are not gonna go to 550 well if we will break it this is another big one support thank you for watching I hope you like this video 10 links is right now sideways downward movement dont be surprised like we will see like two daily maybe three daily Kings maybe two only two next two daily candles to pick red one to touch this yellow trend line thank you again for watching Ill see you at the next video bye bye chainlink chainlinkanalysis crypto Chainlink LINK Price Update - Chainlink Technical Analysis, LINK Price Analysis for May 2023 Join our channel and SUBSCRIBE : Join our Discord Server: Join us on Twitter: Join us on Reddit: Links: Binance: Sign up for Binance via link: Hurry up for BONUS! 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