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hey everybody today Im going to talk about chain link which is one of my biggest Holdings in my altcoin portfolio Im a big fan of chain link if we go on coin market cap it has a huge watch list of over a million people that are watching this one on coin market cap so Id love to see that their circulating Supply situation um theres only 50 of what their Max Supply could be so there could be a little bit of a supply shock over time as they introduce new coins into circulation but it is nice to see that the total Supply and Max Supply are the same so we at least know what to expect as far as that goes its ranked number 19th so a three billion dollar market or almost 4 billion dollar market cap I always like a smaller market cap thats pretty decent decent size but if we look at what it was all time it hits 20 billion for a market cap so definitely a lot of room to grow for all the liquidity thats sitting on the sidelines out there so the zoomed out price chart were at about seven dollars and 30 cents right now and its all-time high according to clean market cap back in 2021 was close to 50 bucks as far as where you can get chain link you can get it on I know a coinbase at least coinbase binance Q coin and Kraken and some other markets but these are the the more popular ones that you could get it on to my trading view chart so this is my one week chart which is more of a zoomed out view of what I like to look at for long-term price predictions what I really love about chain link is ever since even way back here in 2019 its making higher lows so it has this really nice predictable trend line here of support that it hasnt broken yet so thats a great thing just to keep an eye on so for like a long term price entry uh in theory it most likely will come back down and hit this blue line if it does have any drop and drops in price so but really I mean right now its at 7 30 and it can maybe go down to like 6 30 so depending on how much youre getting maybe it doesnt make a difference to you I have this line of resistance drawn here so kind of what were hitting right now even though weve popped over it Id really like to see it close above this for a week or two and then that would tell me that were ready for a big move to the upside I havent got my Buy Signal yet on the weekly chart which Im surprised of compared to all the other cryptos I look at almost everyone I look at has triggered my Buy Signal with my indicators that Im using here so Ill keep an eye on that and Ill post on my Twitter account if I do see that Buy Signal hit so that you have more confidence for where its going long term but regardless the fact that its holding this long-term trend line makes me feel confident that its not going to just most likely its not going to just dump down to like three or four dollars or something so as long as it stays above this line then Im comfortable um adding to my position definitely around like 650 as far as short term goes were kind of stuck in between this by zone of like seven dollars and ten cents and then seven dollars and forty cents if it I feel like Im a broken record with my technical analysis here but it it works well for me so I kind of stick with what works here instead of just coming up with new random things so we have this line of resistance if it closes above that does a retest then our next short term Target would be like eight dollars that would be a another significant point of resistance so I really am hoping to see something like that to finally get past this next line of resistance which is like 767 70 range you can see weve been kind of struggling I actually should draw a line there because as you can see weve been kind of struggling to try to get over um that area as well so that would be the two big points of resistance for short term as far as any kind of Swing trading or anything like that as you can see here it keeps tapping this just above seven dollar Mark so this is another example of something thats kind of an no mans land where its not up against resistance where I could potentially short it and its not down at support in this long-term uh buy range here so short-term personal personally I wouldnt do anything with it but long term again back to my my weekly chart this is the ticket right here anything anytime it touches this blue line that would be the ideal entry point um just by looking at this chart here so I bought most of mine around like five eighty six dollars so where its at now Im not ready to rush in and add to my current position but definitely if it does something like drop down here thats where I would consider adding to my position all right now for my price targets so long term meaning when we are in like our our next blow off top bull cycle my prediction would be that were going to do something like this and get to like seventy five dollars range my forever all-time high is 100 but for next Bull cycle Im gonna be conservative and say 75 dollars so thats gonna be it for this one please leave any coins in the comments that you want me to review to do videos like this Id be more than happy to take any feedback you have and provide some additional content for you so thanks for watching the video and Ill see you in the next one In this video I will take a look at Chainlink. Ill show you what I am seeing on my charts and provide my medium term price prediction. chainlink chainlinkpriceprediction chainlinkanalysis crypto coinbase altcoins Follow me on Twitter - Coinbase Signup Link - Binance US Signup Link - Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. coinbase,chainlink,crypto,