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Latest Cardano News AlertsCoin Guru Latest Cardano News. Here's the most recent breaking news headlines on Cardano ADA from across the internet and social media. Posted 12 hours ago Whales Acquire 560 Million ADA Worth Approx $218M Over 2 Weeks Cardano Feed. mtaylor.xch⛪🦇🔊 _ on Twitter: @NomadicGiants Apr 11, · And since that they have flip flop on their stance with Ethereum. There is precedence for flip flop. They didn t care about the ETH ICO before when they publicly stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not considered securities due to their decentralized nature. chainlink how does it work Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
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foreign video about chain link so the market is a little bit on the move today um that information hasnt reached link yet were still below this resistance line here the descending trend line um its still in its range its not moving really and the comments really from the previous video do still apply so um were still here in a Range that basically has been well link has been in this range for a year now I mean this is the left hand side this is May 22 so basically just give it another month and its been really officially a year um just an up and down I currently dont there is one Escape Route to get out of this range and that would be if link can finally break above 788 that is the 78.6 Fibonacci retracement of this move to the downside that started on the 17th of February finished here on the 10th of March you can draw the retracements um and the break above it would not invalid but make a bearish count here to the downside with bearish follow through to new bear Market Lewis unlikely or at least less likely it would still be a likely count but we would have to reset things a little bit um but for now again I remain focused on the upside um because were holding support yeah and were holding support which is the 6.19 level I also see upside potential across the market we are consolidating everywhere at the moment above support at least most coins not everywhere I shouldnt say that and therefore if they make a move I guess link would do a move as well but we also have to consider at the moment its just moving sideways what it can do without a problem is just to reset your orange Wave 2 the orange card is the bullish count could eventually take us to around you know 950 plus 950 is the upper boundary line of that range and the break above that would be um obviously considered bullish but before that already you know if we break above the 788 level it has a good chance to get to that level which right at last time actually in November so its been a while um but its just moving sideways for now because it is moving sideways and this structure looks corrective as well it could easily be that were just resetting Wave 2 a little bit lower which we can do because even though it already reacted to the trend reversal area once where we hit the golden ratio it hasnt really many it has really managed very impulsively to really very to really very impulsively since then so we always have to consider if it makes those messy moves a lot of up and down it hasnt really made up its mind yet then we just have to consider that it will just reset this wave to you know that it comes back again because sometimes this indicates it just needs another low to make a clear bottoming structure finish off that low and then it can rally but yeah there is not much more to add unfortunately with good support at 619 we have resistance at 788 its a really indecisive chart it has been for nearly a year Ive got my gridbot running its grinding the range but besides that not much is happening so lets see if we get some price action here um in the next few days maybe Bitcoin can follow through and then ideally some altcoins follow but for now its just moving with less and less volatility so its getting a bit boring but um yeah we keep updating about links so hopefully you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye thank you Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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