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foreign welcome to another update video about train link a link um hasnt really been an update for the last couple of days reason is mainly that the chart hasnt moved at all weve seen a little bit of a recovery nothing major however I wanted to give you an update based on the latest developments would also like to take the opportunity to just take a look at the daily chart to zoom out a little bit talk a little bit about all-time high targets if we get a recovery which I hope for at least it will give you a guideline about sort of new all-time high targets and then we also take a look at the shorter time frame um but I just want to make your way of the higher time frame chart because we get new viewers um all the time so obviously they also want to know whats going on on the higher time frame by the way we do have a playlist which is for long-term charts and Gala has a video uh sorry link uh chain link has a video on there as well so um that might be something to look out for but obviously I cover the information in this video anyway so if we take a look at possible targets here for next all-time high next run to the upside just purely based on current lows you know and this will shift a little bit should we make another low to around four or three dollars but it wont change it a lot so the Target that you typically get I mean this here in my opinion was a wave one all the way up to around 55 53.54 that was back in May 21 we then came down in a wxy correction in my opinion here in this Wave 2 correction which contains of double you know those waves wxy which is a bit more of a complex correction and um yeah my target is still between 290 and 350. it doesnt necessarily need to go down that low but I would like to make one more low at least below the June low which was around 5 30 I think so were going to take a look at that in a minute Target for the third wave to the upside would be between 90.91 and 110 that would be the next larger wave to the upside then we would get away four down in an ideal case that would be um that would be the more shallow correction and then we should get one more wave up in a wave five that should take us to around 143 dollars bear in mind these are only guideline targets these are ideal targets and depending on how bullish the next Bull Run really will be we could even see those targets broken but it gives you a guideline what you can expect in a in a new all-time high scenario so short term however um short-term Gala has broken the 88.7 percent Fibonacci retracement on a more sustainable basis now were not massively below that level but we are quite a bit that is at six dollars we are now at 580 weve been below that level now for a few days or even couple of weeks that is not a great situation to be in but in fact most cryptos have dropped below that level now there are only a few strong ones that havent like BNB like Matic like q and T um ethereum also hasnt and Bitcoin hasnt it there might be a few other ones but um link has but its still hovering just below it so its not really too weak but a lot of coins are way below it and um thats just something I always mention we broke below it danced on that flip level for a while here as you can see end of December and then we broke below it and we might now just come up for a retest and well then continue to sell off so this what I couldnt well you know I count this at the moment as a five wave move down could be an ending diagonal it could also be an Impulse thats not entirely clear we have this sort of wedge pattern here that can sometimes extend out a bit yeah um depending on how many touch points you get where trend lines are always a little bit yeah um subjective but in this scenario here if I draw it like that weve got one two three touch points here now so its now really a make or break point here does it move up further or not and then we might have to just to shift the trend line but thats what I think we get here this kind of ending diagonal which is also why Im counting here um the way three a little bit shorter than it would ideally be you know and and things like that theres a few more things and and you know um ending diagonal patterns they always look a little bit choppy and this move down is doesnt really look impulsive at least not yet I mean Im currently looking at this being here five wave move down in the third wave it could also be depending on how this diagonal if it really is a diagonal Im not entirely sure yet then it could also become an ABC here I will observe that very closely and then um advise on that and change the count respectively but it doesnt really make a great difference I see no reason that we are bullish here yet the move up currently that happens here also looks a little bit corrective and we are still in this sort of support resistance area remember thats quite an important area here we had a lot of lows and highs and everything um we finally broke it how are we coming up for a retest so depending on if we break above it now on a substantial basis we could see some more temporary upside but um until we see a clear impulse and that would need to be quite a bit yeah um I remain of my view that we should get down here further ideally within this Channel or wedge pattern further to the downside into the three to four dollar region um when would I get more bullish well at least a more bullish scenario I would consider as soon as we break above 7.28 and then um that would get more confidence if we if we break above 780 that would at least move me to um into a mood where I with some skepticism would observe a bullish scenario because I think we still need to go down a bit lower a break above 963 though would be a good sign that we can explore really some more bullish options and again Im not really against it going up now its just that um we want to stay objective here and we need to look at what we see in the chart ideally based on the elite wave analysis this is the way three low that is at 5 30. and we ideally go at least below that level otherwise if we go up from here and really go bullish it would be a so-called truncated low it happens but we can really only consider it as the price action um if the price action justifies it which means we should really get a really really strong run to the upside if we dont get that we cannot really justify a truncated low and it always leaves a bit of a bad impression if we if we dont really make that final wave 5 lower than the third wave and so I I still think we get that um again at the moment resistance should be clear here sort of the 88.7 flip level at around about six dollars and then next resistance would be that wave too high here at seven dollars and five and then I gave you the next FIP level which will be of relevance at the moment however I would expect at some point here in the next few days or maybe a week this to turn around and to move down because to move up again it doesnt look very impulsive at the moment if things change of course I will make you aware okay and lets map it about um link hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye thank you Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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