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foreign lets go to analyze chain link you can see in one hour chart you see here that chain link is still on the trajectory going down so its falling down I know its quite uh crazy crazy situation today or these days because fat will reveal upcoming interest rate and the market is quite volatile and additionally we are in a recession and one more thing what is not making me happy or the crypto world is the war against the bindings so lets look at the chain link chain link is on one hour candle is showing us the weakness and the stochastic RSI is also this oscillatories on the bottom level and RSI is flipping or is running down we still have some room to go more down because also the nadaria estimator is indicating as the red color with the thread is downtrend we could we can see from the from the chart here that we already touched the bottom line it was at the price of 6.47 dollars please dont forget to like this video subscribe Kirbys Channel and write a positive comment that help us with YouTube algorithm so this is for the last week from 7th of December and this done all this channel is showing us that we are we are making again the lower low high level and if were not gonna change the trend so we will continue in downfall foreign here here but youll see if we gonna go much lower so its like a zigzag but downtrend on the 12 hour chart so we have the half of the year and we are still also confirming the down falling trend for the chain link oscillators are showing us that we are coming to the area where we should be papered we are where we should be prepared to buy chain link and two conditions were made only RSI is still in the range where we are waiting to go under uh probably probably we will touch this line and it was many times our support line so we touch it many times from the July and it was our support line from the mid of July so you see we actually hit many times the support line here here we put over here it was at the time of resistance but here we again to change the Trend and we belong with the resistance line that time and it because its becoming again our support line so I think we easily could reach 6.34 USD for chain link so we have to wait and we will wait for confirmation if were gonna go down or up so its all for today for the chain link Ill see you on the next one Join our channel and SUBSCRIBE : Links: Binance: Sign up for Binance via link: Hurry up for BONUS! Trade on Kucoin: Yes, with Bonus! Trade on Bybit: BONUS is waiting for You! Protect your cryptocurrencies with Trezor: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decentralized Oracle Networks DONs are constructed using the Chainlink framework, which links smart contracts to other blockchains, off-chain data, and computing power. The Oracle Problem is the term used to describe how difficult it is for blockchains to access off-chain data. For widespread use, smart contracts require a mechanism to communicate with the outside world. At the moment, Chainlinks primary duty is to provide the most precise asset values via its price feeds, which can be included into blockchain protocols smart contracts. The oracle node operators are represented as economically rational agents and built to be Sybil resistant. They are thus compelled to deliver accurate data in order to safeguard staked assets. Before aggregating and providing the data on-chain, the node operators obtain it from off-chain data sources. Since serving this data on-chain enables other smart contracts to interact with it safely, Chainlink has emerged as the crypto markets go-to oracle solution, feeding data into 170+ projects with a combined worth of almost $15 billion as of Q4 2022. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ️ Very important: ️ - please do not reply to anyone with the CrypBizz logo in the YouTube comments who sends you a Whatsapp number. This is scam! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Financial Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You and only you are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. Ideas presented in this video are my opinions at the date of filming and may have changed in the future. Song: Vislevski - Merry Christmas Music provided by Tunetank. Free Download: