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chainlink stock graph Billionaire Mark Cuban Reveals Why He Thinks Ethereum Will -... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign link so we had quite a bit of a drop drop here yesterday to be honest um I already said it yesterday in the video it could very well be if we dont see a swift recovery above the previous High and um that that this high is in yeah that the way forward where I thought we could get it would look better with a higher C wave so basically a b c but this has come down a lot now I mean what I can never fully rule out is that we do something like that a b c because the B wave can go below the beginning of the a wave but its just the less the likely option again I cannot fully rule it out I have to say that here as well but in all likelihood what I have to expect now is further continuation to the downside now we havent fully broken yet that support area so again therefore there is still a chance we push higher here but again its all about likelihoods its all about probabilities and the higher level trend is down anyway yeah so were still here waiting for lower lows anyway so there is nothing that would currently convince me that we will still get a higher C wave in um and in the end that might be preferred because um weve reached the resistance area The Wave 4 has done what it needs to do and were now on the way down and the longer this takes the longer the bear Market will have you know hover on so the the faster we come down the quicker we have a chance that this bear Market is over I think we are now in this fifth wave to the downside here that you can see I can label the Subways now for you the best way I think this is going to work out this could be a wave one leading diagonal um or even hear the wave one yeah then an A B C or w x y and a wave two now probably came down in a way three here this is a four and then we could see a wave five to the downside that seems to me a likely option um based on that we can calculate a Target here for the fourth wave in yellow this is basically here between 565 and 5.80 so we could go a bit higher the ideal Target is 574. weve nearly reached that already so this would be the the target if we go above the 50 and this is the advantage now um Im gonna highlight that in red now is resistance area if we highlight if we if we move now above 580 that would be more than you would reasonably assume a wave 4 can do so therefore this would be a warning or at least an initial signal that hey we might still get this higher C wave so breaking above resistance here would unlock the possibility again to see the higher C wave around the 620 area but even after that I would expect the price to come down so but this is now the primary yeah this has to be the most likely option now a wave four and then away five to the downside um we can make some assumptions here calculate the target for that wave 5 to the downside we would do that by taking the length of the third wave and to um look for the 61.8 extension I mean lets say we get to 573 it might be around 540. that Target that is however the first Target yeah its an ideal Target it can also be longer because another way of calculating target is we take the length of the wave one and we go to the possible high of the Wave 2 4 and again this might reach 574 the ideal Target and then we have here the one to one ratio as the first Target is five dollars and uh what is it 5040 and the stretch Target would be 532. so were looking here for that fifth wave for something around I would say 532 and 540. yeah um if it comes down stronger you know that thats what it does because but its its in that area where we need to be awake where we need to be watching because these waves can always extend but after this wave five is done this would finish off most likely this third wave then there should be a fourth wave and the fifth wave down its only a road map the trend is still down this can go fast this can take quite a while um thats what the market will decide how long something is going to take and um but yeah that is currently where we are I mean looking at it um by the way Im going to take the bullish count now completely off the chart this this would be a huge surprise if it still works out so I take that off um I mean another way to calculate this target for the third wave is that we take the length of the wave one here go to the high of the wave two and this would actually take us to the 1.618 extension at 495. yeah thats what I mean this this small way five can extend a bit out so we just need to have an open mind follow the trend watch for reversal thickness if anybody wants to trade this but any moves to the upside here in my opinion would be expected only to be of a corrective nature to the upside and follow the move down into the three dollar region eventually thats my update about link I hope you liked the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye Chainlink LINK Price News Today - 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