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chainlink link newd VeChain VET pris, diagrammer, markedsv... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
hello and welcome to another update video about chain link um train link amazing chain link did break out of this descending wedge that weve been talking about in the last few videos weve had it on the chart here and we see a breakout we havent seen a retest yet which makes me a little bit skeptical but um i mean could you see this as a retest maybe yeah but we see volume and we see only green volume here and we see quite a significant move up with over six percent today is considering what chain link did in the last few weeks and months where it was really really quiet is already quite a bit yeah i mean chain link did come down obviously into my target area i mean to be fair it touched it only but it did touch it yeah that was here on the 24th of february the target area is located between the 11.30 level and the 597 level so 11.30 5.97 between the 78.6 fibonacci retracement level and the 88.7 fibonacci retracement level and with chain link i really like the chart because chain link did what it needs to do to complete the correction at least the minimum which doesnt need need to mean for sure that the complete that the correction is complete but its a good sign its a good sign we have come to the target area here weve made a lower low which is important um to complete a correction in an abc correction and we have seen quite a substantial reaction to that target area when it was touched here on the 24th of february since then i mean at least and this was by the way where i had my buy order trigger and i told you about that and since then weve already seen nearly a 28 profit yeah which is not too bad um i do expect now that chain link broke out of this descending wedge and that we potentially have seen a um re-test yeah i would expect as and as we moved above the previous high here yeah at 14.50 that is by the way important support now we need to hold 14.50 i think if we break below that thats it but 14.50 is important that is the previous high i think i mentioned in the previous video as an important level that we have to get a buff if we break out um and now yeah next target would be here this 50 day is it the 50 or the 20 day no its the 50-day moving average which is currently located at 15.33 if we need if we get above that what can we expect then i think then we can get to the next swing high at around 17.40 and if we break above that then we could get all the way up to 19.50 and then its getting interesting and i am now not so skeptical anymore generally about any move up from here um it depends a little bit on the chart structure of course but because we change and sorry because chain link did reach this target area and made a lower low it could now any at any time start off to new autumn heights and we talked about that i talked about the target areas are not there for fun um by the way at 11.50 roughly that was also the largest trunk of all my allocation to to solana why do i always say solana to chain link which was actually triggered so i did split my buy orders for chain link i think in three or four chunks that was the largest chunk that was triggered here um i saw that with the highest probability to trigger and it did trigger do we come down once more to the lower area for chain link here which would be around six dollars im not sure therefore i had it allocated here most of it yeah and the trigger and that is why i like to set limit orders here just generally because sometimes lets say you are sleeping and you have such a dip yeah down to for example here 11. 40 or so if you have a dip like that you probably wont catch it if you just buy and sell manually thats why i like to set buy and sell orders and if you want to see my buy and sell orders check out the um silver or gold channel membership then you can get access to my own buy and sale orders which by the way are still all relevant yeah i havent changed them for a while but we are still in the same range therefore i havent changed them now for for many many weeks because the prices have hardly moved and so they are all still relevant yeah of course i will update them and change them as soon as we get into a new range but at the moment we are not in a new range yet and overall everything is still active um yeah so next key level for me is really here this 50-day moving average to the upside and if we take a look where we are especially on the daily chart i think that is very relevant for chain link here there is now of course because we corrected down a lot and broke out of a descending wedge now so a bullish pattern we talked about it yeah that breakout could happen of course it could happen its more likely actually to happen to the upside than not but as i said you as well as long as we dont have a confirmed breakout i still have to expect that we are going to come lower so just because i tell you here that we have broken out of this target out of this descending wedge it doesnt mean that the correction must be over yeah we are still not making here a higher high i want to see a significantly higher high and a higher low um and i want us to get back into an uptrend yeah at the moment yes good sign good sign we reacted to the target area we broke out of a descending wedge but now we need to see a bit more upside okay however the indicator is turning bullish here the rsi on the daily just getting into the bullish range the bullish momentum which is a positive sign we see bullish momentum on the macd as well so further upside potential is certainly possible now however as we are overbought on the one hour chart you can also expect here a little bit of a retracement and that is why were getting stuck here at the moment were overbought on the four hour chart overbought on the one hour and you now either need to see a little bit of downside movement where it would then be very very crucial to um yeah to to hold ideally this previous high here at 14 and i would say at least 14.35 we need to hold that yeah we could move sideways could retest that it would bring the one hour rsi down and then we could continue from here but if you fall below that previous high again yeah i think it will get difficult again then to to maintain that bullish momentum but yeah just really to confirm that at any point in time chain link could now start to new autumn heist we talked about that many times and anybody who still waited for lower lows i told you that the target areas are not there for fun yeah and at any point anybody needs to decide for themselves when they actually want to buy if you wait too long chasing the lowest point often doesnt work thats what i told you as well therefore my strategy especially where we currently are in the current environment is dollar cost averaging in i think the downside potential for many cryptos of course there is still downside potential but you need to bear in mind weve corrected down 70 to 80 already for many crypto so the downside risk is just much lower than any risk that we have to the upside in terms of risk to the upside i mean that you are missing the entry point and that youre going to wait and wait and wait um but of course i cannot tell you when to buy that is an individual decision thats up to you my personal decision and uh strategy i mean you can see it on my buy and sell orders if you check out the channel membership and then they buy orders on discord um my strategy is dollar cost averaging in at strategic levels at the moment where the prices could turn around and thats what i did that is how i can catch these lowest points of course i have um them split into batches so for example if i have a buy order set here and catch this lower this swing low of course i have another one set here and catch this swing low but that way i make sure that i do dollar cost average in at those strategic levels and yeah for me there are only three levels here for for chain link and i did hold back until we reached uh the first two already and i still have one set for lower but i am not very sure if were actually going to reach that and thats fine you know if you dont catch it then you can take the next swing low on the way up yeah so hopefully you like the update about chain link if you did please hit the like button subscribe and leave a comment and if you really like the content then check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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