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Cardano ADA Price Reacts Poorly To Vasil Hard Fork The Cardano Vasil hard fork had been expected for months, and finally, it is a reality. The hard fork had proceeded according to schedule, and by Thursday, September 22nd, the hard fork was live on the network. It was received amid much fanfare from the community, but the network’s native token, ADA, had not reacted as well. Bitcoin and Ether heading $100K and $5K in : Bloomberg Intelligence Despite cryptocurrency markets dropping to multi-month lows, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC and Ether ETH are likely to hit new all-time highs in , according to a Bloomberg chainlink price prediction in india Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
chainlink price prediction in india The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign video about chain link so with chain link we have a potential trade set up coming shortly for anybody who has a bit of patience um this would be if we now finish off this wave to the upside which should happen at some point unless it completely blasts through the roof which could always happen um but then you know we dont have a valid setup so the setup would be if we finish off five waves up now um because then it could either be here this ABC structure where we finish off the C wave shortly but we have enough waves for the c-wave already within B which could then still come down absolutely so thats still a possibility and the potential in this chart yeah I havent even reset the Wave 2 again I mentioned it many times I wont really turn more bullish in this chart about this chart um until we break above 950 above this with e high of course we can trade this stuff if you like to I mean I talked about it a similar situation to polygon Matic right we talked about as long as this swing low is holding we can focus on higher so its very simple you can have a you can have a trend thats down on the daily time frame and the trend thats up on a shorter time frame um some people dont seem to understand this but down here we talked at some point about that we will first of all go a bit higher probably in a higher B wave yeah but this of course doesnt mean that suddenly this downtrend is over yeah we have short-term uptrend and if anybody is trading the shorter time frame you can of course you know you could have entered down here you could have entered here when I said um the 630 level thats the key support against that we can focus on higher because that was a recent you know swing low it was a trade setup and we are pushing higher its just um you know trading and also analyzing is more complex than is it going up or down its just sort of you dont know how it works that is not how it works you can have a trend thats down on the daily you can have a trend thats up on the on the whatever the hourly and If eventually that trend on the hourly is getting big enough it will also change the trend on The Daily thats how it works um so here we have a situation that we could simply be in this complex pattern here um an ending diagonal to the downside here in the C wave yeah to the downset which would then eventually finish off the bear Market still possible Target between 290 to 350 the move up doesnt really change that um however what would change that is the break above 950 an impulsive break or and thats the other pattern um if we get a five wave move out of this which we dont really have yet not a clear one at least then this could count as a wave one yeah and if we have a wave one here then what we can do in by just being patient we can wait for the wave to pull back and if that Wave 2 pullback is in three waves we can enter yeah and then even if the daily trend is still down it might be a trade setup that people can use to go along um and you will be able to Define their support area will be able to do that and then we will be able to enter in a possible uptrend but then again there are more reliable charts at the moment than chain link but anybody who wants to trade it feel free to do so at the moment you could understand this here as yeah possibly a leading diagonal wave one um or actually all of this as a diagonal pattern so possibly then here the two here the three maybe let me think but you would have to put three here um something like that yeah so Im Im still need to double check that so if we have the wave one I mean this could count in in such a diagonal each of the sub waves would be an ABC so you would have here ABC ABC a b c in wave three then the four and the five would be ideal were currently trying to break out of the wedge pattern here so but again we can adjust it depends we need to see if we if we get rejected here which at the moment it seems to be we are but its not strong enough yet then we could look at this fourth wave and the fifth wave to the upside um possibly this is already done yeah and we have the five waves but this looks a bit like a five wave move so ideally we want to clear a three wave move here but it you know either way there are different interpretations so the point that I try to make here if we come down now and we are going to hold a certain support level which I cannot give you yet because we havent really seen a substantial high or top or you know confirmed top then I will be able to give you a support area and we could look at it as a potential at least alternative wave one to the upside hero wave two and that might be another area to scale in but then at the same time we have other charts that look a bit more promising um where we also get a one two setup and you know if they generally look a bit more bullish than for example link because they have a clearer bottom then I would not try to trade link because link if it really is a one-two setup then link would have formed a truncated low and the truncated low has to be the exception and if there is any issue with any chart that might reduce the reliability of the chart I always try to avoid it um so thats what I try to do I mean I know a lot of people like to trade their their favorite coins but I would prefer to trade shards yeah um this is different when youre investing for the long term but when you really want to trade the chart dont think about what kind of project it is um think about is the chart reliable right um so thats going to be interesting in the next few days um and yeah at the moment I dont think we have the clear five wave move yet so Im still waiting for that and if we get that it would you know give us at least reasonable um reason to believe that we could in a move down have a wave two so basically a one two setup to trade a third wave so Im gonna be looking forward to that I will let you know I will keep you updated I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like 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