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foreign hello and welcome to another update video about link chain link continues to move in a sideways correction you know that its been in this correction for basically a year yeah I mean not many weeks left and weve really been in this range for a year between 530 and 9 50. thats our range um migrate bot is happy with the current movement I cant complain um so thats going well and I think its a perfect its just a perfect perfect application for a grid bot um we are in a situation where we are currently below resistance you can see the red area there between 7 16 and 788 this is our resistance for the bearish wave count there is still a bearish wave count that can play out and that would take us down into the region between 290 and 350. the reason is that because weve been in this sideways range bearish scenarios are still very much likely here on this chart um in contrast weve got the bullish count the that would become much more likely above 788 yeah obviously when we break above the resistance the 78.6 Fibonacci retracement of the move down here that started on the 19th of February um yeah that would make um or give us much more comfort that the orange count is playing out which is the bullish count which can take us above the Range High the upper boundary line of the range so getting above that ultimately will have bullish implications it would be a break above the 950 level if I zoom out you can see this is sort of the constraint here for this range 9.50 um now youll say okay theres a bullish and the bearish count easy right it can both work out whats the point the point is to understand the key invalidation points or the points where probabilities are shifting So Below 6.90 in the white count will come into play yeah that is the bearish count and it will become much more likely above 788 the bullish count which is the orange one Im personally leaning towards the bullish count Ive been saying that for the last few weeks um maybe even months that the reason is the general situation in the crypto market and so far its been yeah its been behaving yeah link has been behaving it did hold our Trend reversal area here we entered that on the 16th of March and I took the other ones off the chart because theyre just you know overwhelming the chart if I have too many of them on the chart but yeah um because as long as were holding here the 78.6 flip retracement of this move to the upside um which started on the 10th of March to the wave one high which was the peak of the 14th of March as long as long as were holding that level my focus is on higher and so far yeah again I mean you see the upside movement its trying to push against the top of the range here of this resistance area at 788 but so far it has failed to break through if it will break through which I assume it well if this is the correct count it should do that um then it would take it first in my opinion to the 8 30 level thats the previous swing High here and then ultimately to 950. um important would be though and thats the condition for this to play out first of all to hold 6.19 thats should be clear but also on the micro level the micro support is this wave too low and did I switched it on no um and the important low here the micro support is 675 so again 675 we can ultimately focus on higher so good performance today yeah but not enough yet to really break out of the resistance area 788 is the key level should be clear by now hopefully you like the update about link if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye thank you Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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