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chainlink line Revving up the Betting Game: How Bitcoin... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign video about chain link um yeah chain link unchanged basically from the from the last video it um it touched the ceiling here several times yeah then attempted the breakout but couldnt hold the breakout didnt never break out of the channel and also therefore never yeah realized a direct move to the upside because I did take it off the chart for now but we had on the chart that as an alternative count we had five waves up here in a wave one and then the wave two was here and we would then rally to the upside um but this was just a question mark count because it would have been a very very shallow wave too yeah a wave 2 that only reaches the 38.2 flip level is valid but doesnt really give you an edge its not really tradable too well um so in a sense Im quite glad it didnt take off and we now have another chance here to get into this deeper support area which is now in my opinion valid for a wave 2 now the way I count this is as an expanded flat at the moment so a wave down um B wave up and C wave down you know this is how I see it at the moment there is another way of counting it which is putting the a wave here then we actually have a so-called truncated zigzag here but it doesnt really matter because this move down looks a little bit it looks a bit like a five wave move one two three four five um therefore this couldnt really be an expanded flat because an expanded flat the B wave has three ways and the a wave as well um but then again there are different ways of of solving this um maybe even with a truncated top for example so I wouldnt get too confused about that um the point is that I count this now as an overshooting B wave because also due to the strong reaction to the downside here in a possible C wave now now that we have a possible B wave top and an a-wave low I can give you a an approximate Target for the end of the C wave so were looking here ideally at the 1.618 extension so were talking about 648 roughly yeah um now see it more as a guidelines not an absolute rule that we have to get there and also I would say you know well probably go down a bit lower because the support area goes all the way down to 585 but you know how link is link never really wants to go down also here it didnt really it did go down but it you know since May it hasnt really broken this key support range here um around 550 so you know it it sort of stems itself against the downside pressure here but it doesnt really look like current price action doesnt really suggest that a low has been formed yet and also in all likelihood if we look at this as an expanded flat which is more common than the so-called running flat running flat would suggest the low could already be in yeah the running flat would finish here C wave above the a wave but the more common pattern is the C wave below the a wave bear in mind its all probabilities um so I would primarily expect it to go into this region if it doesnt fair enough you know I wouldnt take a trade um its just not reliable enough and if you have no clue whats going on in the chart and if it doesnt do what what you think its doing then theres no point in my opinion taking a trade because you know you should only trade where you think you know whats going on or have a good view of whats going on and for me you know this would um confirm the count if we make a nice C wave into this area here for a possible long trade which could then take us into the 950 area or Beyond so five waves up in a wave one three waves down in wave two into a nice low support area and then trading the third wave would be nice reward to risk ratio the other count which is to be honest still my preferred one is that we will make a new low that we will go and break below these uh lows from December so would eventually go below the 5 35 40 level just because I dont like this structure at all that occurred since May um its just not a good structure to find an eventual low and also link performed quite poorly on the way up anyway compared to other coins yeah compared to other coins here um which means to me that there could still be quite significant downside pressure here but it doesnt matter what I personally believe and what my preference is we have a possible trade setup here possible low risk High reward setup and it might be worth taking it for me as well if we get into this region because if I get stopped out then you know it might open the doors for a short trade opportunity then if we break below the a-wave flow or even if we break below the 78.6 fit but for now um you because the chart is currently putting this orange count into Advantage because were closer to a possible trade setup here Im focusing on this in the short term and well see whats going on here but some yeah we have a chance here to reach finally in the Third Way for the 950 level but bear in mind we tried to break above it for for nearly a year and havent managed to do so so its quite quite daunting its getting boring okay theres 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