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Dogecoin – Daily Tech Analysis – September 7th, Sep 7, · Partially reversing a 5.08% rally from Sunday, Dogecoin ended the day at $0.3093. A mixed start to the day saw Dogecoin rise to a late morning intraday high $0.3202 before hitting reverse . Shib Twitter Feb 1,   Shib @Shibtoken Welcome to the Official Twitter Account for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. $SHIB $LEASH $BONE #SHIBOSHIS Joined February 7 Following 3.6M Followers Replies Media Pinned Tweet Shib @Shibtoken Apr 10 Hey #SHIBARMY, check out the latest metaverse update on our blog! chainlink price dropping Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
chainlink price dropping Leading Digital Asset Firms Launch... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign video about chain link um in this video I want to take a look at the long-term chart um it will be this video will be found in the long term video playlist of our Channel if you dont know about it we do have a long term video playlist I encourage you to take a look at it um people regularly ask for long-term charts of course I dont cover every long term chart in every video but weve got plenty of um updated yeah long-term charts in this long term video playlist just look for the coin in there that you want to um yeah check out and you can find it all in the long term video playlist so what does it mean we take a look at new all-time high targets um I cant tell you exactly how long it will take to get there uh we might have the bear Market low in or not Im currently leaning to yes we have but the link is especially um difficult um because weve just been in a sideways range for a year so I wouldnt be surprised if we make a new low but in this video we talked exactly about the conditions that need to be met for me to consider new bear Market lows here as primary scenario because eventually you know nobodys got a crystal ball but what we can do we can identify support with Elliot waves a very objectively we can identify the conditions for the bullish wave count very objectively and what we then can do is when it breaks this support we can adjust our view and we have immediately a new trade setup yeah thats what we can do with Elliot wave edit wave has predictive Powers as well but overall and primarily it should be used in my opinion for a tool to measure reward and risk in a very objective way that gives you a burial objective trade setups and you can measure your risk very objectively and thats really the benefit of Elliott wave okay so Ive just drawn the Fibonacci levels for a possible third wave because eventually what Im looking at here is a wave one to the upside that was completed in April 21 that would have been Links first major wave one then weve come down in a so-called wxy correction quite a complex correction in a wave 2 here and were now working on a bottom there obviously but in the next bull market the next Bull Run we should rally in a third wave and I think what many people are interested in what would be the third wave Target in the next pull run and we can only identify a range here an ideal range um and let me see do I need to move that so let me just double check if I have picked the top correctly no not quite there you go all the way up to here and it doesnt need to be super accurate to the scent now because it will depend to a degree to a large degree on the subdivisions as well thats the third wave will develop but this is the range yeah between 91 dollars roughly and 111 dollars um the 1.618 extension to the 200 extension now that can easily be broken yeah dont tell me in whenever we do that oh you only you said we will only get there no no dont understand it like that the third wave needs to be approached with a mentality like it will go higher as long as support is holding there will be micro support areas along the way that I will update about um but you you know a third wave this is the ideal range but in crypto it often goes above it okay so you cannot say that the third wave will reach only this level extensions are very common in crypto and as long as support holds you have to expect extensions so this is sort of a minimum expectation and then we should get a fourth wave now I can really only give you a Target as soon as we have a third wave top but I would say it can go into the range around 50 to 80 dollars and then we should get a fifth wave to the upside textbook Target here would be the 2.618 extension at 145 four dollars but again that depends a little bit on how high the third wave goes okay now now lets take a look at the lower time frame and here weve got quite a significant change to the wave count nothing that nothing that would impact the chart immediately nothing that we havent really talked about but what I have done is due to the latest Spike and the sell-off um I have extended the possible triangle count here so this is the bearish count the blue one A B C D E its an Elliott wave triangle that based on this count would have completed on the 18th of April and if this follows through we could head for three dollars yeah roughly into that range now thats quite a significant change because we previously had the triangle um defined a little bit different we had it sort of stuck here and then also the Wave 4 set here with a breakout to the downside coming now this is still possible still valid but less likely in my opinion given the latest price action the risk is here that the triangle can easily just have extended for nearly an entire year and its just an extended triangle and if it now follows through to the downside target range around three dollars I would say yeah but thats not the count Im leaning to it is simply here on the channel not as a risk okay um and it will only become my primary count below six dollars because as long as six dollars is holding the orange count in my opinion is in control even though I think he as well this will probably morph and change a lot but Im counting this currently as a one two setup as a so-called expanded flat pattern um or running flat where the Wave 2 as long as its holding six dollars has a good chance to follow through in a third wave rally and that would take us out of the range in which link has been for over a year and it would break eventually above 9.50 so that sort of um perspective I have I think we are close to a low here but it can go down all the way to six dollars if we break and sustain below six then its the blue count here this triangle that would break to the downside okay thats my update about link I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership 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