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foreign video about the chain link so yeah um when we broke above the six dollar level here a few days ago that unlocked higher prices into the resistance area here currently I mean we are currently in resistance of this Wave 2 Im still looking at the further decline here until the chart proves something different um what are the next resistance clusters so we have here the next key resistance and to be honest I dont know why it moved the resistance box um might have I dont know I dont know I need to move it back um might be that accidentally I had a locked chart oh no I use the other fibs one sec obviously from here yeah I know thats correct then um what are the next resistances what are the next steps so we have now reached the um 61.8 retracement at 6.41 yeah thats a very important resistance level and if we break above that it is quite likely that we get to 668. so the price however appears to be getting pretty full which means the pattern is getting pretty full in this ABC structure here let me actually um scale it out at the moment I understand this as a a b c structure here yeah with the c wave currently being ongoing and I think its also reasonably likely that we continue to see some further extensions here to the upside um obviously especially if we break above 640 641 then we could reach 669 in the next um in The Next Step you know we need to see a drop below let me have a look we need to see a drop below todays low here around the six dollar mark to indicate that a high is in place for the wave 2. if we dont see that until then I would focus on higher here um even though it appears to me that this is getting close to the end but again it can still push a bit higher because if we take a look at the subway structure now now Im going to do a bit of micro counting something that is extremely difficult in this structure here but were giving it a go here so but again bear that um well you know take that with a pinch of salt micro counts what many people dont understand they are quite fragile and then many people get frustrated when they dont understand the edit waves and how it works but um as long as you understand that they are quite fragile they might move in the next update thats fine um see this as a possible one two setup then here is away three here is a wave four and that would be todays low so drop below that would indicate that also here the move to the upside is finished this way five could still push higher and Im looking at possibly the next flip level at 670 T and as long as we stay above todays intraday low we can still get there yeah but then its getting pretty full a substantial increase above 670 would make me reconsider the wave count here it would not necessarily be bullish my view remains that we need to get at least above 950 to get really a medium-term bullish scenario here but short term of course it would unlock also further upside especially if we break Above This wave too high we could then stretch out further into the um yeah 760 region next and other than that this resistance area here is an ideal place to turn around lets see um what were doing at the moment I mean we currently see a lot of lets call it bullish sentiment come back into crypto now as you know this can only be temporary and without really seeing five waves to the upside and three waves down we cant we shouldnt really get excited at the moment I see only an ABC structure to the upside so only a three wave move so we dont need to get excited however if we if this is be if this is going to become um here five waves in C then we make a higher low and push higher then weve got five waves and then we need to really rethink um the scenario and could look at either a larger bounds or even something more bullish but that wont really be confirmed until we break above 650 Sig SRA 950 951. okay thats my update about chain link I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye thank you Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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