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chainlink cardano partnership Dogecoin DOGE Price Prediction ,... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign continues to be in the same range in which it has been trading for nearly a year now so it you know there is just this tendency of link to max out here the um the range for the last well for the last four to five months its just been moving sort of in the in the lower region of the range I would assume it will not take too long until we get back to the upper range it it really needs that break out above 950 to really indicate in which direction its going it really needs that break um either above 950 or below 530 because until then were just moving in the range and of course in terms of trading its of course possible to trade the the wave the range extremes um we talked about that we did that here we highlighted um we highlighted several Trend reversal areas here recently that most of them did hold on the link chart weve just had a two here most recently this one and this one they both worked on the long side the thing is I am not comfortable counting this already the third wave weve got the orange wave County on the chart with which is the rather bullish one yeah where we are counting uh yeah dont worry where were counting the move up here um of the December lows as a wave one then here an ABC structure in a wave 2 and we could now be in this third wave right but problem with that is um the move up of the 10th of March lows is not entirely impulsive what I would count as impulsive is this move between the 10th of March and the 14th this year currently is just an overlapping mess so I cannot rule out that we come down lower again either way we did hold our two Trend reversal areas they would have been two possible profitable trades um but weve now moved into resistance the white count here is the bearish count they are both very likely and the problem is because well link because link is in the range these two counts have a very very similar probability they are both fairly likely it just depends on which path um that the chart takes in terms of breaking out of the range which direction um because of the choppy nature of the advance here I would not rule out that this is just the Wave 2 pullback in a larger way three to the downside so the bearish count again wave one to the downside Wave 2 to the upside wave three to the downside with four up wave five down yeah and then in the third wave here one two three four five so thats sort of the situation at the moment um and I did highlight to you before that if we get this wave to pull back it should stay below 788 let me just double check the validity of the resistance area it is certainly the key yeah the key resistance that is relevant for the Wave 2 a sustained brake above 77.88 might hint that something else is going on its not the Wave 2 pullback its probably something more bullish because the Wave 2 would normally not retrace more then the 78.6 retrace okay so yeah thats the situation were in I mean at the moment both support areas did hold that wasnt you know you can see you can even you can make profitable trades even in a sideways range here um even if you have two counts with a similar probability one bullish one bearish you can find entries here as weve demonstrated its just that so far its not a very exciting chart is it so I still have my grid pod running here it is trading that range um because uh yeah I just need to make sure that the grid bot doesnt get bored by this price action but these are the relevant levers lets say the bullish count is going to work out and we actually are here in the third wave to the upside what would be the target so we can find out by measuring the length of the wave one we go to the low of the wave two the target for the third wave would be 9.80 so it should take us actually above that 950 breakout point so lets see I mean its always good to get a sustained break though okay yeah thats the situation I mean um I would say let me zoom in once more so again in the very short term if we if we come down from here and then break below the orange support area which was working out recently let me just so if you break below 6 63 664 oops Yeah six six sixty three um then um that would indicate that we already are in this third wave yeah but I will keep it you know we keep it level by level this is really the the lower time frame count that can change very often if you see a strong rejection from this resistance area we can be looking um more towards emphasizing the White Wave count but eventually really to confirm it it really needs a break below the um 641 level and the follow through below 590 and then we can look at getting into this sort of three to four dollar range yeah unfortunately a bit of a boring movement here but the grid board likes it um and then yeah other than that I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye bye thank you Trade on 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