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hello take you crypto followers Welcome to our video today we will be doing a technical analysis of chain link coin looking at the chart we can say that it is currently moving within a triangle pattern however we can also say that the upper descending trendline breakout we see here may be a fake Breakout additionally we can see that the price movements are also forming a rising trend line from below which is causing some back and forth movements if we look at the middle the level of 6.74 is significant why is it important because generally when the price stays Above This level it tends to be in an uptrend and when it goes below it tends to be in a downtrend currently looking at the recent volumes we can say that the volumes are low indicating that the downtrend has slowed down to some extent however if the level of 6.74 is broken downwards our first Target would be the lower purple line which is the rising trend line so what could be the scenario here if we consider that this is a graph and if the black line is broken we can have a scenario where there is a slight upward movement from this point onwards after the break of course the opposite can also happen after lingering here for a while there may be a downward Breakout so one of the lines to follow is this one and it should break upward if we look at the downside for long term it may be more appropriate to set a stop loss when the black line is broken downward at the same time looking at the buying Zone these areas can be considered as buying zones because when they reach these areas and receive confirmation of an uptrend a buy position can be taken keep this in mind as well when we examine our indicators first lets look at the stochastic oscillator it seems to have dropped below the zero level and if we dont see an upward movement we can say that its not a good idea to take a long position also looking at the macd it has also dropped below the zero level so its heading towards the oversold Zone if we see that it breaks above the 50 level we can open a small long position however its predictable for it to drop further from now on keep this in mind as well finally looking at the stochastic indicator its currently hovering in the oversold Zone the lines are very close to each other so its not possible to say anything definitive but looking at the graph in a simplified way we can say that one of the points to follow is this blue line if it breaks upward a buy order can be placed and Below its worth following the purple line if it goes down and receives confirmation of an uptrend a buy position can be opened of course one of the things to pay attention to here is the stop loss level which is below the black line my friends we are considering closing prices here are still four hours left its not clear what will happen in the next four hours so its important to be cautious we have shared our buying and selling Zone if you like the video you can click the like button you can also subscribe to our channel to be notified of new videos thank you for watching see you in the next videos goodbye Hello dear followers! In this video, we will be discussing the technical analysis and price prediction for Chainlink LINK, one of the popular cryptocurrencies. We will also take a look at the latest updates on Chainlink and Cardano ADA!Chainlink LINK is an oracle platform that allows smart contracts to connect with real-world data. LINK has experienced significant price movements lately, and we will delve into what technical analysis suggests for its future price movements. Cardano ADA, on the other hand, is a blockchain platform with great potential for smart contract development. ADA has also gained attention with potential partnership news with Chainlink. In this video, we will analyze the technicals of ADA and evaluate the impact of the partnership news with Chainlink. We will examine the current price levels, technical indicators, support and resistance levels of Chainlink and Cardano in this video. Additionally, we will discuss future price predictions and possible scenarios. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading or investments, this video is for you! Please note that this is not financial advice and always do your own research before making any decisions. Lets now take a closer look at the price movements of Chainlink and Cardano, and make predictions for the future! Dont forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to stay updated with our latest videos on other cryptocurrencies and financial news. Thank you, and keep following us!