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Dogecoin jumps as Musk s Twitter flips logo to Shiba Inu dog Dogecoin s Shiba Inu dog replaced Twitter s blue bird as the social media company s logo on Monday, helping the meme coin add as much as $4 billion to its market value. Dogecoin Price History Chart - All DOGE Historical Data Apr 9, · Dogecoin DOGE $0.0749 2.82% Price History for Dogecoin DOGE Dogecoin Price History Analysis Analyzing Dogecoin price history chart helps to understand the cryptocurrency’s potential and determine upcoming trends. First, let’s compare DOGE starting price of the first Feb 24, and last Mar 23, day of the 1M period. futuro de chainlink Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Chainlink Technical Analysis, Chainlink Price Update
futuro de chainlink Dogecoin price live today 15 Apr ET Markets Get... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Chainlink Technical Analysis, Chainlink Price Update
foreign lets go to analyze chain link a code chain link is a stable coin yeah I know its a crazy but look at this chart its like a stable coin this is the chart from the May last year may may 2022 and chain link is really in this area from clicks to eight nine last time was it nine it was in November bigger from November or the top round area for the chain link in this year was exactly the price around 840 840 and I draw here yellow like trend lines with also this small one movements and top tops and bottoms and the big ones we have here this white trend line This downward Channel but you know its not the downward but the movement is a little bit going down but you know this coin is really uh performing like stable coins if the Bitcoin is going up like 40 percent this coin is stable around the area six seven USD or one chain link and chain link did the same also I think in 2020 2020 and then move to 20 USD in the summer of the Year 2020 so I expect that we are very long time from the May of the last year that we should expect like xrp did last week despite the movement up I will write for a while I wanna see these are the daily candles you can see in a in a like zoom out is really this coil is like a stable coin is going sideways this is accumulation I think that really we could expect the movement up at least 20 USD already scoring what I was talking was this no no this 20 it was 2020 I said summer yes it was in August I remember and we had a sideways its very similar like this one this and these sideways was in 1919 in July started and was through July 20 of from July 19th July 20 so one year one year we went sideways and this is the May 22 so will we go sideways the other May 2023 yes its possible very similarities could be and this is accumulation this is not for selling this is for buying especially when you see when this coin went up first I said 20 August 2020 an all-time high we had 52 52 almost 53 USD so imagine that this coin is gonna go this year in 2023 I hope at least to when the area when the USD SUV were in 2020 year in August so therefore I expect as I said this stable coin already for one month in May its gonna be one month its going sideways and xrp is similar and went up so I really think that this is happen this is gonna happen in a short period of time I hope during the summer we will see we will see this going around 20 20 USD I hope we gonna go higher at least to this area around 30 28 so lets go the switch I wanna also show you we are big here that we came to the level of 769 this yellow trend line and you see we hit it many times Im not looking right now and this stops you know one two three we didnt hit or five six times two three four five six seven nine ten times we hit Top from the July 2022 and this one yellow also many times one two three four five six seven eight nine ten also ten times are becoming the 5 95 80. its highly probable its highly probable as we can see that there is a hunting for the binance exchange it means that all crypto is gonna bleed if they are gonna be troubles or problems with binance exchange we could expect that around 6 USD or 590 detailing could be we could have the price but I told you that 20 this year I think its gonna happen because really we are going Sideways from the May and in May its gonna be one year and I showed you there was also similarities in 2019 and 2020 when the channeling went also sideways for one year and there was a spiked big one movement up therefore you should not sell this coin because if you are holding from the May for one year then youre gonna sell it for seven or okay lets imagine for 8.70 and you hold it so you are not making money if you are holding or youre buying in this area and you okay youll make some like 15-20 percent if you are not doing this one by sell Buy sell Buy sell Buy sell okay understand you are making nice money but if you just holding if you are just hold this coin you should not the cell in this area because we are coming to the One MA one year period And I expect a really big one movement the question is are we could would we go below this level to four or three level yes we could but this is crypto if you buy here you dont sell here you have to hold it you have to hold it if you trust crypto and you believe crypto therefore you should not sell this is buy right now we are in the green one it means accumulation of this coin you should start again to buy if you have some cash this is not Financial advice if you rare case you could start to think about accumulate the whole disc coin because this will happen now guys Im not showing you Fibonacci retracement or early advice this is like a bigger time frame What could people with the chain link is last week we had the xrp repo coin was really going up I told you in 2020 we had a similar movement with chain link in August remote to 20 USD and before that we were accumulating this car for one year so in May of this year this is gonna be for one year 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