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Chapter 9. Cardano Foundation: Blockchain Governance - O Reilly Chapter 9. Cardano Foundation: Blockchain Governance Cardano will be valuable based upon hard work, real-world use and the utility of the platform. Ripple drops XRP from liquidity hub triggering FUD among XRP holders Ripple dropped XRP from its liquidity hub and explained that the altcoin will be evaluated alongside other tokens. Ripple lawsuit outcome or expect the case to go to trial, pushing it to 2024 can i buy chainlink from coinbase Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Chainlink Technical Analysis, Chainlink Price Update
can i buy chainlink from coinbase Cardano 100x Price Prediction – ADA Can Make You A... Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Chainlink Technical Analysis, Chainlink Price Update
foreign we didnt made a video about this coin and the reason is was simple because many times we were talking that this coin is acting like a stable coin not too much volatility or movement is going still still in the range from 9 45 actually from 14 to 945 so its from the may may 2022 the day we could see some moment up we broke 12 red trend line and this was the trend line which represented the resistance resistance from the 17th of the February so you know that this coin was really going down its a perfect because today its also the total market cap is on the way up in some outgoing are doing really well and channeling is one of the altcoins because Bitcoin did 1.2 percent today but ethereal 4.65 channeling for so thats why Im talking right now about also the chain link because we can see some interesting movement uh as I said we broke this serve resistance and now these are the daily candles we should expect the movement up I really expect that Bitcoin is gonna go the reach nice levels talking about at least a 4D because you know this coil was really at the usdc not collapse but you know the troubles that 592 so from that 10 of the March we went 32 percent so its a nice moment but this is for me no more important because you know this coin is really as I said still in this range we didnt see the break now 60 but historically this is normal for for chain link the disconnect different like other out console like Bitcoins this guy is is going really and indeed the last cycle went sideways much longer is other curves but after that we could see when this when this level 964 exactly 1964 when this is gonna be broken then we could see a rally in 2020 easily to 20 so the make from this break a 100 percent again Channel you did it in 2020 no 2019 I think or 2020 we can look at this one it will say here in 2019 we also went sideways we broke and then we went to 452 another this one you know also acting like a stable coin at some range then we broke it was in 2020 as I was thinking about this one in 2020 its very similar like yeah right now this area was also interesting well there are similarities that in that time in 2020 the range was from 156 to or 60 NS we broke and confirmed this area is support then we had already 87 and we went to 20 I remember it was summer yes here 1920 is 20 and then we came down so from 450 lets say 450 we went to 880 and then there was a pullback and then we went to 20 and this was the year 2020 you know this coin was soon quite a new one but this was the second and third year of the cycle that is movement sideways its very similar to this one you know we have here some range and I remembered that time I was also holding the tearing and other outcomes made much earlier moments but you know this was a card for the people who are patients so I still think that the LDC is the good range when Im talking about the big time frame this is still good range for buying this coin 1178 still we broke this one so hopefully we could see the moment maybe first time were not gonna break it and then we should see them all men because your audience is strong strong resistance lets look at again to the left did we break it for the first time we broke it and we had here also the moment now and then we went to others like a double confirmation of the resistance and I expected as soon as we did this moment today we are 778 yesterday we were at 7 16 because this are the daily candles so he broke this water we have to we have to go we have to make our eyes its the last one its here important so we have to go about this therefore we need to make here higher height and then over high like this we have to go above and again higher high and then maybe to the same level maybe were not gonna go we will see now its difficult to talk first of all we have to see the movement up but because of her you know for confirmations always better as not to call Faron because if its cold warm its easily you invest and if youre gonna have the pullback model and this was the higher price of today you should you should buy the coin the channel if there is gonna be movement down not to buy here but here when we gonna um when were gonna have break of structure so it means that were gonna go above the top we had today and Im talking about the moment dial to make a confirmation this is the one way another way no confirmation where a ghost tried to visit this resistance he stopped from 22nd of February and when we look at the other outcomes we are above the February levels most of the old coins are therefore these circle is under root and we really are glad that we broke this red trend line now we need to break we call it like a break of structure or confirmation or if there is gonna be movement out we have to or you know this is not Financial advice but I would buy here no that was the quick update I hope you like this video please consider subscribing I really appreciate youll be a part of the canibis channel so Im glad that you 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