Qué es un Hard Fork de Blockchain y cómo afecta al Bitcoin - IEBS Este escenario se suele producir en casos de Hard forks contenciosos o polémicos. Un ejemplo lo encontramos en Ethereum y Ethereum Classic. La “Why?” Clayton County man says someone shot his dog in the face 2 days agoClayton County man says someone shot his dog in the face. 3 minutes ago. Oovvuu. Family members tell FOX 5 Harley got out of the back gate, and when she came home an hour later, there was a chainlink token explained CHAINLINK [LINK] PRICE ACTION 2021 - LINK HONEST ANALYSIS - SHOULD I BUY LINK? - LINK CRYPTOCURRENCY
hello everyone welcome to nissan finals guys lets dive into link um and do a price action for today um the last time we covered this project was i think three four days ago and since then guys we have a little bit lets say rebounds here from this trend line and uh for those of you as well that have missed uh the entry here and here im gonna show it to you in this uh analysis uh video analysis why i still think despite the fact that we run away now from our buying zone link is still guys in a buying zone in terms of percentage discount okay which is a massive big deal it is another very good valid approach that we can take when it comes to buy cryptocurrency projects because remember guys the early were getting the better it is for us okay no theyre gonna start to buy every single project trading at 90 80 percent but for those of projects that we like that we cover in this channel that we want to get in guys its very crucial that we get into them very very early as much early as we can okay but anyway guys uh itll be of housekeeping i just want to say a massive thanks to all of you around the world that have subscribed to this channel thank you very much for all the beautiful support thank you very much for subscribing for leaving your comments for pressing the like button guys it means a lot to the channel all of you they are my fans they are my subscribers theyre watching my videos on a daily basis press the like button so you can spread the link to as many people as we can on the chain link community the more you guys press the button the more you help the community and automatically of course youll be helping the channel as well okay but nevertheless thank you so much okay and remember guys i am not your financial advisor all my contents location purpose only but i speak from my heart and i want all of you guys to make a lot of money not just for you they are my subscriber but all of you they are here watching this video right now okay and for those of you that are not my subscribers and im here for the first time welcome to my channel in this channel guys we dont have a 10x we dont have a 20x we invest guys pretty much without guessing without gambling without prediction okay i dont know if chain link is gonna go to a hundred i dont know if its chaining its gonna go to ten dollars because whatever number i give to you guys is gonna be just bs just things that it doesnt work and i dont mislead anybody in this channel but however im gonna give you guys my educate guess dont forget educate guests in terms of price prediction because its a very valid valid approach and in my point of view guys is the most accurate and the best approach you could get in terms of price prediction okay by anyway guys nevertheless if you subscribe or not thank you very much for being here and i wish you guys as well all the best okay guys lets go into coin gecko now lets check the stats of chain link and by the way guys today i have cover i read harmony ethereum polka dot and polygon if you guys like any of those projects check it out on my channel beautiful beautiful beautiful projects guys all of them long-term holders projects that we must to have in our long-term portfolio thats for sure okay but back to chain linking now guys were still trading at a 45 discount level guys its a massive deal okay very very good discount price for a project like this and dont forget guys the 88 was placed was six months ago at 52.7 cents as you can see here this was the 88 for this project of chain link okay and straight out of the bat because i mentioned to you the 88 guys this is my educate guess price prediction for chain link when its gonna happen i dont know but if i show you this for you guys look at this these guys this is the all business in the world by market cup look where bitcoin is sitting right now at one point lifelong 1.2 trillion just below silver guys and dont forget weve been around the block for many for a few years and look gold which is being on the block for donkeys guys the market cup of 11.3 which is roughly what maybe eight nine x something like that guys but the thing is what do you think is gonna happen in the matter of like five ten years and look whos in 18 place our beautiful tier and cairdan with the 56x will be all the way up here guys we are both of alibaba massive business johnson johnsons united health unh i trade a lot of stocks on that company anyway beautiful stocks trade options and guys sp why we are above of the most liquid product you can find to trade which is the sp y we are doing very well and i dont see why not guys if we still doing very well in the future if all these cryptocurrencies still catching up with these top companies around the world i dont see why not guys link also doing very well come all the way up here break this level retest and see you later alligator this is my educate guess of price prediction we need guys all those big projects to be doing very very well uh in the future full link to do very well as well is very very important guys very very important that all the major altcoins and bitcoins still doing very well for chain link to also do very well okay guys this is our buying zone as you guys probably have seen for the past few videos remember guys our strategy never changed it is what it is its black and white in this channel it has no sugar coating theres no hype theres no pump we make money were investing for the long term with couple of things as well guys dont forget money you can afford to lose investing for the long term because remember our goal in this channel is to make money regardless if the price go down trade sideways all goes up very very important that you guys understand this kind of concepts okay and also guys dont forget which i call my rule number three its a combination of lets say a combo of trade and risk management very crucial that you guys understand what i mean what i mean risk management okay because the thing is guys despite the fact that we run away a little bit from my buying zone i still think guys chain link chain link the situation that all out coins is trading right now is still at the nice place to get our feet wet because we just had a little bit almost bounced from our trend line and the price is not its not very far from the trend line anyway of course our best case scenario if you want to be very very patient very very disciplined like i am i am myself ill wait for the rebound all the way down here into the support which youre probably gonna make like something like a double bottom but dont forget guys dont forget if chain link is start to trade all the way up here guys close this level here okay very close up probably inside to this resistance here guess what were gonna have to wait for the price to break and retest but for now because were getting this massive here guys 44 0.5 its just huge huge huge huge on a project like chain link you almost buy with a 50 discount okay of course this is only works guys if you have done all your research but this point my educate guess once you look on youtube for confluence affirmation or signal in in some shape or form although this is not a trading signal service this is just location purpose only and im not a financial device but am i educated guess that you guys have done all your research all your fundamental research in terms like um the white paper the road map uh the team behind the project what the project tried to achieve and so on okay but the 44.5 guys is just a big deal another thing i want to show to you guys which i find very funny look at this the fear grid index i dont know its because btw coin is doing very well we just broke this level here and we test now look at this guys now we just have we are trading around roughly 70 percent guys this things supposed to be all the way down here i dont know why people are now so greedy when bitcoin is trading all the way up here this is why people lose money the retail traders okay because when you buy things guys this thing is like 5 10 11 and so on okay this number here is supposed to be all the way down here by anyway thats how the retail trade works anyway theres nothing we can do okay guys just wrap up this video make sure that if you press the trigger here dont be greedy remember we never we never uh form we never greedy and guys we never chase and why now if you press the trigger make sure you never be greedy make sure you have at least two guys or three dcas on the way down and when i mean this is your dc its not like everyone talk about youtube do the case this year they see these guys you need to make sure you know when and how and your dca is supposed to be already including your risk management because if the price do uh lets say pull back here or a massive correction you can do your trade management without concerns at all and when im in this series guys i mean things like this and that we should know i just scored group this is our long-term investment ideas of course these projects here i dont cover youtube anyway but you guys can see that i always pointed out places i like to buy in place where ill do my dcs because very very important that we know when and how to do all these series otherwise youre gonna end up throwing a lot of good money into bad money and thats not what im trying to say we throw good money into good money knowing to bed money otherwise youre gonna hold a massive empty bag and youre gonna catch guys a big falling knife thats not what im trying to say okay make sure that your dcs is already included into your risk management so you can do your trade management without problem whatsoever on the way down okay guys thank you very much of course if you press the trigger here as well make sure you plan your losses before you plan your winners okay because if your price go down guys you can manage your trades if the price goes sideways you just be patient discipline if the price goes up like we bought here price went up we bought here price went up guys all of us will become a genius okay guys thank very much i hope you guys are having a lovely week if i dont see you guys throughout the weekend have a lovely weekend thank you very much for all the beautiful support if you guys like the content and if you havent subscribed yet uh be powerful you need some finance them subscribe the channel youll be welcome and ill be much much appreciated okay guys thank you very much and as usual all the best and happy investing BECOME A CHANNEL LOYAL MEMBER AND UNLOCK VERY CRUCIAL CONTENTS IN ORDER TO BE A PROFITABLE INVESTOR THIS VIDEO WE ARE GOING TO DISCUSS THE PRICE OF CHAINLINK LINK. 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