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Live SHIBA INU price and market cap - LinkedIn SHIBA INU - Live SHIBA INU price and market cap Pre o, gr ficos e not cias sobre Ethereum ETHUSDCoinbase 14 de abril de : o pre o atual de Ethereum US$ 2.109,49 cada ETHUSD. Ethereum est 56,88% abaixo da m xima hist rica de US$ 4.891,70. A oferta em circula o atual de 120.214.447,266 ETH. Conhe a novas criptomoedas para chainlink новости Chainlink LINK Is Unstoppable! HUGE News! Latest BIG Partnerships! Price Analysis & More!
chainlink новости Dogecoin prisindex, kurs och nyheterWorldCoinIndex Dogecoin-priset... Chainlink LINK Is Unstoppable! HUGE News! Latest BIG Partnerships! Price Analysis & More!
hello everyone im crypto nobes in todays video we will be taking a look at the latest big news to do with chain link were also going to be taking a look at price analysis as well as a few other big things so if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can smash this video over 300 likes and also want to know down below are you bullish or bearish on chain link going into next year with that lets jump straight into the video just quickly there is an active giveaway on this channel until the 15th of december we are currently giving away two nano ledger ss we are giving away one to the patreon group and we are giving away one to everyone that wants to be included if you would like to join make sure you are simply subscribed to the channel or you have joined the patreon group make sure you comment down below in nano s and leave a like on any of my latest videos up until the 15th of december im going to leave more information about the giveaway in the pin comment section and the description down below so well start off by taking a look at the market as a whole overall not much action has happened with the market over the past few days but it is still looking very strong we are waiting for a breakout to happen but its just a case of which way would it go if we end up seeing another 15 correction i personally dont think it will last very long at all purely because a lot of people are hungry for these cheaper prices bitcoin is at 19 243 aetherium is at five hundred and ninety one dollars xrp is at sixty cents chain links at thirteen dollars and eleven cents cardano is at fifteen cents polka dot is at five dollars and six cents and stella is at sixteen cents but in todays video we are gonna be taking a look at the latest news to do with chain link so lets start off with the first article and this article says polka dot partners with chain link on d5 alliance project crypto project polka dot recently announced the creation of an alliance with chaining and three others the alliance goal is to create a new platform for developers and other community members in addition polkadot also announced a program whose goal is to boost its no count by a thousand pokedoc recently launched a d5 alliance with another cryptocurrency project chaining their goal is to create a new platform for the community which would use polka dot network as a substrate technology the goal of the alliance while chaining is the largest partner in the alliance it is not the only project that joined polka dot there are three other founding members including tidal finance a decentralized insurance market poker swap a non-custodial amm and plasma network which is a layer 2 technology provider as for chaining its head of business development commented on the move by saying that chaining is quite excited to help polka dots growing ecosystem choose a new direction he believes that the move will make polka dots ecosystems stronger than ever the alliance has already started accepting polka dot network and substrate-based apps from developers and it says down here polkadot to launch a thousand validators program in addition to the birth of the alliance pogodo also published another announcement noting that it plans to launch a new program called a thousand validators the program will bring incentive and support for those who aim to join polkadot and run nodes the project aims to drastically increase the number of validators by at least one thousand so overall this is good news for both cryptocurrencies we are seeing both grow at a very fast pace and their prices are staying very stable during the sell-offs which is normally a very strong indication that it will do well i want to know your thoughts down below do you think this is a good partnership for either cryptocurrency this is the next article i want to show you and it says this old coin is beating bitcoin with its 2020 gains and development activity it was mid august that link set its all-time high at about 20 dollars after over a 62 drop in the subsequent moms price the digital assets started pacing up a bit just a couple of weeks back were around 15 and 70 cents only to get down to 13 today the latest link price decline concedes with the percent of link supply held by the top 10 largest whale addresses the whale supply first started declining in november and continues in december simultaneously the network growth in terms of new addresses created has picked up as the data provided shows still among the top digital assets link is the biggest gainer with about 630 percent gains year-to-date compared to bitcoins 167 percent ethereums 355 and xrps 217 year-to-day performance however in the past 30 days link recorded 12 greens only while falling 8 in the past week like the price link is ahead of bitcoin in terms of daily activity rate although ethereum development activity makes it a dominant project the popular decentralized oracle network works as a middleware a bridge between smart contracts and the outside world while providing a security framework for protecting against any single point of failure chaining recently revealed that his platform enabled 77 different smart contract use cases chaining offers pre-built decentralized price feeds verifiable random function modular external adapters and several additional oracle services the project offers developer tools to deploy various oracle networks and solutions to implement highly technical smart contracts particularly those that execute based on market data like fx rates interest rates asset prices indices and more chaining solutions are also used to support real world assets tokenized portfolio management credit default swaps bonds synthetics and futures so overall this is good for chain link there is more link being added to circulation and it is getting bought up without affecting the price too much there is also more and more new users coming into play every single day as ive said before i think 2021 is going to be incredibly bright for a lot of cryptocurrencies the ones that are showing the strength and the stability now are the ones that i think will have the best performance now this is the last piece of news i want to show you before we take a look at clip from sergey nazerov and a price analysis and this one says we trade to bring trading histories from professional traders and institutions on chain via chain link and it says down here were excited to announce that woo trade will be giving institutions and professional traders an option to verify their trading histories on various blockchains using chainings oracle technology we trades institutional clients made up of quantitative and high frequency traders asset managers and professional trading teams will be able to use chaining to cryptographically verify their transaction history is accurate and complete which can then be used to support new on-chain financial products like tokenized trading strategies accessing d5 through chaining wood trade is a base layer infrastructure for cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms providing clients an easily accessible deep pool liquidity source from the largest exchanges and from proprietary trading we utilize advanced crossing and routing methods that provide ease of access and superior trade execution to select exchanges already backed and used by many large exchanges and hedge funds such as bit max free arrows capital and gate dot io would trade it generates a multitude of valuable data sets like order books spreads withdrawals historic trades currents holdings settlement history spot prices and more and again this is another integration to add the impressive list that chain link has built over this year chain inc has been one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in this market this year but do you think it will carry on 2021 were now going to take a look at a short little clip from sergey nazerov explaining what a decentralized computation an oracle mechanism is how do i create a decentralized computation method an environment that can apply the same decentralized computation assumptions that secure the blocks and the transactions to this data validation right how do i properly transfer data from less secure off chain systems into these more secure more tamper-proof on-chain systems while maintaining two key properties both the security and the kind of almost the validity of the data thats triggering the contract as well as uh ease of use so essentially flexibility and the ability to actually apply what was built to to create a smart contract and and what we actually see is that in different stages of the process there are there are some key considerations so one key consideration is what is my data quality what is my data source can my data source be manipulated if i use a single exchange api for a thinly traded market and that thinly traded market then gets manipulated i architected a faulty product that doesnt even require people to know how to code it just requires enough money to manipulate the data source right so there are fundamental issues around how do i define data quality how do i assess the the proper interaction between data sources and my immutable irreversible extremely difficult to refund and and and fix smart contracts right because the trigger now owns that contract it controls it the the next stage of key considerations would be proofs of what came from a certain origin thats proving that data did indeed come from uh from a certain specific tls session or server or api you have data delivery and validation thats the job of the oracle network is to both provide a reliable blockchain attraction layer that delivers the data but also to serve in validating the reality outside of a blockchain to a sufficiently high degree that it can trigger a smart contract so its not just about i want to transport data in many cases its about i want to prove that the external world to the blockchain is in a certain state and proving that state requires not just data delivery but validation often from multiple sources i hope you guys learned something interesting from that sergey nazerov clip to finish off todays video we are going to be taking a look at a price analysis and this one says training price may retrace before it breaks out to 15 chain price appears to be contained within a descending parallel channel since late november since then each time the decentralized oracle token rises to the channels upper boundary it gets rejected and drops to the lower edge from this point link tends to bounce back to resistance the recent re-test of the overhead resistance suggests that chain link may drop to the channels lower boundary at 12 if the support level holds chaining can rebound to 13 and 20 cents and potentially break out of this consolidating pattern aiming for 15 however if the 12 support level fails to hold chaining might suffer a further losses slicing through this hurdle will likely see link plunged to 10 and 50 cents thus it is important to pay attention to the 12 support as well as the 13.50 resistance level and if i show you this chart here to do with link as you can see here we are still on track to doing very very well as you can see here we have got support levels at 12.50 and then we have got a major support level at 10 as you can see we have got quite a lot of support levels and it is staying above that very very strong i personally think if we do hit the levels of 12.50 or lower we will see a lot of buyers come in and that will push the price back above 13 again i do not think that chain ink even if it is below these levels it will stay there for long maybe a couple days or maybe even a few hours but overall long term wise when it comes to chaining they are doing incredibly well they have had an incredible year this year as you can see here by this chart this is what theyve done throughout the whole year and it has been absolutely incredible we have ended up going from 1.50 all the way to 19.79 and now we are looking very very bullish for another breakout i personally think 2021 as ive said before is going to be very very strong for a lot of cryptocurrencies and that is where youre going to see the true potential now ladies and gentlemen we have here the official crypto names patreon we have two memberships at the moment we have the little supporter membership where you can support me making more videos for you guys and youll be entered into monthly giveaways we also have here the diamond membership where if you need any help at all with your cryptocurrency whether youre new just getting started or youre struggling i can help you to the best of my ability that you need as well as 24 7 support and a personal thank you on my youtube channel our aim is to try and build one of the strongest crypto communities out there if you want to check it out im going to leave a link in the description and in the pin comments down below now ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely everything ive got for you in todays video if you have enjoyed anything ive brought you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can smash that 300 like target and i also want to know your thoughts and opinions down below with that ladies and gentlemen ive been crypto nobes thank you for watching hopefully ill see you in my next video peace In this video I go through a few big articles involving Chainlink! how Big things are coming, Multiple partnerships, So far chainlink has been the hottest crypto in the market will it continue going into 2021? we also look at the latest news & BIG articles involving LINK new PARTNERSHIPS! LINK could soon be smashing all time high AGAIN to over $19.85 We also take a look at the biggest news for LINK As this could lead to prices we dream of if all goes to plan! we also look LINK latest news and a few price predictions too! The next few steps could lead to this next big bull run & Crypto technology as the future! We look at the Chainlink price chart using analysis, latest BIG news. LINK chart. what can we expect in the future. price look and is it too late to buy? *** To Enter The GIVEAWAY For x2 Ledger Nano Ss Simply Join The Patreon OR Be Subscribed To The Channel & Comment Ledger S & Like On ALL/ANY Of My Videos Until The 15th Of December *** My patreon: 0:00 - Intro Market Recap Overview 0:49 - Chainlink LINK partners With Polkadot DOT 3:05 - This Altcoin is Beating Bitcoin With its 2020 Gains 5:18 - Wootrade & Chainlink Integration 6:47 - Sergey Nazarov Clip - Research Topics on Oracle Mechanism Security 10:55 - Join The Patreon GIVEAWAY & Final Thoughts This is my opinion. And things can change. But hopefully you learn a little here. Subscribe, like and share the video for more! Leave your thoughts down below! I am a big fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you information you didnt know about! I am very bullish on crypto and I want to help as many people as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich! 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